some more Good Things from 3w streams

  • brennan’s scary girl characters
  • james howell making it very clear that he is a poet
  • when it’s faust’s turn to gm and jay starts encroaching on her gm territory
  • matt making a point of saying hi to chat when there’s a break
  • when someone drops a meme and/or pun and the whole gang starts hollering in outrage
    • bonus points if there’s a single person laughing/encouraging the memery
    • double bonus points if it’s jay
    • super extra bonus points if jackson was the cause of the outraged hollering
  • chat’s collective panic when there’s technical difficulties
  • when jay starts jojoing
    • this one’s a little hard to pin down, but it’s the cadence of someone who clearly watches too much anime. listen to cristoph’s description of the path in the sunlight engine stream and you’ll know what i mean.

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