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School's don't care about their music and art programs .

If you are going to have an art assembly then please make it about the music and drama kids. It’s not the time to have student council come out to talk and allowing them to have half the time to talk about themselves and give the music kids 5 minuites.
You may thing I’m kidding about the 5 minutes but I’m not. Jazz band plays while school enters the gym. Orchestra 5 minuites, colour guard 5 minutes, concert band 5 minutes and the drama kids get 5 minutes for showing their part of hamlet. Then all this shit with student council. We have an hour long assembly for sports teams just so they can receive a trophy. 1 full hour for 1 sport team.
If the school actually supported the music programs they would allow us to play our songs without a fucking time limit! It’s hurts knowing that you work hard to make really cool music and you only get to play when people are walking in to sit their ungrateful asses down. Nobody will pay attention, they will sit down and talk shit to their friends and I fucking hate that.
I don’t think that a sports team at my school has ever done a fundraiser because the school just funds them when they haven’t won shit since the 90’s. I stood out in the sun in a fucking mattress costume trying to raise money for our poor ass band.

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Cowboy Bebop Music Master List

Organized by session.  I’m pretty sure the songs are organized as they appear in the episodes, and, just FYI, I may have missed a song or two from an episode. If I did, comment and I’ll be sure to add it!  I also included the movie.

Opening Song (Sessions 1-25): Tank!

Closing Song (Sessions 1-12 and 14-25): The Real Folk Blues

Session 1: Asteroid Blues

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Spokey Dokey
Spike Whistle (ad libbed by Koichi Tamadera)
Felt Tip Pen
Don’t Bother None
Road to the West

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