jazz school

Bless Sam, Tucker, and Jazz and their pure and beautiful souls.

We all talk about how hard Danny’s got it. So much has been stolen from him because of these powers he never asked for, and so many people hate him for it.

But he has thankfully been blessed with such an amazing support system.

Sam and Tucker are a terrifying duo on their own.

Sam’s filthy stinking rich and doesn’t seem to have any limits put on how much she can spend. She can have emergency deliveries brought straight to her in the middle of the night. She can tip the pizza delivery guy a 10. And that’s just what she can do with her cash. She’s also brilliant, adaptable, and scary influential. She wore down the school board and got them to change the school menu to freaking topsoil without any warning. She managed to chew out government officials. She’s quick thinking and can formulate brilliant plans on the spot. Sam never loses, even if people sometimes wish she would.

Tucker is a technological genius. He’s capable of hacking government tech, private security tech, Vald’s fancy shmancy tech designed by him personally, and a freaking ghost robot suit powered by a literal technology wizard from 10 years in the future. All with nothing but a handheld computer. On top of that, he’s an entrepreneur and an inventor. He’s started multiple somewhat successful businesses, and invented seemingly silly things that ended up helping to save lives (such as an anti-ghost bug repellent.)

These two are 14 and they don’t have superpowers, but they are still capable of so much. There are battles Danny couldn’t have won without them. There are times when they’re the ones who saved him. Tucker literally threw himself between a blade and Danny. Sam just about died falling off a train while trying to save Danny from a mind-controlling villain. They’ve broken out of homes and school, jumped onto moving trains, flown across states, faced monsters and pain to save him, even though they’re just normal kids. And they’ve always succeeded. Danny might be the superhero, but if he’s in danger, these two kids can and will destroy a person.

And if you manage to slip past Sam and Tucker’s radar, I pray you’re ready to face the wrath of Jasmine Fenton. The genius girl who was the only one to find out Danny’s secret on her own, as well as the only one to catch Dan when he came from the future. She brilliantly defended Danny from behind the scenes for at least half a season, protecting his secret from everyone, including herself.

This girl is one of the most brilliant in the nation. She has a passion for psychology, and enough skill with it to match friggin Spectra in terms of mental influence. And even though she’s not the best with weapons, if someone tries to touch her brother, she will destroy them with whatever she can get her hands on, whether that be something as simple as a broom or as dangerous as the ecto-skeleton. She freaking kung-fued a mutant turkey at like 6 or 7 to protect her baby brother. It doesn’t matter who you are, even her own parents. You do not wanna mess with Jazz.

So yeah, Danny’s just a kid who’s dealing with way more crap than he deserves, but thankfully he has an small army of other kids who are scary and powerful and would murder for him.

In the span of 48 hours (Wednesday and Thursday) the band director’s truck keys were stolen, the drumline is smoking weed, rotting food has been found in the band room, and someone drew on the drum set.

Now we have new rules:
1) No one is allowed in the band room before school (except Jazz band)
2) No one is allowed in the band room during lunch
3) No one is allowed to eat food in the band room
4) No one is allowed in the Band Director’s office
5) No one is allowed to play on an instrument they are not assigned to
6) Anyone with an F or more than one D in their grade will be a shadow in next year’s field show

We have a theory that whomever stole the BD’s keys, will drive through the band room during lunch to eat food in his office.

- solar