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Flor dandole Jaz es collar! Y Flor no se puso celosa de Elena ni se fue! Como ha crecido nuestra Flor!

Flor ha crecido tanto! cuando agarró la chaqueta pensé que iba a salir corriendo… pero ahí se ve lo importante que es todo lo que pasaron hasta llegar al punto en el que están ahora. Lloro! Y el adelanto de mañana qué? yo no sobrevivo…


Jasper Hale imagine requested by anon. “hi! could you do a jasper fic where the cullens all leave for a hunting trip to lo-key give jaz and y/n some alone time in the house? like theyve been dating for months and jasper and y/n make love for the first time and shes super nervous because shes a virgin and its super tender and sweet? thanks!” Hope you like it!


Your parents were under the assumption that you and your boyfriend’s twin sister were spending the weekend in her adopted parents’ home while the Cullen boys went camping on Mt. Rainier; as innocent a gathering as could be expected. In their eyes, there was absolutely nothing to be worried about; their daughter was spending time with a respectable family, under the watchful eye of the doctor’s lovely wife Esme, surrounded by her charming boyfriend’s female sibling… only the camping trip wasn’t as exclusive as you had let on, and you would instead be spending time at the Cullen residence with Jasper. He had come to escort you to his home, dressed to the nines in the best hiking gear money could buy, shaking your father’s hand with a polite smile before leading you into the passenger seat of the silver Volvo he had borrowed from his brother. It may have been suggested that his brother’s car was a safer option than his motorcycle, and with the understanding that you preferred your father didn’t collapse into cardiac arrest, Jasper had agreed to sacrifice his preferred mode of transportation for the unassuming vehicle you now found yourself within. Jasper slid effortlessly into the driver’s seat, bidding your parents goodnight before settling in beside you, sealing the normalcy of the world away with the hushed suction of a closing door. It wasn’t long before the delectable scent of him flooded your airspace, perfuming your world with hints of lavender and sandalwood, intoxicating you with the sheer beauty of his presence. His eyes remained glued on the rear-view mirror as he backed out of your driveway, exhibiting proper driving technique while in your parents’ line of sight, proceeding down your street for at least a minute before his hand found yours between the seats, the chill of his skin soothing the worry from your brow. The entirety of his family was as far north as Canada on a hunting trip. You and Jasper would be completely alone.

“Hey, relax, darlin’. It’s just me,” he whispered, his butterscotch eyes finding yours within the dimly-lit cabin of the Volvo, his features illuminated by the neon of the dashboard instruments. He had no need to look at the road; his peripheral vision was just as attentive as his eyes were on you, and his reflexes quicker than anything that could possibly present as an obstacle in front of your vehicle. His thumb traced circles against the backside of your hand, massaging the stress from your body, if not your mind. Sure, it was just him. He couldn’t have stated the sole reason behind the surges of anxiety that flooded your body any simpler than that; it was just him, and just you, alone together for an entire weekend. It was a major advance in your relationship, and he was a poster child for collected calm, as if tonight were no different than any other. You ducked your head, squeezing his hand lightly, marveling momentarily at the give of his alabaster skin… so hard, yet so soft. You wondered, briefly, how the rest of him might feel… You straightened your thoughts, tidying the corners of your mind until every last straying image was safely swept into order, thanking your lucky stars that Jasper wasn’t the family’s mind reader. Jasper didn’t ask what had you so wrought with tension; you had a good idea he knew, but was far too polite to voice his suspicions, a perfect Southern gentleman to the very end. Instead, his mind flooded through the stagnant air and into yours, warming your limbs in waves as a feather-light cloak of ease hushed over your body, his eyes fighting to coax yours out of hiding before he settled for merely gazing in your direction. “I love you,” he promised, his whisper low and aflame with the heat of his truth, the tenor of his voice ringing with honesty as his eyes burnt twin holes in your temple. You lifted your gaze to his, losing yourself briefly in the honey of his stare, his smile eliciting your own as he turned the steering wheel, his grip so certain, so sure, his eyes only leaving yours for a moment. When the hypnosis of his eyes was broken, you redirected your eyes to stare aimlessly out the window, watching the cedars pass in blurred patches of emerald darkened and diluted by the ink of the night.

“I’m okay, Jasper. You don’t have to… calm me down,” you chuckled, your laugh almost foreign to your own ears, speaking to the reflection of his eyes mirrored in the glare the utilities projected onto the glass of the window. “I’m good, really. Thank you, though, for offering. You’re a sweetheart.” Jasper’s brow lifted in disbelief, hearing the confident lie roll from between your lips on the back of a wave of compromising emotion, your unease as plain to him as your voice was clear. You rolled your eyes, smirking as you tightened your hold on his hand. “Alright, I’m a little upset that Rose won’t be joining us. You’ve caught me.” Jasper let loose a quiet laugh, his lips thin as he fought the urge to bend to your humour, his mind still obviously distracted by your physical discomfort. Even if he were unable to taste the tone of your emotions, he would have heard the stammer of your heart as it frantically sought an escape route through the spaces between your ribs. He shook his head a fraction, as if to align his thoughts, his palm spreading over your knee, gently smoothing over your denim with a more human breed of comfort, leaving your reasoning to stand alone, no prodding or inquiries involved. You watched the forest flash by, your heart thrumming in your chest like the wings of a hummingbird, your pulse skyrocketing as Jasper pulled into the extended driveway leading to the Cullen household. He sighed to hear so obvious a sign of distress, his lips pressed into a fine line when you turned to address the sound, his eyes concerned as he analyzed the winding path through the thick of the forest. You were silent when the car pulled up before the intimidating house, your hands clasped in your lap as Jasper removed the keys from the ignition, quieting the engine and enhancing the leaden stillness that surrounded the two of you. He exhaled deeply, turning in his seat until he was facing you straight-on, his hands reaching for yours, the smooth marble of his skin sparking against you, adrenaline coursing through your veins like venom.

“Y/n, would you please let me help you?” he asked, his voice pleading and sincere, you met his eye, smiling halfheartedly, your cheeks burning with the flow of blood that rushed to warm your face. His brow knotted with helpless worry, his eyes bright with the extent of his agitation to see you so restless. “At least tell me why you’re so nervous?” he pleaded, his palm covering your own, sending thrills roiling through to settle in the pit of your stomach, your body warm beneath his comparably frigid touch. You shrugged, searching for words polite enough, innocent enough, harmless enough that you wouldn’t end up offending or causing any confusion. Jasper’s hand extending toward your face, cradling your cheek in the silken palm of his hand, his thumb working over your cheekbone, brushing just beneath your eye. “There’s nothing to be afraid of. You can tell me anything, darlin’, it’s part of the package. Trust me, there’s nothing you could say that would drive me away, nothing you could say that’d… wound me. I’m virtually indestructible, remember?” you giggled then, surprised at the tremor in your voice, your eyes watering just slightly, your cheeks burning brighter as you became aware of the sensation. Jasper’s hand remained on your cheek, his fingers coaxing an answer from your lips, or perhaps your mind, his eyes anxiously awaiting your reply. You felt the air rush from your lungs, your brain resolving to spill your fear at his feet before your body could revert to your more primal instincts and reject your intention.

“I’m just…” you paused briefly, your heart seizing in your chest, prompting Jasper to respond with a much-needed surge of calm. You cleared your throat then, your eyes finding his in the dark. “Thanks. I’m just… I know what this is about.” Your words hung in the air, speaking volumes while saying so little. Jasper’s jaw clenched visibly, catching the intention behind your blanketed statement, his hand moving downward to rest against your neck, your pulse racing beneath his palm, his skin tantalizing yours. He didn’t make any move to speak, or to leave the vehicle, awaiting further explanation despite his clear understanding. “I mean, I guess it’s just… we’re alone, Jasper. Truly alone, and I…” your voice trailed off, your eyes melting into his, the tides of borrowed calm lapping at your feet as Jasper lent you the ease to continue. “I’ve never done this before.” Realization flickered behind his eyes for the briefest moment before quickly, professionally, he returned to his previous standing, his features open and curious. “I’m just nervous, is all.” Jasper grinned sympathetically, his eyes dancing on yours.

“Terrified, it feels like.” You lowered your gaze, embarrassed, only to find Jasper’s index finger at your chin, lifting you back to meet his eyes, his features soft and gentle. “We’re not going to do anything you aren’t prepared to do, you have my word as a gentleman. It’s enough for me just to spend time with you, no time constraints, no prying eyes, no interruptions. I’m in this for you, Y/n, and nothing else. I love you. If you want to go slow, we’ll go slow. We can crawl forward, for all I care, so long as we’re together. I am perfectly content with whatever you choose to do.” You smiled, thankful, leaning toward him to close the space between you, your lips pressing against his. He returned the tender affection you offered to him, his lips molding to fit yours perfectly, his hand winding through your hair, holding you as delicately as if you were made of glass, separating only when the car’s headlights clicked off from lack of movement. “You ready? To head inside, I mean?” You giggled, nodding your confirmation to his double-edged inquiry, your heart leaping in your chest when he disappeared from his seat, your door opening swiftly at your side. Within a single breath, he had lifted you from the seat, holding you in his arms like a newlywed bride, kicking the door closed before walking as easily as if he were unburdened towards your house, abandoning your overnight bag in the backseat. You laughed aloud at his pageantry, his eyes rolling at your reaction. “It seemed appropriate, Miss, to walk you over the threshold. I’m attempting romance; don’t go injuring my ego.” He continued forward, smirking when you mumbled pointedly about his claim of indestructibility. He strode over the polished floorboards, pressing a kiss to your hairline when you clung to his shoulders after he set you on the couch. You wrapped your arms around his neck, refusing to release your grip as he moved to stand, your heart racing as he playfully fell on top of you, bent by your iron strength. His lips pressed against your throat, his honey hair sweeping against your cheek as he wrestled with your human weakness, contorting until you were cradled in his arms, his eyes glowing warmly behind the thick fringe of his eyelashes. He paused, then, noticing for the first time the subtle shift in your emotions. “What…?” he began, your lips pressing to the corner of his mouth.

“I’m…” you began, your voice feeble and weak, your fingers threading through the golden strands of his hair, his eyelids fluttering at your touch, searching yours for answers you had yet to properly advocate. You returned his open stare, your hands trembling as they cupped his cheeks, your thumbs stammering over his cheekbones. “Jasper…” His breathing was shallower, quicker, his lips parting as he prepared to speak.

“I thought you were…” you inhaled the scent of him, so much stronger now that you were all but pressed against each other, watching him come to his conclusions. “You said you were nervous? You’re still nervous, I can… I can feel it, but…” his voice trailed off, his head shaking once between your hands. “Y/n,” he breathed, your name an oath on his lips. “Do you want this?” Your cheeks burned under his stare, your heart thrumming with a strength you hadn’t imagined possible, your head nodding when you found your voice had failed you. Jasper swallowed then, his voice producing a soft, sensuous tone, blossoming into the silence instead of interrupting it. “You’re sure?” You nodded once more, pressing your lips to his as you finally spoke your reply.

“Yes.” He moved against you as you had never known him to move, his tongue darting over your lip with a slow, sugared patience, his arms wrapping securely beneath you before he moved to stand, hoisting you once more into his arms, his lips never parting from yours. His body was marble-hard beneath your hands as he ghosted up the stairway, moving with inhuman speed to the sanctity of his bedroom. He laid you atop his sheets, resting your head against his pillows, moving to hover over you in the same movement, his weight suspended above you. He tucked a stray strand of your hair behind your ear, his fingertip lingering on your jaw, his eyes lavishing you as if you were the most precious stone, or perhaps an idol forgotten by all but him. He waited for your approval, his eyes watching yours, a delightfully warm sense of calm licking at the soles of your feet when your nerves tightened in your stomach. “There’s no need. I’m okay.” He arched his brow, his influence retracting as you stroked his cheek, your touch tender as you worshiped his flesh. “I love you, Jasper.” His eyes burned from within, his lips repeating your vow as he descended on your lips.

“I love you.” He melted against you, his every muscle, every inch of his skin pressing against your body, his fingers working the fabric from your waist, parting from his kiss to remove your garment completely. You shied away from his gaze for the span of a minute, opening once again when he had removed his own shirt, his hands tentatively caressing the skin at the bottom of your rib cage. “So beautiful…” he whispered, his lips lowering to press slow, honeyed kiss to your abdomen. Your hands instinctively tangled in his hair as his hands worked the button of your jeans, undoing your pants and working them from your legs, leaving you bare before him in your undergarments. His hands found your hips, then, lifting you from the sheets until you were pressed against his chest. Your fingertips trailed curiously down the center of his chest, reaching lower and lower until you discovered the waistline of his jeans. His breath caught with your own when, surprising the both of you, your hand wandered further south, brushing timidly against the bulge his pants concealed. His eyes met yours then, blurred by the relative darkness, boring holes into your very soul. He was still in your arms, moving only when you did, your hand shifting along the coarse denim as you traveled upward to unbutton his pants. His chest expanded beautifully, his lips crashing against yours, moving swiftly to the line of your jaw, marking you with fervent kisses. You worked the button loose, and Jasper was standing by the bed, kicking his pants off entirely before crawling above you, his hand ghosting over the cup of your bra. You thrilled at the contact, arching your back to make the process of unhooking the garment easier. You wriggled free of your straps, watching Jasper’s eyes devour the sight of your uncovered chest, his hands moving with a patient slowness to cup your breast in the palm of his hand. Your breath rushed from your lungs, Jasper’s eyes flitting to your face, your lips parted in bliss. He smiled, then, before his fingers were working beneath the waistband of your underwear, slipping the fabric down your legs until it no longer clung to your body. He pulled you once more into a kneeling position, his eyes hungry on yours.

Your heart hammered in your chest, your nerves alight with naked electricity as Jasper knelt before you, removing the last piece of clothing that masked the full glory of his chiseled body, his eyes never leaving your face as he worked himself free of his underwear, his erection uncovered, the both of you bare before each other. You inched toward him instinctively, his body reacting in a similar fashion, his hands closing around your waist as he dissolved the distance between you. His palms stroked your hips as his lips found yours, his passion translating fluidly from his mouth to yours, his hands clinging to your back as he settled you back against the pillows, his body arching over yours. Your hands moved to tangle once more in his hair, stopping suddenly in their path as Jasper’s hand caught your wrist, his eyes on yours as he kissed the tips of your fingers. You pressed on, your hands at the nape of his neck, his eyelids closed in bliss as your lips found the muscle of his shoulder, a small sound of pleasure escaping from between his lips. He hovered over you, straightening moments later, his hands parting your legs with gentle precision. He nestled himself between your thighs, his eyes never once leaving your burning face, his hands massaging the creases of your hips. You nodded, almost desperately, reaching to pull his body back over yours as he prodded against your entrance. Your mouth opened at the carnal contact, your cheeks warm with the fire of your blood as Jasper eased himself inside of you, his eyes burning with a heat you didn’t know him capable of as he shifted his hips, working himself deep within you. He moved slowly then, until he stilled, his lips at your ear, pressing a kiss to your cheek before speaking your name. Your fingers clung to his back, urging him forward.

He obliged, thrusting deep within you, his movements subtle and captivating, his every shudder sending you gasping for breath where none existed. He rolled his hips, his lips on your neck, your hands grasping for a holding on his shoulders. He moved slowly, patiently, enjoying and allowing you to enjoy every sensitive inch of him inside you, his hand moving to grasp your hip as he thrust within you. He rolled sideways, lifting you with his movement until you rested on top of him, his arms propelling him to a seated position, his hands deftly re-positioning your legs until they wrapped more securely around his waist. His eyes, heavy-lidded, were locked on yours like a magnet as he lifted your hips and lowered you onto him, your breath rushing from your lungs, carrying his name on a low moan. He smiled, pressing his joy to your collarbone as be repeated the movement, your voice producing sound without formulating words. Jasper’s movements became faster, though never rushed or hurried, his hands grasping your hips with a tender security, his breathing laboured as your body began to tremble. Your mind was clouded, the pulses of his hips meeting your own sending deafening waves of pleasure through your body, concentrated at the meeting of your bodies. Your mouth was open over a wordless cry as you clung to all you could, holding his gaze with the will of one desperate for salvation, your breathless whisper of his name the last conscious sound you made before you collapsed against his chest, your body humming with ecstasy. He shuddered beneath you, thrusting through his high, his hands smoothing over the curve of your spine before he stilled within you, his head tipping backwards. You lifted your face from his shoulder, resting your forehead against his, catching your breath together, your fingers tracing the lines of his cheekbones. He smiled, breathless with love, his hands cradling your cheeks to bring your lips to his, punctuating the night with the sweetness of a kiss.

He held you as you both collapsed to the sheets, your legs tangled blissfully, your cheek resting on the firm muscle of his chest. He reached blindly for his bed sheets, covering what he could of your body before resting fully against the pillows. You traced the lines of his chest, your heart calming as your breath regained stability. Jasper’s fingers toyed absentmindedly with strands of your hair, his quiet breathing lulling you to sleep, your bodies melted together as evidence of your devotion, safe in the comfort of his loving arms.

A Strange Request

Pairings: Doctor Strange x Reader

Warnings: Minimal swearing, Injured animal (not graphic)

A/N: Guess who’s back guys! Sorry I haven’t been super active on the blog lately. School got pretty intense and I had a lot of trouble getting this fic started (But I finally did it!) There probably will be a second part to this fic (no more than three) because I feel like I should work on the whole fluff aspect a little more. ~A

Originally posted by sherlockspeare


You walked along a dimly lit corridor, nodding as you crossed paths with one of the other initiates in your portals and dimensional manipulation class. You looked through one of the stone arches, the sky was darker than pitch. You’d managed to get caught up in you’re reading again. This time, it was the pages of the Tao Te Ching that had captured your attention. You knew that Wong would want his book back as soon as possible, and you’d already been on his bad side for the past month after he caught you with a cup of tea in the library. You stopped in front of the library doors, waiting for them to open and close with their usual muted thud. You walked over to Wong’s desk, but the librarian was nowhere to be found.

“Wong, I really need to see that book,” You could hear Stephen Strange’s annoyed voice coming from somewhere in the back of the library. His and Wong’s footsteps echoed throughout the library, and you ran to hide behind one of the many bookcases. Wong raced right past your hiding spot with a stack of books in his arms, Dr. Strange following in hot pursuit.

“If you want the original copy of the Tao Te Ching, you must wait until it’s returned,” Wong grumbled, plunking his books in the table for emphasis. “Or, you could use one of our transcribed copies to-”

“You don’t understand! I need to see the original copy.”

“And you don’t seem to understand how a library works,” Wong retorted. “Go ask the girl if it’s so important to you.”

“I can’t just go up to y/n and demand that she gives me her book.”

My book,” Wong corrected. “If you don’t want to ask her, then I guess you’ll just have to wait until she’s done with it.”

“You’re not helping at all,” Strange huffed.

“Being your personal assistant isn’t part of my job description,” Wong said primly. He sat down in his desk chair and picked up a heavy, leather-bound book, signaling the end of their conversation. Strange stormed from the room, a scowl etched deep into his face. You waited for a moment and tried to escape the room without Wong noticing, your heart pounding in your chest. You were halfway out the door before Wong said anything.

“Make sure to keep those neon monstrosities away from my book, y/n,” Wong called.

“It was just Starbucks!”

“It doesn’t matter,” Wong called. “You ruin that book and Strange will be the least of your worries.”

“Dr. Strange? Why would he-”

“Don’t play dumb. Bookcases don’t make good hiding places, and you clearly haven’t mastered the art of invisibility yet,” Wong said flatly.

“Oh,” you said sheepishly. You stood there for a moment, waiting to see what punishment awaited you.

Wong turned a page in his book, “You can go, just don’t let me catch you sneaking around here again.”

You turned and fled the room, making it halfway down the hall before you realized you’d forgotten to turn in your book. Well, at least you could expect a visit from Strange.


“Y/n, could I talk to you?” Strange said, putting his hand on your arm to get your attention.

“Sure,” you said, waving goodbye to your friend, Jasmine. She raised an eyebrow, you’d been raving to her about your crush on him for weeks.

“Catch you later?” She called.

“You know it, Jaz.”

You turned back to Strange who gave you a strained smile before turning on his heels and leading you to the nearby courtyard.

“So…that book you have,” he nodded to the book you had tucked under your arm, “I was wondering when you’d be done with it, because I really need it for one of my classes.”

You stood there for a moment, unable to speak, your cheeks slowly turning bright red.

“Are you okay?” Strange asked, noting your odd behavior.

“Y-yeah,” you managed to squeak. “H-here, don’t forget to bring it back in a week or Wong’ll kill you,” you giggled nervously, nearly shoving the book into his hands.

“Okay. Thanks I guess,” Strange looked down at the book in confusion. “Listen, I’ve got to get going so…”

“Okay. Bye,” you squeaked. He turned and walked across the courtyard, waving at you lazily behind his back. You waited until he disappeared into the building before collapsing against the trunk of an old cherry blossom tree, covering your face with your hands. That was a disaster.


“So, how’d it go?” Jaz called from her spot she’d claimed next to your door.

“Not now,” you sighed, throwing the door open and collapsing onto your bed.

Jaz scrambled to her feet and followed you into your room, “That bad, huh?”

“I could barely speak to him,” you sighed, burying your face into your pillow.

“What did he want to talk about?” Jaz said. You could almost feel her impatience from across the room.

“Books. He wanted to talk about books,” you sighed, flopping over onto your back. “I had the only copy of the book he wanted. That’s the only reason he wanted to talk to me.”

“Y/n, I’m so sorry!” Jaz sighed. She knelt in front of the bed and dragged you into a hug.

You shrugged her off and curled up into a ball, “If I hadn’t frozen up, maybe I could’ve turned things around…he probably thinks I’m crazy.”

“C’mon, don’t say that!” Jaz begged. You turned to face the wall, trying to ignore her. “You know what,” Jaz said, “I did overhear him talking the Ancient One about learning to scry. I mean, if you’re really desperate, you could check out all the beginner level books from the library.”

You turned back to her, “Jaz, I know you’re trying to help, but that’s insane!”

“Hey, it was just an idea,” she shrugged.

“Well I’m not doing it,” you replied, “I still have standards.”


“Wong, I’m going to need all of your beginner-level books on scrying,” you said impatiently after waiting for the librarian to take his head out of his book.

“All of them?” Wong raised an eyebrow. “You need 23 books on scrying?”


Wong shrugged and got up, putting a slip of scrap paper in his book, “Okay.”

“Wait, you’re not going to ask me why I need all those books?” You were more than a little disappointed that you wouldn’t get to use your carefully concocted lie.

“As long as you get those books back to me in good condition, I really don’t care why you need them,” Wong said. He rushed off to the back of the library, stopping occasionally to pick up a book or two. Clutching a large stack of books, Wong returned to his desk in under five minutes.

“Thank you so much-” you began before he stopped you.

“This is only about half of them,” Wong interrupted. He walked off again, this time returning with an even larger stack of books.

That’s all of them,” Wong said, setting the books down on the counter.

“Thanks, Wong,” you said weakly, grabbing some of the books and trudging off to your room. A few trips later, every surface in your room was dominated by leather bound books. You picked up a random book and settled down in your bed, might as read some of these books if they’re gonna be taking up space in my room. The familiar smell of old leather and paper filled the room, and you smiled. Hell, I might even learn something.


You holed yourself up in your room for the next week, working your way through three or four of the books. On the rare occasions that you did leave your room for food or classes, Strange barely even looked at you. Still, you held onto the hope that he would eventually approach you about the books. Between sessions of obsessing about your crush, you found the time to practice scrying. You tried using mirrors, fire, oil, and water, but nothing seemed to work. The most you ever managed to see was the occasional patch of sky or piece of tree bark. After your latest failure, you decided to take a short walk in the courtyard to clear your head. While there, you stumbled upon a small crow with a broken wing.

“Hey there bud,” you cooed to the bird, cupping him gently in your hands. He snapped his beak at you weakly, “C’mon bud I’m trying to help you.” He let out a strangled squawk and closed his eyes tightly, his chest heaving with every breath. You brought him down to Jaz’s room, tapping the door quietly with your foot. The bird’s eyes popped open at the sudden noise.

Jaz opened the door and gave you a confused look, “Y/n, aren’t you supposed to be in class right now?”

You looked at the antique clock she had in the corner of her room. You’d managed to forget about your martial arts class. “I know,” you said, “but I found this little guy out in the courtyard.” You held up the bird who made a small whimpering sound. “I think his wing’s broken. Do you think you can fix him?”

“Come put him on the table,” Jaz said, opening the door and moving from the doorway. “You know, you should probably be doing this type of thing on your own.”

“Yeah, but you’re way better at healing magic than I am,” you said as you put the crow on the table. The bird shuffled around a bit, his claws making small clicking noises as they tapped against the wooden table. Jaz knelt in front of the table and corralled the bird between her hands, murmuring a few words under her breath. You could feel a small thrum of energy resonate in the room, and the bird squawked indignantly and took flight. He flew in a few panicked circles before landing on your shoulder, digging his claws into your skin.

“Hey, watch the claws,” you hissed in pain. The bird loosened his iron grip just a tiny bit, chirping in apology.

“I think he likes you,” Jaz laughed. “You can take him back outside. He should be good to fly now.”

“Alright. See you later Jaz.”

“Bye, y/n.”

“Say goodbye birdy.”

The bird squawked in response, flapping his wings to keep his balance as you left the room.


After your lesson with your martial arts teacher, you took a quick shower and headed back to your room, the bird still in tow. You’d tried to release him in the courtyard but he had refused to leave your shoulder. Back at the dojo, he had waited for you in a nearby tree until the end of your lesson. Now he sat at one end of your desk, pecking at a few crackers you’d managed to find for him.

“What am I supposed to do with you?” You sighed. The bird seemed to sense your gaze and looked up, letting out a small, pitiful chirp. “Well, if you’re not going to leave me alone, I should at least give you a name. How about Raven?” You grinned. The bird squawked and narrowed his eyes at you, Really? He seemed to say. “Okay, fine! How about Korra?” The bird shook his head and made a sneezing noise. “Oh! Are you a boy?” The bird bobbed his head up and down. “How about…Huginn?” The crow cocked his head to the side for a moment, as if he were thinking. Finally, he chirped in assent. “Okay, Huginn it is! Do you want to help me out with my scrying buddy?” The bird chirped and latched onto your shoulder. You grabbed a shiny bronze bowl and filled it halfway with cold water. You let it sit for a moment, waiting for the ripples to settle. Gazing into the bowl, you thought about the courtyard, trying to get an image to appear in the water. For half a second, you thought you could see the outline of the old cherry blossom tree, but your concentration was broken when Huginn decided to perch on the edge of the bowl and dip his beak in the water.

“Sweetie, you’re not supposed to drink the water!” You sighed, “Look, I have to start all over again.” Huggin squawked and looked from you to the bowl. “What, are you happy now?” He pecked at your hand and gestured to the water with his head, “Hey-” you began, your voice dying in your throat when you looked into the water. Your face and the wall behind you seemed to be projected into the water, everything was covered in a strange iridescent sheen. “Wha-” Huginn squawked impatiently and flew back to his crackers. The image in the water lurched suddenly, and all you could see was the pile of crackers. “Oh! So I can only see what you see?” The bird bobbed his head impatiently, Finally! He seemed to say. “I’m a little new to this whole magic thing bud, cut me some slack.” The bird shook out his feathers and hopped toward the window, staring at you expectantly. “Do you want to go out?” The bird turned and pecked at the shutters. “Okay, I’m getting there! Keep it in your pants!” You reached around the bird and gently pushed out the shutters, and before you could even move your arm out of the way, the bird burst into the open skies. You looked back into the bronze bowl and a literal bird’s eye view of the compound appeared in the mirrored surface. Huginn banked on a sudden gust of wind and you could see Strange and Wong arguing in the library through one of the barred windows. You willed Huginn to get a little closer, and he did, wriggling through a gap in one of the filigree covered windows. He hopped onto on of the book shelves and scurried a little closer to the two men. You could hear their voices now, but the sound was muffled, like you had a layer of cotton stuffed in your ears.

“How do you not have a single book on scrying?” Strange shouted, banging his fist on the table in front of him.

“Y/n came in, she wanted the books, I gave them to her,” Wong said calmly, reshelving a book that looked like it was bound in snakeskin. “We’ve been through this before haven’t we? If you want the books you wait your turn.”

“She needed all of them?” Strange asked incredulously.

“I’ve seen stranger things,” Wong shrugged.

“What am I supposed to do know?” Strange sighed.

“Why don’t you just ask her to bring a few of them back? Or are you afraid of her?” Wong smirked.

“No! She’s a really sweet girl,” Strange began, blushing when he noticed the teasing look Wong had on his face. “I don’t have a crush on her okay!”

“I didn’t say that,” Wong said, raising an eyebrow. Strange turned an even darker shade of red. 

“I can’t believe you have a crush on that one,” Wong snorted, turning back to his re-shelving. Huginn squawked in indignation, responding to your sudden flash of indignation. Wong looked up, spotting Huginn almost immediately. It felt as though he was staring at you through the water. As Huginn tried to make his escape, Wong grabbed him from the air, trapping him in his hands. The bird squawked and struggled tremendously, but Wong stroked his head gently, calming him. He brought Huginn over to the window and released him, “Fly back to your master little one,” he said quietly.


Surprisingly, Wong didn’t kill you in your sleep over your latest misadventure, but he did ban you from the library for the next week and put new warding spells up around the library. You were a little disappointed that you’d been caught so easily, but you had learned something from this whole fiasco. Strange had a crush on you.


A/N: Thanks for reading, and thanks to G for proofreading. Also, thanks to the Anon who sent in that awesome request! Again, there probably will be another part to this fic (with a lot more fluff). Hopefully that will be out in about a week or so. I hope you guys enjoyed the fic. ~A

Part 2

Part 3

A Strange Request (Part 2)

Pairings: Doctor Strange x Reader

Warnings: Cursing?

A/N: Hey guys! I know I said I was going to post this a week after the first one, (and I fully intended to) but I always post these at night and I kept falling asleep before I could post! (yep it’s finals season again) Anyway, I got super excited about this story line so I’m moving on to the dreaded third part of the series. I’ll have G remind me to actually get this part posted soon. ~A

Originally posted by moriarteawantstobreakfree


You were sitting on your bed with Jaz, filling her in on what had happened in the library. Huginn glared down at you from his perch on the desk, you’d managed to wake him up from his sleep with your animated retelling.

“So how did he know it was you?” Jaz

“I have no idea!” You sighed, “He always seems to know everything that goes on in the library.”

“It’s almost like he knows magic!” Jaz gasped, giving you a wide-eyed look.

“Shut up.”

“Well if you’re going to say stupid shi-” She was interrupted by a sharp rap at the door. You and Jaz turned to each other, twin looks of confusion on your faces.

“Were you expecting someone?” Jaz said, eyebrows scrunched together.

“No! It was just supposed to be us…” you trailed off. You stood and walked hesitantly towards the door. At times like this, you really wished you had a peephole. Or I could learn to use x-ray vision. If that’s even a thing.

You were just about to slide back the lock when Jaz shouted, “Wait!”

“What?” You whipped around and flattened yourself against the door.

“Maybe it’s Strange!” Jaz hissed excitedly, clasping her hands together in excitement.

“It’s not going to be Strange,” you rolled your eyes.

“Well you should at least fix your hair. Just in case,” Jaz said.

“What’s wrong with my hair?” You said, moving a step closer to the door as you heard another, more forceful knock.

“Um…nothing I guess,” Jaz said hesitantly, noticing your sour expression. You rushed over to your scrying bowl, using it as a makeshift mirror. After fiddling with your hair for a bit, you ran back to the door and wrenched it open. Stephen Strange stood at your doorstep, arms crossed over his chest and right foot tapping.

“Hey,” you managed to squeak out, eyes as wide as dinner plates.

“Hi,” Strange replied. “I was going to down to the library, but I figured I might as well save myself the trip and check here first.”

“Maybe come back in a few days when my probation’s up,” you laughed. You scratched at the doorknob and hoped he wouldn’t notice the slight quavering in your voice. “Sorry you had to waste your time coming all the way up here.”

“I wouldn’t call it a complete waste of time,” Strange shrugged. He grinned and ran his hand through his hair, “Anyway, if I’m going to keep bumping into you, I was wondering if you’d want to go out sometime…maybe just for coffee or something?” Met with only silence, he raked his hand through his hair again and took a step back, “Maybe that was a little too forward,” he chuckled. “Listen, I didn’t mean-”

“Oh!” You cried, “I was just a little…surprised, that’s all. I have a friend over right now, but I’d absolutely love to go out with you another time.”

You opened the door a little wider and gestured toward Jaz with the hand that wasn’t trying to strangle the poor doorknob. “I can leave,” she shouted from her spot on the bed. Huginn squawked in protest at the sudden racket.

Strange tried to peer into the room over your shoulder, “Do you have a bird in here?”

“It’s a long story,” you sighed.

“So we’ll have something to talk about on Saturday then?”

“Satur-? Oh!” You smiled when you finally realized what he was saying. “I guess we will.”

“Does five sound good? There’s a cafe on the edge of town that makes a mean chai tea,” Strange said.

“Five sounds perfect.”

“Alright, see you then,” Strange smiled before turning to leave.

“See you then!” You called as he turned down the hall. You slumped against the door and covered your eyes with your hands.

“So…when’s the wedding?” Jaz said, finally breaking the silence.

“Oh, shut up!” You laughed. She started humming the wedding march and Huginn flew to her shoulder, chirping in accompaniment. “Traitor,” you managed to gasp between giggles, snatching a pillow off the bed at tossing it at them for good measure.


You tugged at the hem of your dressiest set of dark red robes.

“Do you think this is okay?” You said, adjusting your collar in the mirror.

“You’re going to a coffee shop, not Buckingham palace,” Jaz said. “I’m sure you’re fine.”

“I don’t know what he’s expecting, okay?” You sighed. You almost started fidgeting with your hair but stopped when you remembered how long it had taken you to make it look semi-presentable. Huginn flew over to your shoulder and nuzzled your neck, cooing reassuringly in your ear. “Thanks bud,” you said, reaching over to stroke his head. He cooed again and fluffed his feathers proudly. You walked back over to you bed and sat down, nervously picking at your nails.

“Hey,” Jaz said gently, grabbing both of your hands in hers, “you look beautiful, okay?”

“I know but-”

“Y/n, you have absolutely nothing to worry about, and I’m not just saying that so you don’t ruin your nails.”

You looked down at your already chipping nail polish and laughed, “Thanks for helping me get ready.”

“No problem!” Jaz grinned, “Just don’t undo all my hard work before he gets here.”

You laughed again and leaned back, Huginn flapping his wings to keep his balanced. You were about to speak when you heard a sudden knock on the door. Almost immediately, the meandering butterflies in your stomach seemed to whip themselves into a frenzy.

“I’ll get it,” Jaz said, reading your tense expression. She paused in front of the door, patting her hair and straightening her shirt before opening the door. “Hi!” She chirped.

“Hi. It’s Jaz, right?” Strange said, smiling when Jaz nodded, “Is y/n ready yet?”

“Yeah, she’ll be out a minute,” Jaz said, looking back at you. She closed the door in his face and ran over to where you were sitting. “It’s time to get going sweetie.”

“Sweetie?” You snorted, raising an eyebrow.

“I read it in a book, okay?” Jaz sighed. “Now get out. I was going to mooch off your wifi.”


“We both know the signal in your room is way better.”

You stood and took in a shuddering breath to steady yourself, “Wish me luck.”

“You’ll be fine,” Jaz gave you a quick hug before stealing your place on the bed. You pulled back your shoulders, straightened your back, and threw the door open.

“Hey,” Strange grinned, tucking a rogue strand of hair behind his ear, “you look great.”

“Thanks,” you blushed, stepping out from behind the door. “You look good too.”

Strange nodded towards your shoulder, “I like your little accessory.”

You looked down at your shoulder and realized Huginn had decided to hitch a ride. “Hugh! You know you can’t come with me.” Huginn made a small gurgling sound and dug his talons a little deeper into your shoulder.

“Is that your feathered friend from the other day?” Strange grinned.

“Yeah, this is Huginn. He’s kind of like a pet.” Huginn gurgled again and pecked at your neck.

“Maybe he’s a familiar,” Strange laughed. “He does seem like a little more than a pet.”

“A what?” You said.

Strange’s eyes lit up and he grabbed your hand, “C’mon, I’ll explain as we go down to the café.”


The sky had faded to dusty shade of purple by the time you and Strange finally left the café. He interlaced his fingers with yours and pulled you a little closer. You could hear Huginn diving down from his perch on a nearby rooftop, but you didn’t feel the usual prick of his claws on your shoulder.

“I guess he likes me,” Strange said, straining his eyes to try and see the bird that was nestled on top of his head.

“Huginn!” You cried, “Get off of him this instant you little rascal.”

“Rascal?” Strange raised an eyebrow. “Watch out Huginn. She might bust out the varmints and the scalawags next.”

You laughed and punched him in the shoulder, “Don’t blame me if he poops on your head.”

Strange shook his head and grinned, swinging your hand back and forth.

“I love shaved ice,” you sighed as you noticed a small cart at the end of the street. Strange looked around for a moment before spotting the small cart and the last few stragglers around it.

“You want me to get you one?” Strange asked.

“That would be awesome.”

Strange stopped in front of the cart and greeted the man in another language, letting go of your hand to point at the cart a few times.

After a moment, he turned back to you, “Alright, I know this is going to be an extremely difficult choice,” Strange sighed, “but I have to ask. Do you want strawberry or mango?”


“Good choice,” Strange laughed. He handed a few coins to the man who gave him two bright orange snow cone. He walked back to where you were standing and bowed, presenting you with your snow cone, “Here you are m’lady,” he said, a mischievous light in his eyes.

“Why thank you good sir,” you replied, adopting a fake British accent.

“Of course m’lady,” Strange nodded. “Any other noble quests for me to complete this evening? Perhaps a maiden to rescue, or a dragon to slay?”

“I simply ask that you escort me back to my quarters sirrah.”

“Well I’m sure that could be arranged for one as fair as you,” Strange said, offering you his arm. You looped your arm through his, and the two of you continued off down the path. You started eating your snow cone, you lips staining bright orange from the sticky mango flavored syrup. Huginn flew down to your shoulder and croaked into your ear. You brought your snow cone up to your shoulder, and he pecked at it before sneezing and shaking out his feathers. Laughing, you leaned into Strange shoulder and pulled him a little closer. “This reminds me of when I was little,” you sighed. “My parents used to bring us down to Long Beach for the first week of summer break. On our last day there, Dad would always buy us snow cones and we’d just walk along the boardwalk.”

“That sounds amazing,” Strange smiled. “Have you ever gone back?”

“I always wanted to,” you sighed, looking off into the distance. “I just…never got around to it.”

“You’ll go back one day.”

“Really? So you can see the future now, huh?”

“It’s one of my best kept secrets,” Strange said, leaning in conspiratorially. You continued walking, lost in a world of neon ice and golden sand, almost running into Strange who had stopped in front of you.

“Why’d you stop?”

“Well this is your room isn’t it?” He said, raising an eyebrow.

“Yeah. Sorry, I was kind of distracted.”

“Don’t worry about it,” Strange grinned. He leaned down and you closed your eyes, expecting him to kiss you. Instead he wrapped you in a tight hug and kissed you on the cheek, his lips cold. “G’night,” he called, and just like that, he was gone.


A/N: Thanks for reading guys! I hope you liked this fic and remember there will be a third part (let me know if you want me to tag you). Thanks again to the Anon that sent in the request. ~A

(A Strange Request Part One)

And Part Three


Jaz: Qué te pasa? Qué te hice? Estas loca!?

Caridad: Encima preguntas?

Jaz: Vos qué sabes Caridad?

Mar: Callate Caridad.

Caridad: No, no, es que da bronca que se haga la mosquita muerta, o no?

Mar: No te das cuenta que todavía no hizo nada?

Caridad: Ah, estas segura? El atraso, el desmayo…mucho.

Jaz: Perdón, de qué están hablando? No entiendo.

Mar: Encima preguntas, caradura? Confesa, confesa Jazmín, confesa que te gusta Thiago!

Jaz: Qué!?

Caridad: Uy se hace la desentendida, mira!

Jaz: Callate Caridad! Callate!

Mar: Vos te callas! Vos te callas. Me traicionaste, me escondes. Por eso fue lo del desmayo, no? Porque tenes un atraso. Por eso andan a los secretitos con Thiago, o no?

Jaz: Mar, vos estás delirando, no entiendo, no…

Mar: Confesa que vas a tener un hijo con Thiago, decilo!

Jaz: Qué!?

Mar: Mira gitana, yo… yo te conozco, y nunca te juzgué, y sabes que no te juzgué.

Caridad: No, no, haces bien en juzgarla.

Jaz: Cállate Caridad vos, andate, andate, andate, andate! No sé que te pasa, andate! Qué me tenes que juzgar? Decime.

Mar: Cuando estabas con Tacho te iba el angelito, Luca, el cacheton, Matt. Y a mi no me importa eso, no me importa, porque era tu amiga y te entendía. Pero…pero Thiago, Jazmín? Mi Thiago!? No lo puedo creer, no…

Jaz: Mar te juro por Dios que no sé de que estas hablando. Yo no, no…nada.

Mar: Ay Jazmín, por Dios! No te hagas la mosquita muerta. Vos, justo vos! No entendes? Vos sos…vos eras como mi hermana! Eras como mi hermana. No…yo me di cuenta! Yo me di cuenta en el viaje, yo me di cuenta al principio del viaje! Me di cuenta que mucha caricia, mucho cariño entre ustedes, me di cuenta!

Jaz: Vos está desconfiando de mi no? Es eso.

Mar: Qué queres que piense? Que, qué me vas a decir? Que vino Thiago con la sonrisita compradora y no pudiste resistirte, que fue así? No, claro que no porque sos una buscona!

Jaz: Yo soy una buscona, no? Y vos estás buscando que yo no te hable nunca más en mi vida, no!? Es eso!?

Mar: Estás llorando!? Me vas hacer una, una ofendida a mi? No, tenes razón. Sabes qué, Jaz? Sabes qué? Discúlpame, discúlpame porque… discúlpame porque me sacaste a Thiago, discúlpame porque sabes qué? Todavía no empecé a tejer los escarpines para tu hijo, discúlpame la verdad…por qué no le ponen Bruno de nombre? Me parece un lindo nombre. O me vas a negar lo del atraso?

Kika: Gitana acá te conseguí las toallitas que me pediste.

Jaz: Gracias.

Mar: Encima buscas cómplices? No lo puedo creer eh. La mentira tiene patas cortas, lo deberías saber!

Jaz: Vos tenes patas cortas! Era un atraso, y ya me vino.

Mar: Es un detalle, porque si no era este atraso va a ser otro, va a tener otro atraso, y va a terminar siendo como yo digo! Vas a ver. Y no tengo patas cortas!

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que pensas de los celos de flor? a mi la verdad no me gustan nada no quiero que las hagan tóxicas como el resto de las parejas

creo que estas dos ya han demostrado que están en un nivel diferente al de las otras parejas de la serie y no creo que sea algo que vaya a cambiar ahora, si querían volver la relación tóxica tuvieron la oportunidad perfecta de hacerlo cuando estaba Elena y no lo hicieron, así que la verdad no me preocupa mucho, incluso si vuelve Elena estoy segura de que será algo positivo

lo que le está pasando a Flor es entendible y no es algo nuevo porque al final todo se reduce a sus propias inseguridades y al hecho de que no se puede creer que alguien la pueda querer simplemente por lo que es, sin pedirle nada más, porque si algo sabemos de Flor es que tiene un complejo de inferioridad impresionante y un montón de traumas del pasado, así que cuando llega Jaz, que la quiere y la apoya desde el minuto uno, se piensa que es algo pasajero y que en el momento en el que se canse de ella o encuentre a alguien mejor la va a dejar. Si a esto le sumamos que aparece Elena que es guapa, científica y aparentemente la pareja perfecta es normal que a Flor le entren los miedos y las dudas y sea incapaz de entender como alguien la puede preferir a ella antes que a Elena

y además creo que parte de las inseguridades de Flor vienen del hecho de que su relación con Jaz no está “formalizada”, se dijeron que se quieren, pero les falta tener una conversación en la que realmente digan como de seria es la relación que tienen y creo que una vez que eso pase los celos de Flor se van a calmar porque va a entender que Jaz realmente está dispuesta a apostar por ellas y no se va a ir a las primeras de cambio

Request: Hi can you please do a Brendon Urie from P!atD imagine where Y/N goes to a festival he is at & you get into some trouble in the mosh & he notices mid song & pulls you up onto the stage & then later he searches for you & it’s just all fluffy and cute?

A/N: Sorry it doesn’t exactly go the way you asked. I slightly forgot the middle section and then I wrote past it and well yeah :)

As you glanced at your phone for the time you realised that if you didn’t leave right now you wouldn’t get a good spot in the mosh for Panic! At the Disco.

“We have to go, now!” You yelled at your best friend Jaz as you grabbed her arm and starting running.

You had to get from stage two to stage four on the other side of the park in the next five minutes or you would be stuck at the back of the mosh and that was most certainly not happening. You weaved around teens and adults alike, jumping left and right to make it on time.

“Wait!” Jaz yelled as she stopped. “Isn’t it this way?” She asked pointing past the merch tent to your left.

“Um no.” You said confused, “It’s this way I’m sure.”

“Check the map.” She said pulling out a cigarette and lighting it.

“We don’t have time for this!” You stressed. “I lost my map. Where’s yours?”

“I didn’t get one.” She said taking a drag.

You looked around for a map on the ground.

“Excuse me.” Said Jaz to a stranger. “You wouldn’t happen to have a map I could look at would you?”

“No worries.” A teenage boy said as he slipped a map out of his pocket. “Who are you looking to go and see?”

“Panic.” You said quickly.

“It’s this way.” Jaz said pointing past the merch tent and handing the boy his map. “Told you!” she remarked but you had already grabbed her arm and started running. “Thanks!” She yelled back at the boy.

You started to approach the stage but could already see the hundreds of people.

“Fuck.” You breathed.

“You’re only small man.” Jaz laughed “Just hold my hand and then dive into the crowed. We’ll find our way to at least the middle before someone takes a swing at us.” She laughed

You looked at Jaz and she stamped out her cigarette butt and hiked her pants up higher. She put her hand out and you grabbed it. You both approached the crowed and started to weave between people. Under the arms of taller people and trying not to get too friendly with others. There were elbows flying and screams piercing you ears but you had to get as close as you could.

This band was more than just its music. It was the embodiment of all things happy and vibrant and exciting. It would always pick you up when you were down.

You had to speed this up.

You started to crash into the backs of people and try to apologize while you kept weaving. The faster you were the less likely people were to notice.

“Pa-nic! Pa-nic! Pa-nic!” The crowed started chanting so you stopped.

“How far in are we?” You asked Jaz.

“A bit over half way.” She smiled. “Excuse me.” She politely asked the two people in front of her. “My friend here is, well quite short. Would you mind possibly separating ever so slightly so she could please see?” Her smile charming the festival goers.

“Not a worry.” They smiled back.

Jaz swapped spots with you and you could see the stage clearly. There were only about five rows of people in front of you. You jumped up in excitement.

“OHMYGOD!” You squealed at and uncomfortably high pitch. ”Thank you, thank you, thank you! Pa-nic! Pa-nic! Pa-nic!” You started to chant with the crowd.

You watched the stage with anticipation.

You squealed when Spencer took his place on the drums and threw your hands in the air when Dallon appeared right side of stage with his bass. The other tour members appeared on stage and you waited patiently for Brendon.

You heard the synth’s start-up and Dallon and Spencer started to play. You knew exactly which song was about to start.

“Yes!” You screamed at Jaz who was ‘wooing’ the almost full stage. “Girls, girls, boys!”

Brendon waltzed on stage and stared the crowed down.

“I, don’t want to hear you’ve got a boyfriend. Sometimes, you’re better off alone.” He stared singing and you melted at the sound of his voice ringing in your ears. You started jumping and screaming the lyrics back at him. Grabbing Jaz’s hand you both went wild. Your arms in the air and hips thrown from side to side bumping everyone around you.

“Do you want to get on my shoulders?” Yelled a tall blond boy in your ear.

“Sorry, what?” You asked not sure if you heard him correctly.

“Do you want to get on my shoulders?” He said again, his warm breath tickling your ear.

“I would love to!” You shouted eagerly.

He knelt down on one knee and Jaz helped you up on his shoulders. Suddenly you rose above everyone else and was staring straight back at Brendon. He saw you and your eyes’ locked. A smile creped onto his face and he winked at you. You threw your arms into the air and felt a sudden rush.

When you opened your eyes you saw everyone staring down at you.

Jaz was trying to keep everyone from crowding you.

“Keep back!” She screamed.

The music had stopped and everything hurt. You stared up and you realised you had fallen off the guys shoulders and hit the ground. Not face first thankfully.

“Y/N, Y/N! Are you ok?” Asked Jaz who was by your side. “Don’t try and move.” She said pushing your head back to the ground as you tried to raise it. “The paramedics are here.” She said. “Stay away from the light.” She laughed half serious.


“Alright.” Sighed the paramedic wiping her forehead from the heat. “You’re fine to go. And just remember, be careful. That could have gone a lot worse.”

You stood up and a male paramedic walked into the tent.

“You have a visitor.” He said smiling.

Oh god. It’s my mum. They called my mum to pick me up. Shit. I shouldn’t have told them anything you though biting your lip waiting for her to walk into the tent.

Suddenly Brendon Urie strut in hot and sweaty from the performance.

“Holy shit!” Exclaimed Jaz as you were speechless. “I was expecting her mum.”

“Me too.” You whispered so no one could hear.

“How are you?” He asked concerned.

“Uh-” You were lost for words and he just smiled at you.

“She’s fine.” Said the female paramedic.

“Great!” He exclaimed “I saw you fall. I’ve been very concerned.” He said as you just stared at him.

“Y/N!” Jaz hissed.

“Um yeah I’m fine.” You whispered shyly.

“We how about I get you a drink?” He asked. “You and your friend?”

“No she’s fine by herself.” You quickly added looking at her pleadingly.

“She’s right. I must get back to the group any ways. We were meant to meet up for The Getaway Plan’s set anyways. I’m sure Y/N will have more fun with you.” She smiled and walked out of the tent.

“Alright you two. Move on.” Said the paramedic.

You both stepped outside and you were blinded for a moment. It was brighter outside than you remember. Raising your hand to block out the sun you turned to Brendon.

“What would you like to drink?” He asked. “I recommend ice tea but that’s only because that’s what I’m craving.”

“Sounds good.” You said, still nervous about being around Brendon frikked Urie

“So why did you think your mum was going to walk into that tent? I mean you look twenty years old at least.” He asked cautiously

“She’s very over protective and crazy.” You nervously laughed. “She attended my first day at my job with me like I was entering kindergarten.” You both laughed for a moment with the thought of it.

Suddenly his phone rang and he had to answer it.

“Hello? What? Shit. I’ll be over in a minute.” He looked worried as he hung up the phone.

“I am so sorry but I have to go. Someone broke into our tour bus and trashed that place.” He said picking up your hand. “But give me a call some time.” He kissed your hand and your whole body filled with butterflies. “Y/N.” He whispered seductively leaving his lips on your hand a moment longer than you would have thought.

He started to run away but stoped and turned to look at you again. “And don’t tell your mum. I might be hunted down!” He yelled back laughing.

You laughed and tucked a strand of hair behind your ear as he reluctantly turned to run again.

“How the fuck am I meant to call him?” You sighed out loud scrunching your hands to make fists. You suddenly felt a piece of paper in the palm of the hand that he kissed and you opened it.

His phone number was scrawled across the back of a pink piece of paper with xxx after it. He had slipped it into your hand when he kissed it. You were too busy thinking about his lips to notice.

You smiled to yourself and ran off to find your friends, hoping you hadn’t missed too much of The Getaway Plans set but even if you had it was worth it.


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Hola! Todavía no me recupero del capítulo de ayer. Vas a hacer tus magníficos gifs con las escenas tan lindas de hoy? Cómo ha crecido nuestra Flor y yo cada día me enamoro más de Jazmín

hay cosas de las que es imposible recuperarse y el cap de ayer es una de ellas… Mientras estas dos sigan subiéndome los niveles de azúcar las voy a seguir gifeando, así que sí! No enamorarse de Jaz es imposible y flor va pasito a pasito pero al final está consiguiendo aceptarse y ser feliz que es lo importante

guardianrock  asked:

Podes creer lo adorables que son?! Todos esos besos! Y esa declaracion de amor! Me muero de amor! Y Jaz is la mejor novia!

tengo el nivel de azúcar por las nubes después de semejante capitulazo! y la declaración de amor? ESCENÓN!

pleasures-of-a-writerr  asked:

Una de mis escenas favoritas entre flor y jaz bueno todas sus escenas juntas son mis favoritas pero la escena donde jaz le dice a flor q vea las estrellas y q viva el momento y flor toma la valentía de agarrarle la mano a jazmín es como el primer salto q dio para aceptar sus sentimientos por jaz y cuando jaz se quedó mirandola y luego se recuesta en el hombro de flor es una de mis favoritas

el camino de Flor hasta llegar a donde está ahora ha sido muy interesante y ha estado lleno de pequeños pasitos que poco a poco le han ido permitiendo abrirse a lo que siente. Yo no sé si diría que esa escena es el primer salto, para mí el proceso empezó antes, cuando le dice que la quiere en el cap anterior me parece un momento muy importante también, pero esa escena sí que creo que marca un punto fundamental de ese proceso, ese momento de te quiero y me quiero lanzar, pero aún no estoy lista porque esto es muy nuevo para mí, pero necesito hacerte saber que lo estoy intentando. Y Jaz lo entiende, lo respeta y no intenta presionarla más allá de lo que Flor pueda/quiera darle, como siempre