jazz heaven


Miles Davis Quartet - I Fall in Love Too Easily (Seven Steps To Heaven, 1963)

Personnel: Miles Davis (trumpet), Victor Feldman (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Frank Butler (drums)

how lovely you sound…

I need some help…

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Hour 35 - 38

Oz Noy is one of my favourite guitar players.  I’ve been listening to his latest record, Twisted Blues Vol. 1, a ton lately.  It’s awesome!  Great guitar tone, fantastic musicians, genre-bending, quirky compositions and Oz’s unique improvisational style makes for a really cool record. 

He recently released a couple of instructional videos, too, through JazzHeaven.com and launched a contest in support of the release.  Up for grabs is a private lesson with Oz!  To enter, guitarists record themselves trading choruses with him over a blues in G7, using specific scales that he outlines from pentatonics to altered modes.  I spent hour 35 - 38 working through some whole tone, diminished and altered ideas before recording the video above.  The video with the most “likes” on YouTube by midnight tonight wins! 

Jazz Heaven from 1929. Mack is a Southern songwriter, O'Neil is a singer from Jersey. Guess what happens? And I still liked it! Ha!

Poster is more glamorous than what the actual movie is. It’s more of a basic story than anything really big happening. It’s an EARLY RKO movie. I mean, come on, but still an impressive movie with some solid camera movement with dialogue! Some humor, some drama towards the end, but mostly a sweet story of crazy kids falling in love and make it on Broadway.