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Jaze the Rooster- Fox

Commission piece
¾ Partial with hand sewn feather accents and NFT hair.  I loved all the colors on this one! :D
Suit made for someone a little bigger than me, so it’s a little baggy T_T

Videos of Jaze’s construction:

pop2143  asked:

Minhyuk, I.M., Kihyun and Jooheon reaction to finding out their s/o is a cosplayer? (Since I'm a cosplayer myself I really want to know what their reactions will be like ><)

Finding out their girlfriend is a cosplayer (Minhyuk, I.M, Kihyun & Jooheon)

Finding out that you are a cosplayer would take him by surprise and he would probably be so amazed. Minhyuk would beg to see all your costumes and ask to join you. Naturally, this sunshine would have so much fun with it and he’d try to be matching with you. He wouldn’t be shy to dress up in even the most embarrassing things if it made you happy.

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With your obsession with anime, manga, marvel/dc etc., Changkyun would probably have seen this coming so it wouldn’t have been much of a surprise. He’d be in awe over his. He’d take it very casually but he very excited about this. Since he sometimes joins in on whatever you’re watching, he would ask if you have done this character yet or that character. He’d ask about Hawkeye first (oh this boy :)) and then move from superheroes to anime or game characters.

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Kihyun wouldn’t believe it. This was probably left as a secret so he wouldn’t be able to “take all this in” for a while. He just wound the be able to wrap his mind around the fact that his girlfriend dresses up and is so so into what she likes. All in all, he’d ask questions and keep getting more and more amused. Like Changkyun, he’d want to see what / who you’ve cosplayed as in the past in pictures. He’d think it’s very cute that you dress up and use your imagination. Kihyun would probably want to go to one of the events with you to see what all the ‘jazz’ is about with cosplay~

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No response…for a while…Jooheon would have mixed emotions about this news, all good though! It’d be a combination of confused, excited, and curious. He’d be confused about what cosplay is but when you explain to him he’d be full of questions. You can expect a lot of “wide eyes” and smiles coming from him. If you showered him your wardrobe, he’d be admiring them from top to bottom and talking about how much thought and detail was put into the outfits. If you made him put something on, the most he would put on would probably be a headpiece. Like the other members, he’d be very supportive of your hobby.

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sweetlessly  asked:

Is Ace wearing a leather jacket or?? A cropped trench coat?? I need to know for *jazz hands* cosplay purposes. (Also side note: thanks for Ace, they've really helped me with figuring out my own gender ect.)

A leather jacket!! :D

And that’s really good to hear <3 <3 

Phanniemay 2014: Transformation / Under Appreciated

Jazz had always been hard working, self motivated, and just a tad obsessive in whatever she did. That used to mean she was a straight-A student with the highest score in the history of the CAT who worked on her college thesis for fun. And that was still true, but after she found out about Danny’s powers, she channeled that energy and at least half of her all-nighters into helping him however she could: distracting their parents, discovering which inventions actually had a chance of working, making sure he had a decent breakfast every once in a while, keeping the first aid kit stocked at all times, and coming up with extensive psychological profiles on major threats like Ghost X.