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Name: Alejandro
Country: Spain

Hello I’m Alejandro and I was born in the south of Spain (and I still living in the same place).
I’m going to graduate  next semester and school is  getting harder.
I love listening jazz music, photography is my passion and I’m Capricorn ♑ hehe, I’m very interested in Illuminatis and masonry.
I love Friday Kahlo, Pablo Picasso, and Salvador Dalí, also I like tattoos and Netflix

Preferences:  I would like a teenager, but I really don´t mind your age,

Five for Friday

1. Back in Iowa City for the Jazz Festival, yay! Was great to see Navyy again after her couple of days of conferencing here.

2. Got a pretty good night of sleep in last night. Minky got up at 4, Squishy shortly after, but they ended up snoozing after that until about 6.

3. The Airbnb house we’re staying at is totally not my style, but a big spacious suburban house works well for the 4 adults and a gaggle of kids that we have here.

4. Oldest and middle cousins are bouncing around and watching Animaniacs, little ones are napping(?). I’m hanging out in my pajamas, sure beats being at work.

5. Here’s to a weekend with very little on the agenda and lots of fun people to hang out with!

boyfriend ! Taehyung

- he would have condoms on him all the times 

- cause he’s a sex monster 

- stealing your sweats pants

- once didnt wear underwear and EVERYONE SAW EVERYTHING

- you disowning him all the time

- once played porn in front of you and called it a movie

-would get excited when talking about your booties

- broke many of your reorders 

-hates blood

- once you were bleeding and started crying

-he hands down would try to fight air 

- is king at arm wrestling 

- has been unbeatable since the 9th grade

- but you would always beat him 

- you always have to remind him wear chap stick  

- vv forgetful

- he wouldn’t know what he would do without your caring ass

- is a mess

- he would makes you thumb war him when he doesnt want to clean up his mess

- childish af

- sometimes forgets he’s an adult 

- he’s fun to have around

- loves your body warmth

-whines about you not being home enough cause you be working all the time

- he would come to your work and bring you lunch

- he sucks at cooking

- you would eat every drop of it cause you love him

- does the dishes so you wouldnt get mad at him 

- is hella funny

- makes the best jokes

- has the best music taste

- you two would be jazzing out on Friday night while drinking

- he hates loud things

- he hates when you get mad and yell at him

- he would cry 

- huge crybaby

- you would have to kiss him to stop crying

- is a fashion king

- he lowkey a fashion designer

- hella loaded 

- but he’s saving his money for your kids and wedding 

- is a mature, pure person when meeting your parents 

- you met his friend and would question  them all the times

- you two going to park in the middle of the night and just chill

- he would hate when you come from work to work even more

- he would makes you a cup of coffee 

- then he would come up behind you and kiss your neck 

- giggling and shit

- you two staying up all night until you finish up your work

- he would wait for you on the couch with open arms when you come vvv late from work

- you stuff you foot in his face when you sleep

- him kicking you off the bed

- him thinking your dead when you dont wake up

-would makes fun of you when you wake up in the morning

-”god you’re so ugly”

- he would kiss you anyways

- he would brush the back of your hair when you’re in a rush

- he would makes sure you brush your teeth before you go to sleep

- he would pack you a “get better soon” bag with medicine and band aids

- would pack you extra socks 

- you would mistake your shirts for him and wear them to work

- he would always send you off 

-”make lots of money”

- would sometimes drive you to work

- a lot of sex in that car

- he would make fun of your height ( even if you tall )

- he buys you presents every other weeks to show you, he’s proud of you 

- he would take you out dancing 

- he’s hella boom @ dancing 

- he does that embarrassed ass smile when he was dancing with you

- he would force you to bring him snacks from the kitchen when he’s less than a foot always from it

- he would makes you step on his back

- would blow up condoms and throw them at you

-  condom balloon fight

- y’all friend walk in once and you both said

-”play safe”

- he would sing to you when you’re sick

- he would makes you soup

- rub your feet

- wash you

- he just doesnt like it when you’re sick

- he would call you his little pretty girl

- he would tickles you under the chin when you get annoyed

- rare taehyung reading a book

- you two having a sns war

- aka posting memes of each other to make each other look bad

- to embarrass you, he would start singing dirty lyrics  into your ear

- fighting 

- you two would pose in the middle of streets, whenever y’all song come on

-  he loves you more than you think of

- he would call you mother at times cause u nag a lot

-”you makes me love crazy”



Floral Friday!

In the spirit of current events I decided to wear my floral romper today. It has POCKETS so it’s practical.

I’ve been doing aaaall the things this week. Seriously, I haven’t actually been home with nothing to do any evening. And you know what else, I’ve been riding my bike like crazy! I sort of love it and the weather is great for it right now. On Monday I rode to a community meeting, on Wednesday I went to a women’s only group ride, and this morning I went to the local Bike to Work Day stop (yes I cheated, I don’t care haha). I’m trying to get used to using it as an alternative means of transportation to walking or driving my car. I’m lucky in that Arlington has an extremely robust system of paths and bike lanes so I feel pretty confident in getting around.

However, since I’m also still swimming and running, I noticed all these things were taking a toll on me during my regular run this morning. Tired tired legs.   I guess it’s sort of lucky that I forgot my extra sports bra today so I am not going to yoga after work.  Marathon training starts officially THIS Monday so I need to either sort out my priorities or hope my body can handle all the extra stuff (note to self, it probably can’t, calm down and focus). (Except I just emailed the Arlington Masters swim group too. I just really love doing things, okay?)

It’s a sunny Friday, I’m jazzed up on cold brew so I’m feeling really good about life right now. Yay! 

► LISTEN to this Playmoss playlist: Good Fridays by Chassol

Pianist, composer, arranger and musical director (he has worked with artists such as Phoenix, Sébastien Tellier and Frank Ocean), Cristoph Chassol is author of five brililant LP and dozens of original soundtracks: a proof of his talent to compose playful, magnetic and enigmatic sketches, halfway between jazz, contemporary music and pop. He’s also the inventor of the “ultrascore”: compositions that, by combining voice, music, sounds and images of every day life are transformed into new audiovisual objects. 

Chassol has prepared a fresh and cinematic playlist, a delicate selection of tracks in which we find from breezy pop, contemporary music, downtempo and latin jazz to punk, new wave, original soundtracks, zouk and electro pop.

Larry Coryell - No One Really Knows
Bertrand Burgalat - Spring isn’t fair
Al Jarreau - Breakin Away
György Ligeti - Musica Ricercata [7/11]
Wayne Shorter - Ponta de Areia
Buzzcocks - Everybody’s Happy Nowadays
The Cure - Another day
Ennio Morricone - My Name is Nobody (Terence Hill) - Il Mio Nome E’ Nessuno (1973) - Soundtrack
Aquaserge - Si Loin, si Proche
Reich - You Are (Variations), Mvt. I
JH Marmony - Sun
Chassol - Chachadada

Heebie Jeebies: a jazz age horror/halloween playlist

1. Gloomy Sunday - Artie Shaw
2. The Grief That Does Not Speak - L. Pierre
3. Pepper Steak - Alias Conrad Coldwood
4. Me And My Shadow - Robbie Williams
5. Les Yeux Noirs - Django Reinhardt
6. The Headless Horseman - Kay Starr
7. Nightmare - Artie Shaw
8. St.James Infirmary - Duke Ellington
9. Strange Enchantment - Skinnay Ennis, Beth Steele
10. The Skeleton In The Closet - Putney Dandridge
11. Harmonic Avenger - L.Pierre
12. Heebie Jeebies - Louis Armstrong
13. Echo in the Dark - Original St. Louis Crackerjacks
14. The Boogie Man - Todd Rollins
15. Dem Dry Bones - Delta Rythym Boys


this cholo looks like he lives in a classy suburb of new york city and goes to jazz bars every friday night (his favorite is the one next
to his favorite vegan bagel place). he looks like he possibly drives a mercedes benz (a black one of course) and collects wine glasses from the 1950s.