jazz funk greats

Throbbing Gristle - 20 Jazz Funk Greats, Mute Records, 1983. I pulled this record from an estate sale this morning for a few dollars.

My relationship with estate sales is pretty love/hate. I find the windows they provide into how people live to be fascinating, but I generally refuse to arrive early and wait in line and I will not fight over a dead person’s belongings. People treat these sales like a fierce competition if there’s anything worth buying and it’s disgusting and soul crushing. That said, I did arrive at this one about 5 minutes early and I wish I was in line a little earlier. I pulled five records but that was after probably 80 other LPs were nabbed by vinyl fiends that got to them first. The house was strangely loaded with Brian Eno records, like pretty much the entire discography and anything else that Eno peripherally touched. Also unusual was the condition of the records; all looked unplayed and damn near untouched.

One last thing I’ll add is that the scary thing about finding a record like this at an estate sale, instead of the usual Al Hirt records, is that it’s impossible not to think about your own mortality.