Tintypes & Instant Film at Jazz Age Lawn Party

We were delighted to find ourselves shooting portraits at the second weekend of this years Jazz Age Lawn Party.

As we started sifting through images we found that a handful of people were photographed in both tintype and instant film. We thought it would be fun to match up some instant film portraits with their tintype counterparts. 

Hope you enjoy! 


This past weekend was the Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party, and it was fabulous as ever! June 15th I wore one of my own designs. The style is inspired by tea dresses of the Edwardian era. I adore the femininity and softness of this silhouette. I combined a collection of vintage flowers, from Tinsel Trading and M&S Schmalberg, to adorn my hair. The look was meant to compliment our picnic setting. I collaborated with my dear friends, Michelle and Matthew, to create a table scape in shades of ivory and pastels. Macaroons were a must ;) Photo credits clockwise from top left: Laura Kimsey, Jeffrey Clark Grossman, Rose Callahan, @merchantofvice (via Instagram), Driely Schwartz


Photos from day two of the 8th Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party on June 16th. What a beautiful day it was!

I wore another of my own creations, made of a blush and ivory striped chiffon. I finished off the dress with a crystal trimmed ribbon belt. In my hair is the same ribbon, along with silk roses and hydrangea from M&S Schmalberg.

Our table scape, conceptualized by the wonderful Matthew Gale, revolved around sports of the jazz age. Matthew’s terrific vintage cricket bat got a great deal of attention from director Baz Luhrmann (pictured above with myself and gorgeous Michelle Coursey).

It was a marvelous weekend. Filled with dear friends, delightful fashions, delicious melodies, and the joy of escaping to another era.

Photo credits from top: Steven Rosen, Jane Kratochvil, Steven Rosen, Laura Kimsey, Lauren Mowery, Laura Kimsey, Michelle Coursey