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tigers in the moonlight running | An Orphan Black fic

In which Rachel and Helena set some fires.

[warnings: blood, gore, references to torture, consent issues relating to Rachel Duncan, incest overtones by way of Helena, arson]

Also on AO3!


She wakes up on an unfamiliar bed, in a room whose single window is covered by a cheap curtain. In the corner, Helena is sitting and polishing a sniper rifle, pieces discarded carelessly at her feet.

Helena looks up. “Hello,” she says.


Rachel’s hands smell like gasoline and behind her Helena is laughing, the sound like the heartbeat that is pulsing jagged through Rachel’s chest, the sound like the crackling of the building burning down.

Somewhere, glass shatters.

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Rune stone, Krogsta, Uppland, Sweden by Swedish National Heritage Board on Flickr.

Via Flickr:
Rune stone (U 1125) in Krogsta, from the 6th century AD, with a human figure and an inscription. One of three known rune stones in Uppland carved with the elder rune alphabet, and the only one still in its original position. The inscription is only partly deciphered - the text on the backside probably renders the word “stone”.

Runsten (U 1125) i Krogsta, från 500-talet e.Kr, med en människofigur och en inskrift. En av tre kända runstenar i Uppland med urnordiska runor och den enda som fortfarande står på ursprunglig plats. Inskriften är bara delvis tolkad - texten på baksidan återger troligen ordet “sten”.

Parish (socken): Tuna
Province (landskap): Uppland
Municipality (kommun): Uppsala
County (län): Uppsala

Photograph by: Erik Brate
Date: c. 1900
Format: Glass plate negative

Persistent URL: www.kms.raa.se/cocoon/bild/show-image.html?id=16001000192204

Read more about the photo database (in english): www.kms.raa.se/cocoon/bild/about.html

Its been a long summer...... So long I got a metaphorical Heat Stroke

Over the summer I forgot what music, blogging and basic social networking was for a good 4 months (from june to now).  I left Liverpool, went back to what we call ‘LDN’ and basically chilled. And when I say 'chill’ I mean indulged too much in Jazz Cigarettes and Sky HD. I don’t even like the TV but Sky Sport news is the one… and when it’s in HD its hypnotizing.

I basically became a lout. I did nothing all day, watching and reading football up dates like it was the bible being written in front of my very eyes. In between that, the standard eating, smoking and going to watch football games occurred. It was wonderful…. Some call it unproductive but I call it gathering and effectively using inspiration I have personally collective over the summer period

    But what people don’t understand this was all part of our cunning plan……

BUT NOW WE ARE ALL BACK AND BEING PRODUCTIVE!!!! FUCKING HAVE IT!!!! I dunno what the other lads did….. probably had a nice time but for me it was a time of self reflection and self indulgence…….

(I actually did do stuff but for the effect of writing I was a lazy stoner who enjoyed the transfer window a bit too much)


This weekend (The weekend of 22nd and 23rd of October) JazzHands are playing ye ole Oxjam Festival in the lovely city of Oxford (I have never been to oxford, and to be honest I don’t know much about the gig, but its in the place called 'The cellar’ and I’ve been assured it’s a good venue)

Then the next day we are playing Mello Mello in Liverpool…… I hear its a fiver but its all for a good cause……. CHARITY AND SHIT!!! also as an added incentive to go to this marvelous event with marvelous bands,  we will give you a free DIGITAL DOWNLOAD OF THE TEP!!! If ya dont know what that is, its name of our ep…… and you can just have it….  I don’t want it…… I have heard the songs hundreds of time… I don’t need it…. please have it


The 29th of october we somehow got the main support slot with FUCKED UP!!!! This gig will be in Leeds at the Nation of Shop Keepers….. in Leeds!!!! This is fucked up’s halloween gig in leeds (its not Halloween BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK???….LEEDS) You can type in 'fucked up leeds 29th october tickets’ in google and see where the most secure place to buy the tickets are….. I would find the best link but I have no idea what is the best one…….. 

I rethought that and heres a gooden…. looks all profesh and stuff: KITTENS

Other gigs coming up are;

December 3rd: Intergalactic Megatron, Mello Mello (Check out Horse who’s putting on the night, he is a beast! check it here: CANDY FLOSS

December 16th: Masque- This is a bad ass night with OutFit and other rad bands….. I will update more when I knows more….

We are quiet this November as we are recording….. We will probably let everyone know when stuff happens…. SHOULD BE RAD!

peace and love and jazz cigarettes

-The Baron