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The batfamily all listen to a variety of music, but each member does have their own personal favorite genres. Alfred listens to clasical music, Bruce likes jazz because of his mom , Dick likes pop, Jason is a fan of any type of rock, but is also a fan of Fergie and Beyonce, Tim likes anything with a catchy beat that will keep him awake, Damian likes classical music, jazz, and middle eastern, Lucas like heavy metal, and Duke is a fan of r&b.


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Batman and the Martian being the only people Danny trusts the most at the start of the JL. Batman introduces Danny to all the robins since they're ether crime fighters that are Danny's age, or have been fighting crime since they were Danny's age. Batman knows how much social interaction is needed at that age, and while Danny may have Sam and Tucker (and his sister of course) Batman also knows they can't be there for Danny 24/7. Chaos ensues and Batman doesn't regret the other JL members suffer.

Oh man. I imagine that at that point Danny is practically adopted by Bruce.