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Rivaisa you say? okay, so Isabel really enjoys dancing but Levi doesn't and neither are very good at it. Despite this Levi takes her one night to the opening in the ceiling and they dance clumsily in the light of a full moon. The night ends with their first kiss and It's one of the few memories Levi has of feeling happy and carefree.


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what do you think about punjabi rap? because the few times ive seen/listened to it they seem to try really hard to act black. also what do you think in general of non black people rapping? i just really like your view on things so i wanted to know what you thought

you like my opinions on things omg thanks

to answer your question I’m not super aware of whats going on with the punjabi rap scene. like on the surface I think when it first started with Jazzy B it seemed like a joke and even now with honey singh it hasn’t changed the popular perception of what rap is in our culture which is, as you said, ‘trying to act black’ (mostly with how they dressed/use of aave). I think there were some diasporic punjabis out here in the west that rapped about social issues in our community w/o the attempts at appropriation and I thought that was nice. 

now my overall opinion on non-black people rapping well idk like I think if a nb person recognizes and appreciates where rap originated from and respectfully uses it as an artform to express themselves then its okay? idk its hard for me to say tho I don’t really have any authority on how rap should be outside of the culture it came from so ~

A Sprinkle of Bossuet Headcanons
  • plays the trumpet
  • doesn’t sneeze but rather explodes
  • considers himself to be the luckiest bastard alive thanks to his many meaningful friendships and wonderful significant others
  • once duck taped Grantaire’s mouth during a meeting because he had a headache
  • made amends by paying for his next drink. For a week
  • calls himself “Mr Clean” for two days after having washed like two plates in 3 years
  • smiles to strangers
  • can’t control the volume of his voice. His range goes from market place on a saturday morning to jOHN CENAAAAA
  • has really poor grammar skills but a very varied and extensive vocabulary
  • hoards beer caps