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Hear me out….. Danny… with fangs… and has braces.

I’m trying to play around with Instagram more and I started to post these doodles that I manage to do in my free time. Keeps me sane at least.  

My spelling isn’t the best, but I did TRY…. I failed but I tried. Hope the context was clear enough 

Headcanon, Danny has ADHD

Okay, maybe it’s because I have ADHD and I like seeing fictional characters that are like me, but hear me out here.

-He has mild inattentive type, more commonly known as just ADD, (no hyperactivity)
-It’s mild, so he doesn’t NEED medication, but maybe he should. He’s not going to though. I’ll bet he hasn’t even been diagnosed.
-Absent-mindedly touching the inside of a high voltage broken machine while walking in? That’s something I would do.
-Hyper focus would definitely help him while fighting.
-He’s really smart but gets bad grades, even when he studies. He finds studying subjects he doesn’t like to be really hard. See: Teacher of the year
-He seems to overreact to some things and has pretty strong emotions. This doesn’t happen with everyone that has ADHD, but it can be an effect. He screams a lot even when he should be used to what is happening. Call me crazy, but it feels like Tucker and Sam are a lot less vocal in battle than he is.
-I don’t think he means to let Sam and Tucker take a lot of blows and let them take the blame. I think he just has slightly less impulse control than the average person and isn’t good at thinking consequences through.
-ADHD can be hereditary and if you think there is absolutely no possible way that Jack has ADHD or a similar illness then I don’t understand your logic.
-Also there’s that theory floating around that ectoplasm is mildly radioactive and/or Maddie being around it while pregnant could have some kind of effects on her kids. This could have led to Danny having a slightly underdeveloped prefrontal cortex, which is what causes ADHD.
-He’s bad at dodging. I too have spaced out during situations where I should have been dodging and either saw the thing coming at me and for some reason didn’t move or just didn’t think about it and got hit. However, when I’m having a good day I’m really good at it. That’s how Danny can honestly say he’s “a whiz at dodgeball” and still get hit as much as he does.
-He’s really smart but misses obvious things. He also thinks out loud a lot. This is something my brother and a few other people I know who also have ADHD do as well.
-A lot of people with inattentive type (including myself) have a hard time making and keeping friends. Will often have either no friends and a few acquaintances or one or two really close ones.
-If you believe the trans Danny headcanons, that can explain why he hasn’t gotten help yet. It’s a lot harder to recognize and diagnose ADHD in girls and people that were socialized as girls.
-He comes up with puns and insults on the spot. Neurotypicals can do that too, but when you have ADHD, your brain often makes seemingly random connections a lot faster than the average person. This helps with making spur of the moment puns and solving mysteries. Remember how he figured out Spectra was a ghost?

So, yeah. That’s my reasoning. I just honestly think that him having ADHD clears up a lot of things about his character. But, I’m not a psychiatrist. I’m just one guy that has ADD. This is just me speculating.

Arm wrestling challenge: Dan vs. Bruton
I don’t know who to call Frostbite’s people as a whole… frostians? farians?frozenians?

Danny supporting Dan…?
I can hear Jazz screaming/cheering Dan!
Sam looks comfy…
…and of course, we have Tucker… counting his “victorie$”

and no. You’re not seeing things. That’s a tiger-striped, a female and the color from their furs aren’t the same. They have different tones of gray (no pun intended as this whole this is Gray scaled BUT you get the idea)

Have the original version

Finally! I present you some of the most important characters in DP beside the ones that I had already done xD I have worked on this since the last year but I could only finish it now .D

I’ll draw a second part soon! Who would you like to see? .D
Por fin! Les presento a algunos de los personajes más importantes de DP en genderbend además de los que ya estaban hechos! xD Este dibujo lo llevo haciendo desde el año pasado! Pero recién pude terminarlo! .D

Dibujaré una segunda parte pronto! A quiénes les gustaría ver? .D

Danny Phantom © Butch Hartman

I’m in love with the concept of Danny DESPERATELY attempting to make Phantom seem different than Fenton- seem more ghostly.

Like, as Phantom he tries to not reference pulp culture. One day, Valerie asks him how old he is and he just shrugs. (”It’s keeping the mystique, guys!”) He’s way more talkative, and lets his emotions out more. He claims to not know what the internet is, and fumbles the pronunciation of slang. He plays to his parents’ theories about ghosts being emotionless, telling Val that sometimes he does feel emotions, strong and real and overwhelming, and sometimes the only thought in his mind is protecting people, no matter what it costs himself or those that get in his way.

As Fenton, on the contrary, he takes up smoking (the boy doesn’t breathe. Also he feels like it grounds him- makes him remember that at least some part of him is still alive), often makes not-so-ironic jokes about wanting to die, and is still always late for class. He only really lets his emotions out to Jazz, Sam or Tucker, and a lot of people assume he’s either a part of a gang or a sociopath.

Wes finds it POSITIVELY FRUSTRATING when Danny smirks at him and says quietly, “How old do you think Phantom is, Wes? I’m guessing 15,”

They had been dating only recently. He thought she had loved him.
He was wrong.
She was so preoccupied in her teenage rebellion that she didn’t barely even think of what she was crushing underneath her combat boots. She tried so hard to be different. To fill her need to be special that she would pick up and drop whoever whenever.
She wasn’t a goth because she liked it. She wasn’t an ultra-recyclo vegetarian because she wanted to. She didn’t push him to become and stay (you can do better Danny, you’re better Danny) a halfa (a hero, Danny. Don’t you want to be a hero?) because she cared.
She didn’t like it. Didn’t want it. Won’t care. Just needed to be special and force people to do what she wants.
Jazz wondered if maybe Sam had projected onto Paulina. Maybe she knew what she was doing was wrong. Danny disagreed. She didn’t regret anything.
Sam Manson was just a shallow witch.

“Because we’re kids, just kids, and we’re growing up, and I keep thinking that one day we’ll be off doing our own things, and maybe we won’t see each other again for a long time, and then…then, when we meet again somehow, we won’t even recognize each other.

Doesn’t that scare you?

It scares me a lot.

It scares me to death.”

  • Danny: Come on, haven't you ever wanted to slap me? Just a little?
  • Sam: Absolutely.
  • Jazz: Yes.
  • Dani: Yes.
  • Tucker: Yes... wait, what are we voting on?
  • Danny: I wasn't asking you people!
  • Valerie: Face it. You set yourself up for that one.