overthetopobsessed asked:

Is rumple good or bad? because I'm really confused.

We don’t know for sure yet. I think we’ve seen him have good intentions but making bad decisions. And he’s certainly done bad things. But on a scale of good to bad, he is less evil than the Evil Queen. Or at least that is my assessment of his behavior so far…

- Sherrie

Casting List
Hey everyone! Same as yesterday, we’ve got three characters up for tonight. One’s a new cast member, and the other two are people doubling up.

So new person first!

  • Aurora McCrae which goes to jazminezabala [we accept your FC change and will update the bio with the new information as soon as we can]

And here are the doubles:

  • Ursula Benson which goes to our Aladdin [also, we accept the age change and will update the bio as soon as we can]
  • Chris “Curly” O’Cuidightheach which goes to our Ariel

Note: jeremiahthecallboy, we regret to inform you that we cannot accept your for the character for which you applied. While your writing is good, and we don’t mind changing character’s sexual orientations, both mods felt the app was a bit too much out of character.

Make your accounts and send in the links when you can!

Hope you’re all having a nice holiday weekend if it’s a holiday you celebrate!