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[[What if in reality, Jouta is just a part of Jotaro’s imagination. Everything that happens in the CLAMP in Wonderland doujinshi was the life he, Jotaro hoped for. All Jotaro wanted was to live a happy life with Kakyoin and be together. What if Jouta was just the child he hoped to have with Kakyoin some day? You know, maybe the reason Jotaro actually dislikes Jouta is because he is aware that none of it is real and that Jouta is basically a reminder of what could have been if Kakyoin hadn’t been killed. ]]

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Can you recommend some good SS blogs besides art blogs? *)

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4 months have gone by and I’m two months short of my blog’s one year anniversary, but so many things have changed for me and this blog so i have decided to make another follow forever 

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the marcexuals: thank you guys for always being there for me no matter what. i love you all. 

the indies: you guys always make me laugh and im glad i met you all.

the american apparel: even though im new, you guys already feel like family to me. i love you.