Jazz At The Philharmonic - rare vintage 1953 German concert program.

Program produced for the Spring 1953 Jazz At The Philharmonic package tour of Germany, presented by legendary music impresario Norman Granz in cooperation with the German Jazz Federation, and featuring a host of jazz luminaries, including Ella Fitzgerald, Lester Young, Oscar Peterson, Barney Kessel, Ray Brown, Gene Krupa, Teddy Napoleon, Flip Phillips, Hank Jones, Charlie Shavers, and Willie Smith. The program features artwork by noted German graphic designer Günther Kieser.


Body and Soul: Coleman Hawkins 1969

From March of 1969, here’s a performance of a Jazz At The Philharmonic concert in England, featuring Coleman Hawkins playing his most requested opus, “Body And Soul”. During this late stage of his life, many saw Hawkins as a shell of his former self, both physically and musically. However, this presentation (as well as other pieces rendered that night) bears witness that he had, at least for this journey, hearkened back to an earlier, more cohesive improviser. Joined by Teddy Wilson, Bob Cranshaw and Louie Bellson, this very performance had initially been issued on Norman Granz’ album for Pablo entitled J.A.T.P. In London, 1969.

-Scott Wenzel

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Clarinet Concerto: Cadenza
  • Clarinet Concerto: Cadenza
  • Andreas Ottensamer
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Clarinet Concerto: Cadenza - Aaron Copland

Clarinet: Andreas Ottensamer 

One of my favourite interpretations of this famous cadenza. I love the subtle jazz inflections, and also his incredibly light and soft articulation! 

If you’re unfamiliar with this guy, he is the principle clarinet of the Berliner Philharmoniker. He’s very good.


T-Bone Walker - Woman You Must Be Crazy

Jazz At The Philharmonic


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How High The Moon / Charlie Parker, Ella Fitzgerald, and others

In this legendary track from the 1949 album Jazz at the Philharmonic, Ella Fitzgerald, Lester Young, Roy Eldridge, Buddy Rich and other jazz greats join Bird for a fabulous rendition of the jazz classic How High The Moon, creating one of my favorite live recordings of all time.

Charlie Parker, Jazz At The Philharmonic 1949 (recorded at Carnegie Hall beginning at midnight on Sunday, September 18, 1949)

Don’t let the cover art fool you. This is one of the seminal live recordings in jazz history. The lineup: Charlie Parker (as), Roy Eldridge (tp), Tommy Turk (tb), Flip Phillips (ts), Lester Young (ts), Hank Jones (p), Ray Brown (b), Buddy Rich (d) and Ella Fitzgerald joins for three tracks.


Bird: The Complete Charlie Parker on Verve is a 1990 10 CD box set by jazz musician Charlie Parker. It features every extant note Parker recorded for the Verve label as well as his appearances at Jazz at the Philharmonic. Parker recorded for Verve primarily in the last five years of his life, a period during which, besides playing with his famous quintet, he experimented with strings, Afro-Cuban jazz and mixed chorus. Among the albums produced during Parker’s Verve years were Bird & Diz, Charlie Parker with Strings, and Swedish Schnapps. 

Been listening to this on repeat for the past week, fabulous stuff!