jazmine tea

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☕? Jazmine tea

Ooo I liked that one lol. I’d like to go to Italy, my cousin went there for two weeks on a school field trip, and she said it was amazing, and everything was beautiful and way better then where I live now. And I’m already half Italian, so It’d be cool to see where my nonno grew up and stuff! OH AND I WOULD TOTALLY HUNT DOWN @elicedraws and @siludoesart AND MEET THEM XD

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"Hey, um, sir... Can I ask you something?" Alex stuttered quietly. (@ask-pastel-scout )

“Ah, yes, of course Scout, come in”

The spy put his painting aside, it was a portrait of the base’s garden, the base somehow still looked perfect and tidy after resisting countless attacks, which gave the spy inspiration to paint the everlasting strong grace and beauty from the place’s plants that can resist anything, clearly a metaphor about the team

Nathan quickly pushed a service cart with a teapot of jazmin tea and pink colored white chocolate towards the scout and did a gentle gesture hinting at the small couch that was near her

“What is it that you want to know?”