pokemon go au’s

  • i scaled your fence at midnight because there’s a mew in your garden pls dont call the police
  • you’re my boss and you called me into your office and i thought i was in trouble but turns out you saw me playing and want to know if i want to catch pokemon in our lunch break
  • every time i regain control of my nearest gym you swoop in and claim it for your team again anD I’M GOING TO KILL YOU
  • we both missed our train trying to catch a Jynx and now we’re the only ones on the platform
  • we got locked in a park together trying to catch rare pokemon
  • you saw me playing with my kid/sibling/cousin/small child i’m cool with and you came over to help
  • it’s 3am and we’re both wandering around town trying to pretend like we’re not playing pokemon but i just heard you scream MEW and now we’re racing to get it