jazz reference

Now what if Allura was a jazz singer?

I believe it was Jesse Cox and the Scary Game Squad (and maybe a few others but I heard it from them first because I’m biased and watch them first so I can enjoy having the entire story spoiled or incredible crackpot theories or both) who pointed out Six looks an awful lot like a certain salt girl, and I ran with it. I’m actually really pleased how it came out compared to the original and vintage salt cartons I was looking at! I was going to have her mirror carried on her back instead of the Morton version’s umbrella but it didn’t look like it would make sense with her other hand occupied–so I at least replaced the salt with the creepy glittery darkness you see when breaking the doll collectibles. And she has a nome instead of a salt carton in her left hand and I honestly cackled when someone saw it and yelled at me about it

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Bayverse Dogformers Breedcanons-Autobots

Optimus Prime-Japanese Akita/Akita Inu

Bumblebee-Lurcher (Whippet Mix)

Ironhide-German Shepherd (Working Line)

Jazz-German Shorthaired Pointer

Ratchet-Golden Retriever


Jolt-Blue Lacy

Mirage/Dino-Bracco Italiano

Que/Wheeljack-Standard Schnauzer

Sentinel Prime-Irish Red and White Setter


Drift (who will soon be Dead in Miami if things continue)-Kishu Inu

Hound-Blackmouth Cur

Cogwheel-Border Terrier

Hot Rod-Picardy Spaniel



Aaand that’s everyone…I think. I’ll put a link in for the Decepticons once I get them done.

my favorite things from dear evan hansen:
  • when ben platt does the wooaahh thing
  • “that’s the fucking saddest thing I’ve ever heard.” - connor murphy 
  • tbh the whole bridge from for forever but especially the “he’s come to get me.” 
  • “or did you let go?”
  • the subtle jazz reference cause the guys who worked on La La Land also worked on Dear Evan Hansen 
  • “you looked really pretty-er you looked pretty cool.”
  • ben platt singing I love you and hitting THAT HIGH NOTE 
  • connor’s hair 
  • “smoking drugs.” & “stop doing drugs, just take deep breaths and go on walks.” 
  • all of words fail cause that song fucks me up w o w 
  • the whole musical

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Okay, I've never heard anyone put FFX-2 on a best JRPGs list - all I really know about it is that Yuna has a gun and is also part of an idol group with Rikku, which hasn't exactly made it something I'm jazzed to try.

(With reference to this post here.)

Dude, Final Fantasy X-2 is basically the direct inspiration for Costume Fairy Adventures - I couldn’t not name-check it.

(Also, neither of those are strictly true. Final Fantasy X-2 reintroduces Final Fantasy V-style job classes; Yuna starts out in the Gunner class by default, but you can make her pretty much anything you want - you can even swap classes mid combat. Also, while Yuna’s gang is definitely deliberately invoking the aesthetics of an idol group, they’re actually treasure hunters. The video you’ve probably seen of Yuna performing at a pop concert is villainous impersonator.)

watching the livestream
  • chat: are you gonna marry robin yet?
  • jack: i'm working on it, i'm very close
  • me, quietly: i believe
  • me, slightly louder: i believe in you
  • me, loudly: i beLIEVE
  • me, screaming at jack-volume: I BELIEVE IN SENSUALSTEEN

@cosmicpines character in our trash homestuck dnd campaign. none of us can remember if her name is spelled shanna or shauna bc a u can look like an n depending on your handwriting. she’s a hyper stressed stage manager who basically dragged all of the school’s loner kids into the theater club. she’s a seer of rage and a derse dreamer and also shes knife friends with jack now. also @2w-narbwhal because he’ll want to see it.

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Teach me about jazz boyfriends

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Jazz boyfriends refers to Kaoru Nishimi and Sentarō Kawabuchi. Now, these two rad dudes go to school together, Kaoru is a rich boy and Sentaro is the “delinquent”. Be that as it may, after one of the other main characters (Ritsuko Mukae) finds out rich boy can play the piano, she invites him to play with Sentaro, who is a beast at the drums. But Sentaro only plays jazz and thus Kaoru does everything in his power to learn how to play jazz. And through drama, these two continue to play jazz together and indulging in each other’s company.

Oh and also this

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