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Sword Search, Overworld Theme, Mabe Village, Mysterious Forest, Ballad of the Wind Fish

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V.S.O.P. consisted of Herbie Hancock (piano, keyboards, synthesizers and vocals), Wayne Shorter (tenor saxophone and soprano saxophone), Ron Carter (bass), Tony Williams (drums) and Freddie Hubbard (trumpet and flugelhorn). The line-up was identical to the Miles Davis Quintet of the 1960s, with the only difference being Hubbard, rather than Davis, on trumpet.

V.S.O.P. were essentially a live band and produced only one studio album (Five Stars in 1979) and four live albums.

Penn Zero 30-Day Challenge Day 30: A Message to the PZ Cast and Crew

Well here we are, we made it to the end, and I saved the best one for last, although I’m actually kinda sad now cause these were fun to do–not just so I could blog endlessly and shamelessly about Penn Zero, but also so I could see everyone else’s answers too. I made a couple new friends through it, so I’m really glad I came up with the challenge, even if we still have a month to go for the end of Season 1.

So a message to the cast and crew would be this:

Thank you to samakaphyllis and everyone else on board for all your hard work in making honestly one of the more entertaining shows I’ve watched this past decade. You guys really know how to hit the nail on the head when it comes to entertainment, and what I love most about your team is that you are all super sweet and nice about it. You all just come off as so friendly and engaging to your viewers that it’s no wonder how the show seems to come from a place of heart.  

And part of that is my reason for making this challenge in the first place because even though I don’t work on the show, and hell, Season 1 isn’t even over yet, I’m more passionate about Penn Zero than a lot of other series that are still coming out with new content. I mean I’ve been head over heels for cartoons before, yeah, but not to the extent I’d want to relentlessly promote it and certainly not to the point I’d make a 30 day challenge for it, just as an excuse not to look like an obsessive dingus while wanting to write love letters to the people who made it via several posts a week. That pretty much stems from the fact that I’ve been determined for years now to get my own writing seen and published so I could have a chance at snagging a job writing scripts for cartoons, and Penn Zero happened to come in at a time where I’m finally pushing myself through that last hurdle to make that happen. I love being inspired and surrounded by passionate people, it’s very exhilarating~! And if I can work hard and make it out there by the time you guys are still around, I’d be honored to write a script and be part of such a great team. 

So thanks again for a great series, and I couldn’t be more pumped for the final few episodes of season 1 and of course, season 2!