jazz solos

  • Me: okay brain, today we need to finish the ninth chapter of the Xenomorph Fic
  • Brain: *gasp*
  • Me: uh oh. Brain? What'd you do?
  • Me: Wat.
  • Brain: Obi-wan and Vader are veterans of the Great War, and damage from mustard gas means Vader has to wear a gas mask all the time-
  • Me: Wait no, come back-
  • Brain: Palpatine is a crooked senator (of course) with connections everywhere, Bail Organa is a tired mayor doing his best and Leia wants to be a private detective, Luke is literally a farmboy -- would Kansas be too cliche?
  • Me: BRAIN! STOP!
  • Brain: and Han and Chewie are a couple charming rascals who frequent the jazz scene and are the best getaway drivers in the city if you can find them. Nobody knows where Chewbacca is from because only Han and Lando understand his accent (and Han says it's because nobody bothered to ask)
  • Me: Brain nooooo

Are you THIRSTY? 🌊

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So happy with the final product of my Jazz Solo Cup ceramics piece! I velcro’d it onto a glass-backed shadowbox with some foamcore behind it to add depth and create the illusion that it’s just floating within the frame. It’s hung in my bathroom right in front of my toilet so that I can experience the aesthetic whenever I poop. 🖼🚽🌊💩🤤👌

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