listen i just want u all to know that this video fever era patd did with the dresden dolls exists and its wonderful

to-write list as of now:

  • taiream
  • eruhan/rivetra double date
  • robterra
  • poooossibly raex or bbkole. or both.

and i’m keeping this list super small bc a) i don’t know when i’ll do each one, b) it’ll put you guys under the impression that i’m accepting requests again – and yes, i may have done a couple out of impulse. but i’m still not accepting requests right now. – and c) i have yet to do the prompts that i’m dying to write, but my muse kinda flops whenever i do get time to write it.

i’m probably going to get to the sonic and teen titans first, because i write a lot of snk, and i’m beginning to miss the other two fandoms i hold just as dear. bare with me pls. ^^

who actually looks at the fuckign minions and thinks “yes. i want to fund a 90 minute animated film about these yellow fucks. this is something i want to sink money and effort into.”