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Early in Vax's Raven Queen journey, Pike told him that if she hurt him, then Pike and RQ were going to Have Problems. I would really like Pike to confront her in some way

It’d definitely be cool to see the two of them talk but I don’t really think the Raven Queen has hurt Vax? On the contrary she’s been remarkably patient and helpful, all things considered. In fairness I haven’t seen the last four episodes so I don’t know the details of the rez (and I don’t want to know them!!! I want to be surprised!!) but the fact remains that she’s sent him back to his family twice, given him power, allowed him time to figure out what it means to be Champion, and––depending on how you interpret the Luck mechanic––regularly gives him second chances

which is pretty cool of her, all things considered

Character Analysis 3: Maddie Fenton

following up with another one of my favorite ladies: maddie fenton. i have a few posts about her already: x x x x

maddie is such a mom and she loves being a mom - she has her own life and hobbies, don’t get me wrong, but she’s there for her kids. there’s actual evidence from the show that she was involved in her kids lives and stepped back as they became more independent. she knows how balance her own life and her family life and also knows how much interaction each family member can tolerate. (jack needs constant interaction, jazz wants minimal interaction, and danny wants almost none.) 

she’s crazy intelligent, hard working, and humble. she knows jack sometimes takes credit for the things she designs or makes, but she also knows he does it for attention not for the actual credit. she still gets annoyed about it and talked to him about it, but she doesn’t openly correct him anymore. but when jazz suggested that she try for that article of genius monthly (or whatever it’s called), she was completely surprised by the idea that she would talk about herself like that (and was extremely pleased when danny got a highlight instead). she doesn’t do the work for credit or acknowledgement, she does the work for her own personal reasons (whatever they may be). 

she also has an interesting range of skills including martial arts, mechanical and electrical engineering and design (in multiple fields), theoretical physics, medical emergency response, and so on. she never stops learning and finds a way to make everything relevant to her work.

another she, that woman is patient and you can see that come across in everything she does. she doesn’t get frustrated when a project isn’t working out right - she keeps working on it or steps back. she is patient with her family and her kids’ friends and she listens to them. she may dismiss an idea but that doesn’t mean that she didn’t hear it in the first place.

she’s also forgiving - but only if it’s deserved. maddie didn’t forgive vlad for his actions in maternal instinct (even if she never told jack about it) until after he saved danny’s life in reign storm. even after that, she was wary of vlad and her relationship with him was never the same - but she still forgave him.

jack and maddie also have a very loving relationship - it’s actually the only relationship in the show that is actually mostly healthy. they have their issues (who doesn’t) but they know how to give and take and they also know how to communicate. 

maddie is a naturally kind person who doesn’t let herself get taken advantage of and puts effort in all of her interests. she has faults - she can get sucked into whatever she’s doing to the point where she checks out, or she can get a little too protective when fighting ghosts, but she’s mostly a good person. i’m a little surprised that a lot of people want to display her as the one who experiments on ghosts because usually it’s jack who is doing that (but she is the scarier one so i get that i guess).

I’ll make it better

Bonus drabble for Come and get lost with us

Fandom: Haikyuu

Words: 2753

On their search for a new home, Daichi and Suga discover a miracle in the midst of a nightmare.

“I’m not sure, Daichi. I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

Suga stopped walking, and after two more steps, Daichi did the same, back still turned to him.

“We don’t have a choice. If we don’t get anything nutritious to eat soon, we’ll get in trouble. And it looks like it’s going to rain. We’re all exhausted already, we can’t afford to get sick.”

Suga looked back, to where both Nishinoya and Tanaka were uncharacteristically quiet, dragging their feet as they followed. Insisting on carrying the most heavy load seemed to finally weigh down on Asahi, whose shoulders were heaving as he breathed. There really was no other choice, even though Suga generally trusted his gut feeling.

The village up ahead meant trouble. Lots of trouble. He could smell it, taste it in the air and the atmosphere, even though he couldn’t quite place his finger on it.

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Who I ship them with: Jazz/Prowl is one of my OTPs

One headcanon I have for them: Prowl forgets to refuel a lot due to hyperfixating on work etc., he often doesn’t realise that he’s forgotten - as he usually works with his HUD minimised - until he’s moments away from passing out. This often gets him yelled at by Ratchet.

Whether or not they show up in the series and where: Prowl appears from the very beginning as a member of the Ark crew. He was originally going to remain on Cybertron and provide a constant ‘eye in the sky’ by scanning for coordinates of Omega Keys, but Prowl in close proximity and interacting with Jazz was irresistible to me.

2.20.16 Agent H

Subject is responsive and responds well to english verbal interaction, Jazz music, and loud color prints. We Will be seeking a Department Partner for Agent H in the forthcoming weeks once Homeostasis in modern life has been established

This is a bounce about of The idea @believeinbritboys and I came up with last night, We’re working on a collab of Men In black with alien Agent H and Agent Tomlinson. I’m very excited for the final result with Dani (:

What researchers found: The brains of jazz musicians who are engaged with other musicians in spontaneous improvisation show robust activation in the same brain areas traditionally associated with spoken language and syntax. In other words, improvisational jazz conversations “take root in the brain as a language,” Limb said.

“It makes perfect sense,” said Ken Schaphorst, chair of the Jazz Studies Department at the New England Conservatory in Boston. “I improvise with words all the time—like I am right now—and jazz improvisation is really identical in terms of the way it feels. Though it’s difficult to get to the point where you’re comfortable enough with music as a language where you can speak freely.”

Along with the limitations of musical ability, there’s another key difference between jazz conversation and spoken conversation that emerged in Limb’s experiment. During a spoken conversation, the brain is busy processing the structure and syntax of language, as well the semantics or meaning of the words. But Limb and his colleagues found that brain areas linked to meaning shut down during improvisational jazz interactions. In other words, this kind of music is syntactic but it’s not semantic.

“Music communication, we know it means something to the listener, but that meaning can’t really be described,” Limb said. “It doesn’t have propositional elements or specificity of meaning in the same way a word does. So a famous bit of music—Beethoven’s dun dun dun duuuun SaveFrom.net—we might hear that and think it means something but nobody could agree what it means.”

So if music is a language without set meaning, what does that tell us about the nature of music?

“The answer to that probably lies more in figuring out what the nature of language is than what the nature of music is,” said Mike Pope, a Baltimore-based pianist and bassist who participated in the study. “When you’re talking about something, you’re not thinking about how your mouth is moving and you’re not thinking about how the words are spelled and you’re not thinking about grammar. With music, it’s the same thing.”

Many scientists believe that language is what makes us human, but the brain is wired to process acoustic systems that are far more complicated than speech.
Pope says even improvisational jazz is built around a framework that musicians understand. This structure is similar to the way we use certain rules in spoken conversation to help us intuit when it’s time to say “nice to meet you,” or how to read social clues that signal an encounter is drawing to a close.

“In most jazz performances, things are not nearly as random as people would think,” Pope said. “If I want to be a good bass player and I want to fill the role, idiomatically and functionally, that a bass player’s supposed to fulfill, I have to act within the confines of certain acceptable parameters. I have to make sure I’m playing roots on the downbeat every time the chord changes. It’s all got to swing.”

But Limb believes his finding suggests something even bigger, something that gets at the heart of an ongoing debate in his field about what the human auditory system is for in the first place. Many scientists believe that language is what makes us human, but the brain is wired to process acoustic systems that are far more complicated than speech, Limb says.

“If the brain evolved for the purpose of speech, it’s odd that it evolved to a capacity way beyond speech,” Limb said. “So a brain that evolved to handle musical communication—there has to be a relationship between the two. I have reason to suspect that the auditory brain may have been designed to hear music and speech is a happy byproduct.”

[ ♬ ]—— Alright. Like basically every instance where hell breaks loose and suddenly most of her buddies go missing, Ibuki will spend hours later handling her phone at the cost of letting the battery dIe continuously. Good thing hers is apparently not jammed for now.

      It’s roll call time.

To: [long list of contacts seriously girl how do you keep up]

★: yo yo
★: sorry for disturbing if ur busy busting ass or smth
★: ibuki wanted to kno if ur kind of not dead or dying rn
★: gonna look out for u always cuz ur a friend
★: friends are important yanno!!!!
★: anyway if ur near ibukis house shes kinda locked here so
★: theres no monopoly here but we could come up with things so we wont get bored
★: if ur not able to come over its ok
★: just give a holla
★: love u lots

Drew a Danielle “Dani” Phantom instead of sleeping. Heh~

I have a love-hate relationship with her. 

One the one hand, I really like her character. She’s cute and energetic, very determined and has a youthfulness the show was missing with Danny & Co being forced to grow up too quick. She was a great way to get Valerie to open up to the Halfas, and of course I love getting to see Danny play over-protective big sibling for a change in place of Jazz. Dani & Danny interacting is always heartwarming and adorable, plus they make a good fighting team.

On the other, she basically represents one of Vlad Master’s lowest points in the entire series. I mean, there’s Vlad being obsessed with Danny, and then there’s Vlad being obsessed with Danny. I dunno. I’ve never made up my mind if I liked or not just how far over the line he crossed when it came to the Dani episodes (he’s kind of a total monster, which I normally love but for some reason here it just doesn’t work for me), and that drives me sort of crazy.

But that’s enough rambling. Whatever. Dani’s cute. XD