[ time for my weekly rant about how much I love my job. ]


jazz machine cowboy!


Deniss Short Program! Enjoy!

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Tagged by: @oh-my-jaeger

Nickname: ely (ivl), rach, rachou (irl)

Star sign: sagittarius

Height: 1,50m (around 5′)

Time right now: 18:38

Last thing googled: korean magical creatures

Favorite Music Artists: sia, daughter, chet faker, florence + the machine, jazz in general

Song Stuck in Your Head: dangerous woman - ariana grande (i really like this song tbh)

Last Movie Watched: Prête-moi ta main

Last TV show watched: Supergirl

What are you wearing right now: white t-shirt, overalls, flip-flops

When did you create your blog: huh idk man 2 and a half years ago???

What kind of stuff do you post: anything and everything except political discourse (seriously i prefer no one in my inbox to angry and stupid anons)

Do you have any other blogs: @undergroundofcities to dump all the picture i like or wanna keep somewhere and obviously my writing blog!!!!! @elyteracy

Do you get asks regularly: i wish

Why did you choose your URL: i opened a book about old french names i closed my eyes, pointed to one and said ‘imma take this one’

i taaaaaag: @generationofskittles, @saffronbunbaker, @pureren, @lokikingofjotunheiny, @glenflower, @okyougotmegoingcrazy, @yuuki-yuka