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hey do you know any good ongniel fics? i really don't care what platform but i'm d e s p e r a t e

‘IF I KNOW ANY GOOD ONGNIEL FIC? HAHAHAHAH GUUUUUUURL, you came to right place. I live in their tag at ao3, check it everyday and read it all. ALL OF THEM. Take a sit and welcome to 

✧  The bigass huge ongniel masterlist fic rec by kingdans! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

★ Everything is pink 

this fic is very lovely, it’s kinda soulmate au but not really and its a long ass fic which is very nice because ongniel is never enough. NEVER. It’s pure romance and fluffness and digsaiudsahdas yes.

All too real 

well.. IT’S SMUT JFC ASOHISAHISOHAS and theres a pretty awesome fanart there that got me- URGH. bye. You should check it. GO JUST GO.

Love at first sight (and hindsight) 

this is cute, very cute, it’s non au fic which i dont like much but this one is very cute


ITS ONGNIEL!PARENTS AU FT LITTLE WOOJIN. I dont need to describe it anymore, its domestic ongniel and it’s a b l e s s 


its kinda crack and cat!ong. THIS IS ENOUGH GO

Cat-ch you 

theres a cat in this fic, a real one plus ongniel. this is gold

Baby / broduce 101 shots


Colour me pink 

Theres a lot of blushing daniel and pink hair and ong being ong and this is just very sweet 

‘idk’(and other cute ways of saying i love you)  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

this is my personal favorite of ALLLLLLL ao3, this fic is REALLY JINJA WANJUN HEOL DAEBAK. This is srsly the best ongniel fanfic ever written so far. 10/10

walmart at 4am 

theres little woojin there too and ongniel. this is the best combination ever

red cherries, red lips

theres ongniel, cherries and crack fic. this is pure gold 

Dont you want me 

this fic has a very nice plot twist, ong is so dumb really pls love this fic

Hand it over

its… ITS S M U T  /runs/


this fic is on-going and its very interresting tbh, i usually dont like to read fic if its not complet but this one worth the waiting man

Jealous? never heard of that, never felt it

JEALOUS DANIEL WITH FLUFYY and thres also some jaehwan/sewoon so CHECK IT.

The night is dedicated  ❤

this one is so good gaioshasoidas its also one of my faves?? PINNING DANIEL IS EVERYTHING WE WANT.

Dearest and Nearest  ❤

OK LISTEN, embrace yourself for the pain and for the stress and also the freaking anxious you mighty feel. BUT ITS WORTHYYYYYY this fic is srsly a masterpiece, its also on-going which make me cry because I LIVE FOR THE UPDATES OF THIS FIC. R E A D IT 

Things left unsaid  ❤

STILL LISTEN TO ME OK??? this fic is like a side fic of dearest and nearest, thres flufff here and im pretty sure the authornim gave us this to console our broken heart and THIS IS PURE GOLD YOU SHOULD READ IT AND PRAY 

Falling for you  ❤

ong fall for danik. LITERALLYYYYY IVSAHOIDHASHOAS this is amazing, crack-shi? but amazing.

Ravioli ravioli  ❤

pizza boy ong and dumb daniel. i love it with all my forces 

Pick me up!

this is srsly VERY VERY funny, its like a bunch of pick up lines AND I LOVE ITT

pd101 drabble ongniel version

College!au with roommates ongniel. ENOUGH SAID ( but thres also other pairings if you like it you can check on the chapter index)

If it was you 

this one is so diugoisdsgahasdas it was posted today and is cute, real cute with humor and pinning ong and god bless this author.

Unobstrusively subliminal 

Ongniel is not dead, just low key. iSIUAGSIAHSA JFC. This one is also on-going and i’m looking foward it so badly. yessss

❤  = personal favorite

All right, that’s it. I may or may not gotten carried away with this? but nice fics need to be shared. I’m not sure you’ve already read some of them (or all of them srsly) but these are the ones I REAAAAAAAAALLY like and i wanted to share it with you ( and whoever read it ). Feel free to rec me fics too if you know some good fic that isn’t listed here =) 

Thanks a lot for asking and hope this fic rec was useful to you!  ❤ 

I’m not caught up in FairyTail yet

But here my reactions to the main ships thus far (in no order)


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It’s a simple thing, really, fulfilling this promise. It’s just tea, and it isn’t really a big thing, but he does his best with it. He’s dug out the best blend of the stuff he has, tucked away in a back corner where he usually never touches it. It’s for special occasions only, but this is one of those times. He serves it with biscuits and pastries - again, nothing elaborate, but he’s made every one of them himself just to prove that he has the capability. Magic has kept it warm while he waits for this girl he’s absolutely determined to be friends with, but that’s all that magic has done for this particular endeavor.

He smiles when he sees her and gestures to the seat across from him at the table. “Perfect, you’re right on time.” As though he hasn’t been here for an hour and a half. He had no idea when she’d come by, only that he was sure she would sooner or later. 

@nctafreak gets this from Luke. Be his friend, damn it.