A modern day romance set in London’s Camden, “Been So Long” sees Michaela Coel star as a dedicated single mother who, on an unusual night on the town, is charmed by a handsome yet troubled stranger, played by Arinzé Kene. It was developed by Greenacre Film and the BFI, which co-financed the film with Film4, from an original play by Che Walker and ‎”Legends of Tomorrow” actor Arthur Darvill. It is produced by Nadine Marsh-Edwards and Amanda Jenks for Greenacre. Lizzie Francke and Eva Yates serve as executive producers on behalf of the BFI and Film4, respectively.

The film’s soundtrack will feature original tracks composed by Christopher Nicholas Bangs, influenced by the backdrop of London’s historic music scene, ranging from Caribbean Soca and soul jazz, to punk and acid house. [X]

Naruto soundtrack=Fully Automated Luxury Communism
Folk-Punk=Post-Left Anarchism
New Wave=Left Communism
Vaporwave=nondenominational leftism
Indie-pop=Social Democracy
Video game scores=Juche
Country=Nihilist Communism
Outlaw Country=Egoism
Trap=Post-Scarcity Anarchism
Baroque=Democratic Confederalism
Swing=Radical Democracy
Halloween Music=Mutualism
Post-Punk=Market Socialism

Another Astrology/Birth Chart Project

This time using MUSIC!!1!1!1!!!!…


So this is my layout for creating playlist for people based on their birth chart information and how to apply it to music. Feel free to use this however you want; this was inspired by something I found online and just tweeked it some so I take no full credit for this at all; this is just for fun!

1. Dominant Planet* for Birth Chart = Overall Theme of Playlist
2. *Planets = Tempo/Feel of Song
    Sun = Upbeat/Fiery
    Moon = Emotional
    Mercury = Lyrical (either Dancey or Calm depending on overall theme)
    Venus = Slow/Relaxing/Romantic
    Mars = Fast beat/Aggressive
    Jupiter = Upbeat/Dogmatic
    Saturn = Structured/Classic
    Uranus = Strange/Futuristic
    Neptune = Psychedelic/Dreamy
    Pluto = Lyrical; Deep/Powerful
3. Signs = Genre (varies based on overall theme and tempo)
    Aries = Rock n’ Roll / Punk Rock / Jazz / Alternative / Rap / Heavy Metal
    Taurus = Rock n’ Roll / Punk Rock / Classical / Gospel / Jazz / Folk / Alternative / Blues / R&B / Country
    Gemini = Pop / Pop Rock / EDM / Jazz / Reggae / Rap / Heavy Metal / Trendy
    Cancer = Pop Rock / Classical / Gospel / Blues / Oldies
    Leo = Rock n’ Roll / Pop / Pop Rock / EDM / Gospel / Folk / Alternative
    Virgo = Classical / Heavy Metal / Indie / Jazz
    Libra = Pop / Reggae / R&B / Classical / Trendy
    Scorpio = Punk Rock / EDM / Gospel / Jazz / Rap / R&B / Blues / Heavy  Metal / Indie
    Sagittarius = Rock n’ Roll / Pop Rock / EDM / Reggae / Folk / Rap / R&B / Heavy Metal / Foreign / New Age
    Capricorn = Classical / Alternative / TImeless Classics
    Aquarius = Rock n’ Roll / Punk Rock / Gospel / Reggae / Folk / Alternative / Techno / Electronic / Progressive
    Pisces = Pop / Pop Rock / EDM / Jazz / Reggae / Blues / New Age / Dance / Movie or TV Soundtrack / Video Game Soundtrack
4. Houses = Lyrics or Subject
    1st House = Self / Appearance / Self-Identity / Personality / Physical Body
    2nd House = Money / Possessions / Values / Self-Esteem
    3rd House = Siblings / Transportation / Intellect / Early Education / Communication
    4th House = Home / Family / Childhood / Roots / Relationship with Parents
    5th House = Children / Creativity / Interests / Hobbies / Drama / Romance / Dating / Sex
    6th House = Health / Food / Work / Daily Life
    7th House = Love / Marriage / Quarrels / Separations / Cooperation / Sharing
    8th House = Death / Sex / Legacy / Occult / Loss / Transformation / Healing
    9th House = Philosophy / Religion / Law / Morals / Travel / Foreign Places / Dreams / Wisdom
   10th House = Status / Reputation / Honor / Career / Achievements / Responsibilities / Sense of Duty
   11th House = Friends / Community / Hopes / Goals / Wishes / Ambition / Social Groups / Humanitarianism / Liberty
   12th House = Hidden Self / Mental Illness / Escapism / Self-Undoing / Secrets / Grief

Anyway, I’m likely going to be working on this sorta thing after the birth chart analysis’ I’m doing. Have fun using this if so inclined.


daegondrakohsen  asked:

Hey, what kind of music do you think the Phantom Thieves listen too? I can see Ryuji rocking out to punk or metal, and maybe Yusuke playing some stranger bands like Panic! At The Disco.

I’m almost certain you did not ask for what I’m about to deliver and I’m so sorry. Feel free to ask for more clarifications or anymore headcanon’s because this was fun!

Akira: This one’s interesting because Akira’s general facade is the every-day kid so the music he would say he listens to is so generic I can’t even think of a name. Apart from that I like to think the soundtracks for Persona games are what the protagonist would listen to so probably some jazz or funk. I think there’s some rock on the soundtrack to?

Ryuji: I agree Ryuji would probably like punk and maybe some less hardcore metal” like he’d be all about music that seems rebellious. But I also think he’d like some 70-80’s music or show tunes, because again I think he’s a mumma’s boy, and that’s how I headcanon his mum. But seriously, please imagine Ryuji singing along to the Sound of Music or It’s A Hard Knock Life.

Keep reading

Yeah let’s have another look at this one! If you missed my last two asks a little bit like this one, you can find them Here and Here.

Also I hope you aren’t mad that I put these two together :) Let’s see what I can do for you two:

  • Keep reading- top of the list.
  • Get off of social media for a solid 2 hours at least!
  • Try reading a new genre.
  • Try writing a small excerpt each day- It can be about anything.
  • Write a different genre.
  • Write in a different tense to usual.
  • Consciously choose to write in 1st, 2nd or 3rd person. It’s actually useful to figure it out!
  • Write an entirely new piece. Make it the opposite of any of your previous works.
  • Use the internet sometimes! 
  • Use Photo prompts. (This is one of my favourite things)
  • Write about actual happenings and memories, twist it all you want!
  • Write from dreams.
  • Go to a city and do yourself some people watching. Overhearing a snippet from conversations can actually be really intriguing. Just don’t be creepy or nosey!
  • Listen to a wider range of music. Try country, rock, classical, rap, punk, metal, jazz, opera, blues, etc.
  • Widen your range of movie genres. Try rom com, thriller, drama, horror, futuristic, sci-fi, anime, fantasy, musical, etc.
  • Embrace other people’s life stories. I learnt a lot about world war ii from a rather long conversation with my grandparents. They have a lot to say and some rather haunting memories.
  • Be cultural. Go to museums, exhibitions, etc. I recently went to an exhibition by Sam McKnight and it was incredible. When I’m stuck for inspo I always go to the Tate Modern, but I don’t know where you’re based!
  • Widen your vocabulary.

The best thing I can say is to keep reading and writing even if what you write is total garbage! I hope you can find some sort of inspiration soon, it really is the worse when you come to a dead end :(

Also I just want to say that if anyone is upset or strongly disagrees with what I’ve written, just message me and I’d be more than happy to change it. This is supposed to be a safe space where we’re all comfortable with each other, so let me know if I need to change something! :) 

Also also thank you so much for 4k I love you all and you’re all so incredible and talented and gorgeous. I’m honestly so proud and lucky to have such a wonderful following! Lots of love from Yasmine xox

anonymous asked:

punk amis?

So this is always gonna be a harder au to write than to draw so im shaking it up a bit. I’ve sorted them as different sub genres of punk. 

Enjolras - run of the mill Punk Rock. stretched lobes, snake bites, studded leather jacket with political slogans, dip dyed red hair. He doesn’t wear it as a mohawk often but he could

Combeferre - Trallpunk. Originated in Sweden. very politically orientated lyrics with crazy fast drums over it. very forward thinking which Combeferre LOVES. 

Courfeyrac - Glam Punk. do I really need to explain why Courf would be into the genre of punk that involves fashion, sequins and bold crazy makeup? really? 

Grantaire - Art Punk. Oh man these guys were PretentionsTM. R would have loved them.

Joly - Queercore. just…. aggressively gay? this was the scene where Joly discovered their gender stuff so. Has a hand-done piercing in his ear that he never takes out. It’s a little pink triangle.

Bossuet - Garage Punk. lo-fi as fuck. Boss doesn’t even really know why he likes it so much. The core idea is very simple and maybe that’s why. He’s always been a simple guy.

Jehan - Jazz Punk. Grew up with Jazz because their dad was from New Orleans but always wanted to shake it up a bit. Jazz punk delighted them. Two genres that were anti - “do what everyone else says”. PERFECT. 

Bahorel - Anarcho Punk. These guys do just really wanna start shit basically. perfect. So much leather and bright red anarchy symbols. right up Bahorel’s street.

Feuilly - Folk Punk. Love some punk feat. mandolin. nothing like it.


Marius - Pop Punk. Would die for Gerard Way. dyed his hair black. extremely heavy black eyeliner. you know the drill

Cosette - Horror Punk. Honestly everyone is terrified of Cosette. Never put her Ipod on shuffle. ever.

Eponine - Two-Tone (basically SKA). Ok anyone who knows me knows I adore SKA. She owns approx 6 pairs of 2nd hand Docs. Painted her own leather jacket two-tone. Ain’t no party til Eponine’s Ska playlist gets put on.

Chetta - Taqwacore - Punk subgenre that deals with Islam. Chetta got into it when she was still living in Pakistan and coming out. Destroy the system but still true to her religion? perfect for a trans female activist. perf.