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popimitaya  asked:

what about there's time when Sakura just come with naruto, and Sasuke just write on naruto cup like "naru-toad" or "get lost"..

What Coffee AU has taught us so far:

1. Sasuke and Naruto have no chill

2. Sasuke is both smooth and savage as fuck

3. ‘Believe it’ is Sasuke’s trigger phrase

4. Everyone in this AU is a nerd

This idea has been brewing in my head since popimitaya sent me this ask like a month ago! (You can read their version of the same prompt here !) Anyway, I hope you like it and I’m sorry it took so long!

Also, when did this become so shojo? 


So, I was wanting to draw all the Batim crew’s humans from @ask-joeydrewstudios
I was recently watching a friend draw and then inspired me to draw SOMETHING, and while I was like.
Looking through my images of SOMEONE or SOMETHING, I had her ref sheet of the crew.

So like. I was like “Yo, Im gonna challenge myself to draw all of them.”
And this is what came out.

@lickupmycakespills Btw, I finished them all. XD

Susie, Shawn (I believe), and Norman were hell for me, Susie wouldnt allow me to draw her stupid eyes, Norman…. I messed up on his colors, OOF, and Shawn’s head just…. kept denying me.

I didn’t have the perfect colors for them, so I mixed colors up to get close to the colors they were. It was not fun. XD

Sorry for like, another fan art shit thing… Im always creating animations, so Lez get to the Fanart.

I just like how you create these guys and Im use to drawing them. TwT
I WAAAS gonna add the toons buuut… I didn’t want to add more stress, Cuz BENDY is hell for me. He does not appreciate me.

Yo. MyFirstTimeDrawingShawn.


Jaz gettin’ her beach grooves on and ready for some bonfire bashin’! that is if she doesn’t spend most of the time fucking around in the water

I’m so excited for the Bonfire Bash since last year I couldn’t attend, but I hear @yung-rage + @buttart‘s toons and the event are super fun so I can’t wait!


As a continuation of our art date, we drew some coffee/barista AU that was actually thought up by @jaz-draws-stuff and @some-cookie-crumbz !! (THE WHOLE AU IS HILARIOUS but jaz will post more) I won’t post all of it but here’s a snippet of jazmin’s mini comic on barista Sasuke and then Sakura!

astralfated  asked:

More Coffee shop AU? (´∀`) May I request Sakura telling Hinata about the cute Sasuke that works for the coffee shop and they both went there the next day, and she whispers to her about him, and would tell her, "That's him." Then Sasuke would look at the girls, having a slight blush on his cheek, and wondering what they're talking about?

[1000 years later] ENJOY! ☆゚・*:。.:(゚∀゚)゚・*:..:☆ 


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What a Brew-Tiful Night

What a Brew-Tiful Night
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: SasuSaku
Summary: Coffee Shop AU. Sasuke works at a local coffee shop and hates basically everything about it. Except for the cheery, polite young woman that comes in. She’s okay.
AN: This is the first snippet of the infamous Coffee Shop AU that my dear friend, @jaz-draws-stuff, drew some absolutely amazing art work for, which you can find [here], [here], [here], [here], [here] and [here]! Give her a follow and check her out all of her amazing artwork (if you haven’t already because she is so, so, so fucking amazing I swear she should have everyone on this site eating from her palm~!!)

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