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AU Where Hanzo is a dragon shifter, a human who can turn into a dragon. His species are due to being able to shift from Human to Dragons who where smarter and stronger than normal dragons were hunted for sport.

Hanging a (lets call them Wyvrenthrope) Wyvrenthrope’s head is a mark of royalty and power So the kingdoms of the world hunted his species to nigh extinction When Hanzo was a smol babe with his kin in a den, knights came and slaughter his kin and shit but he managed to escape with Genji.

Hanzo, even though he was young, was aware of his kind and what they are and the power the posses but he believes that humans are monsters and nothing but scum for what they done to his species So Hanzo tells Genji that they must live as “Stupid Dragons” Playing dumb if you will Years pass and they succeed in living, playing dumb animals until Genji decides he wants to live as a human, in the beautiful Human world. They have a fight and Genji leaves and Hanzo never sees him again 

Anyway years pass Enter McCree, a dragon tamer He is reknowned for his dragon taming abilities and has been able to tame every single dragon he has been tasked with That is until the Royal knights get complaints of a dragon terrorizing a farm out in the borders of the kingdom Hanzo has been stealing cattle from a farm to eat. Thus the guards venture out and subdue the dragon with magic and shit whilst Hanzo is asleep, anyway they have Mercy use some witchy sleep spell that fucks him up and he gets taken back to the kingdom Here they chain him up in a barn and dragon tamers try to tame him But he kills them all.

Weeks past Not a single soul has been able to even approach him without getting burnt to death So Gabriel Reyes (high ranking person) orders it to be put down IF Jesse McCree cant tame it Anyway enter McCree approaching Hanzo with a shield or fire proof serape or something and being submissive and all that jazz. Hanzo tries to kill him but Jesse dodges and he looks into the dragons eyes and he just /knows/ He knows this dragon is smart, perceptive. He knows that the dragon thinks him of a threat so each day he visits the dragon and sits outside of the door talking to the dragon Building up a familiarity, Hanzo, Deprived of any sort of relationships HATES the fact that he is finding solace in the storys and time the repulsive human tells him. 

 Anyway McCree is finally able to enter the barn without getting killed by Hanzo. So the other people think hes tamed now but NOPE they enter and they get burnt to a CRISP Then McCree realizes that hes special and the dragon somewhat trusts him. Anyway McCree gives him a few dead chickens for lunch one day and to his utter shock he watches as Hanzo plucks the chickens clean of their feathers and /cook/ them Then McCree realizes this Dragon is fucking smart and is knowledgeable. Hes not a fucking dragon and he starts to speak to it and asks if he can understand him and Hanzo doesn’t answer. Hanzo CURSES himself for doing something so out of the ordinary for a “Mindless Dragon”

Anyway Reyes comes along to check on things after a few weeks and he puts Hanzo INSTANTLY on edge and Hanzo rears at him. Reyes, instantly taking dislike to this dragon who doesn’t submit to his gaze then says it simply “McCree you have exactly one week to tame this dragon, otherwise its will be killed and its hide will be used to make me a new jacket” Then Hanzo understands that to live hes going to have to suck it up and play it safe until he has a chance to escape.

 Now McCree with tries his best to be gentle with the dragon as he tries to convey his need for him to cooperate with him otherwise he will die. Since McCree doesn’t want the most beautiful and intelligent dragon he has ever seen to be killed. then Hanzo nods to him and puts his head down submissively and McCree reaches out and places his hand on his head, albeit it while terrified. 

Now Hanzo starts cooperating with McCree and McCree grow close, Hanzo realizes “This human is special, hes loving and genuinely cares for me”

 Hanzo communicates McCree by writing in the dirt or some shit and they just like become inseparable And McCree is so proud of his SUPER INTELLIGENT DRAGON THAT CAN FUCKING TALK TO HIM.

duh duh duh They pass the training and Hanzo is made his dragon few months later after being inseparable they go on a mission and all hell breaks lose shit happens. They go down and fall into a trench or canyon that keeps them hidden in the forest. Hours pass and McCree wakes up from being unconscious to find a semi conscious, hurt human where his dragon should be .McCree then instantly grabs the human by the throat and picks him and and starts chocking him thinking that Hanzo is one of the enemies that /took HIS dragon/ then he sees, idk a ribbon around Hanzos neck that he wrapped around Hanzos neck when he was a dragon as a gift for him to look extra beautiful when they passed training. Then he realizes ”My dragon is a shifter"

Keep in mind, Hanzo is low-key aggressive to every single person who isn’t McCree. He still hates Humans, just not his cute one. Gotta keep up consistency, Hanzo isn’t just gonna forget what it was like watching his kin get slaughtered for sport.


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“AU idea thing: Phasma is a DJ who sets up rock guitarist Kylo with jazz sax player Hux (good excuse to see Hux in a suit playing the blues)” 

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{Imagine Danny being super tired one day and Jazz tries to show him something but instead of turning his whole body around to face her, his head just twists around completely without him knowing and Jazz instantly freaks out}

Danny, Sam and Tucker developing their own language, it mostly being a blend of Ghost and Esperanto and gibberish. They use it to communicate to each other without anyone else knowing what they’re saying, when they need to speak about private things, communicate battle tactics without the enemy knowing what they mean, or just to annoy people. 

and then they take it a step further and start speaking in codes in the trio tongue. brief shorthand to get info across quick, like “d7 to mark2-0-K down 9 at count.” the trio are gamers so it’d be similar to how they plan plays, only quicker.

and everyone thinks they’re crazy for having this made up language. Dash teases them because “Didn’t you know you were supposed to grow out of kiddy playing, you dweebs are regressing. Wonder how long till the diapers come into play again.” and they just. talk about how dumb Dash is. right in front of him. because Dash can’t understand. and they laugh about it. and it pisses Dash off. It gets to the point where the trio speak nothing but their own tongue when they’re not in class. they develop a written form of it using ghost letters but they change which letters are assigned to which sounds and combine some letters to form new ones so if even a ghost tried to read what they write it would just be absolute nonsense on top of a language that it wouldn’t know.

Jazz tries to get Danny to teach her, but he refuses because he doesn’t want to confuse her. Teach Sam and Tucker how to speak the handful of ghost sounds that humans couldn’t really replicate had been hard enough. Valerie is confused by the new behavior, but quickly becomes suspicious when she overhears and recognizes a few words being spoken by Phantom.

Jack and Maddie steadily get more and more worried about this kind of behavior because they even speak it to each other when they’re all together in their house. Sam’s parents Blame the Fenton’s for corrupting their daughter by teaching her devil tongues and they don’t believe Jack when he tells them that the language wasn’t Ghostspeak. Tucker’s parents try to not mind but it starts to worry them too. all three sets of parents try to ban the Angela by way of grounding or the threat of not allowing them to see each other anymore, but that just causes the three to shut up. and not say anything, secret language or otherwise. so they eventually just agree to let the kids continue to speak the language though they’re not happy about it, but for their part the trio do cut it down a considerable amount.

Danny accidentally writes part of his papers in the language. Mr. Lancer is beyond done. 

And Vlad just doesn’t even try to understand. Danny tries to annoy him with it but Vlad just ignores him. When Danny doesn’t stop, Vlad begins speaking back to him in an equally nonsensical, fake language, one that he, Jack and Maddie made back in college. it becomes a virtual nonsense conversation because they keep talking to each other but they have i no idea what the other actually means. sometimes it evolves into arguments other times its surprisingly calm and they seem to communicate well. Danny uses every chance he gets to insult Vlad. Vlad uses the opportunity to reveal, in detail, his exact future plans right to Danny’s face.

Housemates!NCT Part 11

Your university runs out of dorm space, forcing you to find a last minute living arrangement with some international students. In other words, you’re basically screwed.

Warnings: alcohol, drugs, sex, profanity

Word Count: 1577

I’m sorry I’m such a dick guys… so sorry. I’m not really happy with the quality of this either but :))))) everything’s fine. 


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Jaehyun | Ten

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La La Land: Sebastian [INFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Sebastian is a free spirit. He doesn’t care what anyone thinks of him, which results in common outbursts of inferior Te bluntness and lack of appreciation for the people who do take an interest in his jazz music. His first two meetings with Mia are negative, because he’s so wrapped up in his own problems and feelings that he fails to take hers into consideration. Sebastian doesn’t really care what others think of him, and is motivated by his strong feelings of “like or dislike”; when Mia confesses that she doesn’t much care for jazz, he tries to change her mind by introducing her to different varieties of it.

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): He is a dreamer, who idealizes the past with the desire to re-invent it for the future; he has lots of ideas about how he can do this, but plans them ahead less than he trusts himself to innovate and improvise in the moment. Sebastian is quick to read things into Mia, and leap to conclusions. He believes in pursuing his dreams and goals, but does not seem motivated, so much as he is bound to the ideas in the present. His strange way of seeing things appeals to Mia. He prefers to indulge in his interests (music, cooking, jazz) more than strive to meet his goals.

Introverted Sensing (Si): He loves old things. His clothing choices speaks to the past. He loves old movies. He wants to grasp onto an ideal of the past that never really existed, and make it into something new (mostly for himself – Fi) but also for future generations to enjoy (Ne and Si). His impression of Mia is subjective; much of what he pushes her to do, is tied to his own experiences with things (one should not give up on their dreams, and one must pursue what they want). Sebastian lets his house go to pot, because he is so disinterested in his sensory environment; he’d rather be working on his music than unpacking his flat.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): His decisions are motivated more through feelings than logic; he disobeys his boss, plays what he wants in the restaurant, then storms out when told off. Tactless comes to mind on his worst days; Sebastian is downright rude to Mia on their first two meetings, because he’s preoccupied with his own feelings. He says things in the heat of the moment that are cutting and hurtful, but also true. Though he struggles to reach his goals, as the story goes along, he becomes better at self-organization and manages to achieve success.

So I was reading a post that argues that Danny from Danny Phantom is trans, citing various instances that might be taken as hints toward that fact. This inspired me to rewatch Danny Phantom and I am super into this headcanon. 

I mean, I just watched episode 3, when Danny is being hunted by Skulker and meanwhile the lady from Genius Magazine (a magazine for women geniuses) is interviewing Danny’s mom. The interviewer becomes interested in Danny, and Jazz immediately tries to stop her from talking to him, with a desperate, “I DON’T THINK THAT’S A GOOD IDEA!” Which is weird at first…but later the interviewer says, “Man, if only Danny were a girl” which is perhaps why Jazz was trying to shield him (Jazz, as we know, is very very protective of Danny’s secrets. Maybe she was afraid that the interviewer would say something like that *to* Danny, which might be rough on him). Plus, the main plot of the episode involves a gorilla who is assumed to be male, but at the end of the episode it is revealed that the gorilla is actually female. When Mr. Lancer grumbles, “Didn’t anyone at the zoo bother to CHECK?!” Danny responds, “Maybe they were just respecting her privacy!” Parallelism, maybe? For Danny’s privacy being respected, I mean.

Anyway. Trans boy Danny is great and I am fully on board.

John Bender – or more commonly, just Bender – has been on the local police department’s radar since before he can remember. As he rocked into his teen years, he found himself just leaning into the whole CRIMINAL label – it was easier that way. Besides, when people assume you’re no good trash from your own parents to your peers, and just about everybody else in town? A kid’s gonna start to believe it. Come senior year, a kid by the name of FP Jones wandered into town and became someone John actually didn’t hate hanging around with – a miracle in and of itself in this town. FP had brought up some gang called the Southside Serpents which John initially thought was bullshit, but found himself running to join once he was able to get the hell out of his house and that damn school. John found a kind of family in this other group of misfits and BAD EGGS, so to speak. At least they took him as he was. No judgements, no bullshit, and that’s how he liked it. 

Having developed a taste for alcohol and HERBAL supplements earlier in his life to cope with…a good deal of shit – with the Serpents, he was able to turn what was simply a vice into something more profitable. Being a lot more intelligent than people ever gave him credit for, John managed to do a pretty damn good job moving the Serpent’s “product” for them – well enough that he’s been putting away to take on his own garage. When he’s not taking care of Serpent business, he’s busting his ass all but running a local garage as a mechanic. He’s always had a knack for that kind of work – pretty much if it’s got an engine? He can probably fix it for you.

All in all, life doesn’t feel anywhere near as bad as it used to – he’s the right hand to a man he’s known a good chunk of his life now, someone he actually TRUSTS. Sure, he’s a single forty-something but he’s never cared so much about all that settling down bullshit (or so he tells himself). Okay, so there’s that stack of dead kids that washed up recently, but to John? He’s not in as much of an outward tizzy as the rest of the damn town. Maybe it’s a COLD stance to take with such a tragedy, but John would tell you that he’s never been under the allusion that this place, or the world in general, was anything but shit. Sure, it’s fuckin’ awful what’s happened, but what was he supposed to do about it? He’s honestly surprised the police haven’t come knocking down his door yet, but maybe it’s still EARLY.


FP JONES. Friends from senior year of high school. Convinced John to join up with him and the Southside Serpents as they were taking off. The two are currently close friends with John serving virtually as an unofficial co-leader of the gang alongside him.

JUGHEAD JONES. Unofficial “cool uncle”. John looks out for Jug seeing as he’s FP’s kid and all. He tries to help keep him out of too much trouble when he can and occasionally be a sounding board if need be – and this is the guy who’s positive he’d make a terrible father (not that he thinks about it much or anything).

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