jazz solos


Ahh one of my fave little minis to watch!! Gracyn!! @gracyn9965 she is just so talented and #Graceful on that stage 😍😂 #puns ❤ but she also be a total firecracker on stage when she does her jazz solo too! she’s improved so much this past year and omg that natural leg hyperextension and gorgeous feet 😲😱 how does she do it!?!?! So amazing and only 8!!! She dances at @danceatmove ⬅️⬅️ -

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What confuses the rest of the band/orchestra about the instruments
  • Piccolo: How do they manage to hit those high notes without killing their ears?
  • Flute: Why do they hold their instruments sideways?
  • Clarinet: Why are they always complaining about reeds?
  • Saxophone: Why do they keep playing jazz solos at random times?
  • Oboe: Why are you carrying a knife?
  • Bassoon: What are you???
  • Trumpet: How are they so confident in themselves if they don't know any of the notes?
  • Horn: Why are they always so put together all the time?
  • Trombone: Why do they keep acting like 6 year olds?
  • Euphonium: Why are you so offended by being compared to tubas?
  • Tuba: How do you not get bored by having to play quarter notes all the time?
  • Violin: Why do you care so much who's violin 1 and who's violin 2?
  • Viola: Why do you stare at the violins dreamily during rehearsal?
  • Cello: Why are you always out of tune?
  • Bass: Why are your parts so boring?
  • Percussion: How do you manage to play so many different instruments?
  • Piano: How do you manage to play different things with both your hands?
  • Accordion: why



The improvement between her 1st and 3rd jazz solo

the instrument's inner monologue: practice room edition
  • tuba: goddamn there's a lotta spit
  • flute: i'll never be good enough. *cries*
  • saxophone: *awesome jazz solo*
  • trumpet: i can hear the flute. time to try and outplay them!
  • baritone: *assorted farting noises*
  • clarinet: *loud squeak* iT WAS THE REED
  • trombone: all these people are scrubs
  • percussion: they don't practice. good joke
  • piccolo: *ethereal notes sometimes* *angry cursing sometimes*
  • euphonium: today is the day. i will show up the tubas. i can do this. *assuredly pats instrument*