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I Fall in Love Too Easily
Miles Davis
I Fall in Love Too Easily

SATURDAY JAZZ BRUNCH: I Fall in Love Too Easily by Miles Davis - The time between ‘62 and '63 were years of transition for Miles.  Coltrane had left the year before, then his rhythm section of Kelly, Chamber, and Coob left en masse.  Miles himself had taken ill. limiting his performance time.  By late spring of '63 however, Miles was back on track with a new band and two studio sessions that would eventually be released as Seven Steps to Heaven.

The album is really the melding of two bands.  The LA sessions featured pianist Victor Feldman and drummer Frank Butler and mostly consisted of ballads.  The NYC sessions featured Tony Williams on drums and Herbie Hancock on piano, which would eventually form the basis of the Miles’ second great quintet.  Of the ballads though, I Fall in Love Too Easily is one of my favorites, just Miles at his finest with the backing band.

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Miles Davis Quartet - I Fall in Love Too Easily (Seven Steps To Heaven, 1963)

Personnel: Miles Davis (trumpet), Victor Feldman (piano), Ron Carter (bass), Frank Butler (drums)

how lovely you sound…

You asked me once what I had thought of chimes of wedding bells; of winter snow, and vintage jazz, of Heaven, and of Hell.

And, I told you all. I let it go. I gave up my greatest hold. I never thought, us hand in hand, I’d watch that Hell unfold.

You broke me down, you beat me in, you smiled in my noose, and as I choked and prayed to God, I begged you’d cut me loose.

The lies you wore were set in stone, but I never stopped to read. I never thought your toothy smile hid demons I would feed.

So here I am, a dying match. I lie in blood and skin, my fire out, my will destroyed, asking why I let you in.

—  O.P // 7.12.17