It was terribly cold, yet terribly beautiful outside. So I decided to come out and play a ballad. 

This is from our recent tour stop in Wilmington Delaware! Come out to see the Drumline Live tour if we’re in your city…tickets and tour dates available on line

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a couple of things that are inexplicably funny to me

1) out of context jazz trumpet solos/etudes played fast

2) this pic of mr. krabs


*Jazz trumpet in the background*

A quick remake of the Mob Boss!Bog/Chanteuse!Marianne Strange Magic Nightclub AU (created by suzie-guru) sketches I did ages ago! Most of these were done with my pen sensitivity all messed up ugh.

For the lovely @suzie-guru, @artbymaureen, and all you darling peeps still in the fandom!

[TRANS] Shukan Josei - Maknae Line Interview


Q. “Phone Lock Screen”
JM: My lock screen is a photo of BTS. I like photos where I am with everyone. My lock screen right now is from the video filming for our fan meeting in Korea. It used to be one from a concert, but I changed it recently.
V: (showing his screen) BABAM! It’s Chet Baker! (a Jazz Trumpet Player)
JK: Mine is solid black.
JM & V: Solid Black?
JK: Yeah, wait a minute (takes phone out to show his lock screen). See!
JM & V
: It’s true!!

Q. “If you were to sing to your crush”
V: I wouldn’t be the one singing, but I would play her “I Fall In Love Too Easily” by the trumpet player Chet Baker. There was a movie based on this song (BORN TO BE BLUE), so I would talk to her about the movie and recommend it to her.
JM: That’s cool~. I would write a song for her.
: Me too! I’ve never written a song for a girl before, but if it’s for someone I like I bet I would be able to.
JM: The type of song would depend on the person, and you’d never know how to write it until the time comes. My ideal type is the person who I would fall in love with. I would want to be with them all the time (shy).

Q. “Things you’re aiming for in 2017”
V: “Actor-dol (an idol who is also good at acting)” is what I’m aiming for! I’m in an on-going Korean drama, “Hwarang,” which will also be aired in Japan soon, so please watch it. Only look at me!
JM: “Only look at me” (lol). I want to go on a trip with my friends and family~
JK: That’s good too. I want to become a professional bowler!1
JM & V: ?
JK: From last November, I’ve been learning from a teacher and my score went as high as 240!
JM: 3 months ago I used to be better than you~
JK: Eh!? Really?

Trans cr: Mia @ allforbts
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AUGUST 5: Ernestine “Tiny” Davis (1909-1994)

Born on this day in 1909, Ernestine Davis was a popular jazz singer and trumpeter of the LGBT music scene. Nicknamed “Tiny,” she gained fame with The International Sweethearts of Rhythm which was the very first fully-integrated, all-female big band in the United States. 

Tiny was often called “the female Louis Armstrong” (x).

Tiny was born on August 5, 1909 in Memphis, Tennessee. She was her parents’ youngest child out of seven and grew up with 4 older sisters and 2 older brothers. She attended Booker T. Washington High School and it was there where Tiny first picked up a trumpet and discovered her natural musical abilities. When the family moved to Kansas City in 1935, Tiny joined a band called the Harlem-Play Girls but she was forced to leave the group a year later with the birth of her first child from her marriage to Clarence Davis.

In 1941, The International Sweethearts of Rhythm jazz band severed its ties with the Piney Woods Country Life School of Mississippi which had founded the band back in 1937. Now based in Virginia and free of all financial responsibilities to Piney Woods, the 16-piece band began recruiting new members. Tiny was one of three musicians who the band picked up for this new era and during her 7 years with The International Sweethearts, Tiny toured all across the United States, performed at The Apollo for celebrity musicians such as Louis Armstrong and Eddie Durham, and took part in a USO tour during World War II.

Tiny performs “How ‘Bout That Jive?” with The International Sweethearts of Rhythm.

In 1947, Tiny left The International Sweethearts and started her own band called The Prairie Co-Eds, which was later renamed to The Hell Divers. Her new band enjoyed a successful career of touring throughout the Caribbean and Central America and recording for Decca Records before disbanding in 1952. From the mid-1950s until their deaths, Tiny and her partner Ruby Lucas – who was also a musician and was the bassist for The Hell Divers – operated a club in Chicago called Tiny & Ruby’s Gay Spot. Tiny regularly performed at the club well into her old age and passed away on January 30, 1994. You can learn more about Tiny in the 1988 documentary dedicated to her over 40-year long relationship with Ruby titled Tiny & Ruby: Hell Divin’ Women!



Erik Truffaz Quartet (full concert) - Live @ Worldstock Festival 2015