The Village Vanguard [pictured in 1976] 178 7th Avenue South, New York.

The Vanguard Opened in 1935 under Max Gordon, who ran it until his death in 1989. (Lorraine Gordon, Max’s widow is still at the helm.) Classic Live at the Village Vanguard albums abound - suffice it to say that examples by John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, and Bill Evans leap to mind. Now bands play for six nights straight, which means they’re allowed to grow and evolve. There’s a beauty in seeing saxophonist Ravi Coltrane invent and push ahead with his extraordinary quartet on the same bandstand where his father brought enduring glory to the Vanguard name back in ‘61. - The Village Voice, October 2014

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You find gives all over base with your name on them but don't know who its from. (OPtimus, Ironhife, Jazz, Sideswipe all bay)

❤️ Optimus Prime (BAY): You’d find one or two long winded poems lying around the base addressed to you but not much else. Maybe a flower.

❤️ Ironhide (BAY): As weird as it sounds, you actually find a bunch of baked goods. Obviously he bought them, his hands are too big to make these tiny cupcakes.

❤️ Jazz (BAY): He leaves you a bunch of iTunes gift cards and these cute little Valentine’s Day cards. If you were to confront him, he’d immediately tell you that the gifts were from him.

❤️ Sideswipe (BAY): He actually leaves you these bits of carved metal and a box or two of truffles. Specifically he’s carved out two interlocking halves of a heart and a spark.


Games - Dorothy Ashby (Afro-Harping, 1968)


“My Funny Valentine” - Miles Davis and John Coltrane

“Don’t know whether anybody still does anything for it, but, uh…happy Valentine’s Day.”

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This is my first animation in nearly a year, so it’s pretty rough, and also my handwriting is bad so please let me know if you can’t read it.  I do hope you like it, and that you (and everybody @bestghoulfriends) have a great day!

(The song in the video is Jazz by Matti Paalanen!)