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Happy Slug Sunday!
Today is the day that I usually invade people’s inbox’s with fan art!
But this character is like a mix between two blogs so I didn’t know which blog to submit it too //WHEEZES//

and now with the pendant she is 1000% more adorable!

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by his side

pairing: eren/mikasa
word count: 3.2k
rating: t

summary: the light caress that is her breathing tickles him, but he makes no comment about it. his hands slip up to squeeze her arms, appreciatively, her own name falling from his lips in a hoarse whisper that sends a shiver down her spine. eremika. multichaptered.

a/n: squeals okay, so I’m actually proud of myself for achieving several goals here. one: I managed to squeeze out more than a thousand words for the first chapter. two: I completely scrapped the first draft but now I know where I want this story to go and I’m very happy with it.

and three: I stuck to my promise :) feedback is greatly appreciated!


They are quiet as she nurses his wounds, sitting alone in the infirmary together, half-dressed and exhausted from the expedition. Mikasa’s hands are soft on his warm skin, quick and nimble as the blade of the needle leaves light pricks along the flesh just over his rib. Eren had insisted that he didn’t need stitches. Even told her that she was better off looking after herself. But, as usual, the raven could care less about herself - which irritates him to no end - and before he could stop himself he was grumbling, “Fine” and letting her bring him down to this damned place.

He doesn’t have many opportunities to tell her, “I told you so” but in cases like these he’s relishing in it.

She seems to momentarily forget about his healing factor, for every time he regenerates she loses her momentum and curses softly under her breath.

“Mika,” he chuckles.

“Shh,” she says.

Always the perfectionist. A stubborn, stupidly cute perfectionist.


The Winds of Tomorrow

Jazzy and Nati’s Twelve Days of Eremika: Day 1

Hey guys~! Nati here to kick off our 4 week long endeavor! Here’s the idea behind today’s piece:

It’s the night before an important mission, and finding sleep to elude him, Eren heads outside to collect his thoughts. Mikasa joins him, and they share a sweet moment. 

I absolutely loved collaborating with Jazzy (@jaegsae)  on this, and on behalf of both of us – thank you all so much for showing your interest in this little project, and we sincerely hope you enjoy it! 

“Hey,” she says simply.

He turns around, tears brimming in his eyes.

The raven gasps slightly, and the brunet, snapping to his senses, uses his hand to quickly brush them away.

She takes a seat next to him, wrapping her thin blanket around herself tighter, shivering in the chilly breeze.

“Can’t sleep?” Eren asks quietly, staring forward.

Mikasa nods, exhaling into the air and making a small foggy cloud.

“You ready for tomorrow?” she asks, barely above a whisper.

This time, he turns around and faces her, sniffling slightly. “…no way in hell…”


“No way in hell,” she echoes softly.

Another breeze rustles through, causing the pair to instinctively huddle closer for warmth.  

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My Christmas gift from me to me: Coffee shop singer Eli who has a fondness for nice collared shirts

So ok there’s this singer I like and they hold up their mics to their mouth so close it’s like they’re making out with the mic on stage. So this happened.

Nozomi represents me.