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neovintage bass 01
direction&craft miwa kazuki( http://www.miwakazuki.jp/ )
client LONE( http://lone.jp/ )

2005年結成の4人ロックバンド(ボーカル、ギター、ドラム、ベース)。2009年には東京FMとソニーミュージックが主催する10代限定コンテスト「閃光ライオット'09」にて決勝進出を果たし、現在は全国ツアーを行うなど精力的に活動している。1st full album「感情群体」と最新の3rd single「視殺された憧憬/幸福の奴隷」が残響shop( http://www.zankyoshop.com/ )にて取り扱い中。

LONE: http://lone.jp/
音源映像: http://youtu.be/sypjV8N2PRI

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1966 Fender Jazz Bass.

This is the first of a pair of absolute jawdroppers we’ve had in from Dan Amrich - but we’ll let you tell him all about it…

“Based on its serial number, this is a 1966 Fender Jazz Bass. Fender sold its company to CBS in 1965, and the next two decades were a freefall in quality for Fender until the employees bought the company back in the early 80s. This leads a lot of collectors to value "pre-CBS” instruments much higher as a result – but this bass was built before CBS had a chance to screw things up, with parts that were already produced. This has the less common “lollipop” tuners, which would give way to “key” tuners before long. 1966 was another transition year for this model, and half these basses featured dot inlays down the neck and half had large block inlays – making this among the last of the old guard. This one looks like it was barely played, and it included a vintage Fender catalog in the case! “

And once again the stunning photography comes courtesy of katrinauchphotography.com