PKZ / Burger-Kehl & C. 1921. Charles Loupot.

34 ¼ x 49 3/8 in./87 x 125.5 cm

There is a particular blend of oranges which appear in many of Loupot’s finest works – this being one of them – which instantly emotes all things autumn. You can’t look at this background without seeing changing leaves, earlier sunsets, and a pleasantly crisp breeze in the air.


This past weekend was the Annual Jazz Age Lawn Party, and it was fabulous as ever! June 15th I wore one of my own designs. The style is inspired by tea dresses of the Edwardian era. I adore the femininity and softness of this silhouette. I combined a collection of vintage flowers, from Tinsel Trading and M&S Schmalberg, to adorn my hair. The look was meant to compliment our picnic setting. I collaborated with my dear friends, Michelle and Matthew, to create a table scape in shades of ivory and pastels. Macaroons were a must ;) Photo credits clockwise from top left: Laura Kimsey, Jeffrey Clark Grossman, Rose Callahan, @merchantofvice (via Instagram), Driely Schwartz

Breaking News: Boy Possessed by Ouija Board Flapper Disillusioned With The Jazz Age

Dylan McGee, the local boy who was recently possessed by what seems to be the spirit of a flapper, has become disillusioned with the jazz age as a whole.

“We spend and spend, and for what? Things. Booze. We drink away our loneliness and buy more things to fill our beds with.”

He swirls an amber colored liquid around a glass as he looks out the window. 

“No one makes connections, not real ones, not anymore.”

“He just sits around all day reading Babylon Revisited and drinking whatever he can find.” Mrs. McGee tells us. “He was furious with me for buying new dishes for the holidays.”

“An excess! We live in the desolate world we created through excess.” He cries out from his chaise lounge.