jaz draws


As a continuation of our art date, we drew some coffee/barista AU that was actually thought up by @jaz-draws-stuff and @some-cookie-crumbz !! (THE WHOLE AU IS HILARIOUS but jaz will post more) I won’t post all of it but here’s a snippet of jazmin’s mini comic on barista Sasuke and then Sakura!


So I had an art trade/SasuSaku art date with @jaz-draws-stuff who draws the most beautiful traditional sasusaku art I’ve ever seen and I had such a fun time! I asked permission to post some of her stuff while I fangirled all over snapchat because her art is gorgeous in person! Please go check her out if you haven’t already! ///


When the only thing sketch is the amount of Sasusakusara in your new sketch book. I have been thoroughly considering commissions and making stickers of the lovelies to raise money for my study abroad to Japan this April. I’d have to figure out pricing but I think it will be pretty low since I’m a newbie. If there’s enough interest, I’ll let you cuties know!