when you’re in a really tiny fandom/ship a really rare pairing and have already read the entire ao3 tag multiple times so you have to start looking for fics on other websites with lower standards of quality: 

Some fool: Are you still going to be Obessesed with this pairing?

Me: Does Tumblr think Heterosexuals are devil spawn?

Some fool: …yes?

Me: There’s your answer.

why is it that none of my ships ever become canon? is it me? do i subconsciously ship people who will never end up together and will make me want to simultaneously cry and throw sharp objects at the wall? is this what people call self-sabotage?

  • Jason Todd: Tim’s in trouble and he needs help. Now, I don’t like you and you don’t like me —
  • Stephanie Brown: I like you.
  • Jason Todd: You do? Look, are you going to help or not?
  • Stephanie Brown: I don’t know why I should. I mean, after what he —
  • Jason Todd: Wait, wait, wait. What is it you like best about me?
  • [beat]
  • Dick Grayson: Is she coming?
  • Jason Todd: I’m not sure. But I do know that she likes my “in-your-face attitude”.
5 More Things That Never Happened to Stephanie Brown

Part two of 5 things that never happened to Stephanie.

1. The Even Number Robins
When the doors of her cell blow down and a guy in a red helmet comes in guns blaring, mouth swearing, the first thought that pops up in Steph’s mind isn’t cool entrance or even damn, this guy’s ripped.

She’s not thinking any coherent thought actually, just that she’s never coming back to Japan.

But those thoughts kind of disappeared when the guy stepped in front of her and snorts, “Who the fuck are you?”

And so, the even numbered screw up robins meet.

Her last regret before she dies is that she’s eaten less than a thousand waffles her entire life.

She likes to think she snorts back something smart but to be honest, she’s a little out of it so maybe her account is a little skewed up.

But the basics are there and that’s what matters.

Then he takes her somewhere and gets her healed and tells her to enjoy the couch, he’s taking the bed.

Who says chivalry is dead?

And years later, when she’s calling him, warbling a heeeeeey Jacion and he’s picking up with a sigh and a grunt and plea to have her extracted from his life, she knows that they’ve really formed a bond.

2. Harmony
Stephanie remembers when she had a voice.

When she would skip around and laugh and joke and words would fall from her lips like water drops and all gone all gone.

Stephanie remembers when her father took them all away.

Stephanie remembers the fear, Stephanie remembers the smell of beer, Stephanie remembers the jeers.

Stephanie remembers when she had harmony.

Stephanie remembers mute mute mute.

Stephanie remembers ugly and clashing and anger and warring emotions and then.

Stephanie remembers the blue eyed boy who brought so much light into her life, who made her smile like no other, who helped her find harmony again.

When Stephanie finally steps up onto the stage to play her piano piece, her eyes only see Tim.

And when she allows her fingers to gently rest upon the keys and create a flowing melody, she remembers Tim gently encouraging her to keep playing.

When she’s done and breathing heavily and smiling with absolute delight and applause is ringing all around her–

She only sees Tim.

(Years late she’ll sit him down and start playing, placing all her emotions into the song until Tim hugs her and repeats her message back to her ten times over and she leans up and he leans down and she learns another form of harmony.


3. Beware the Spoiler
Batgirl was hers. But with her legs out of commission, Batgirl is a distant spot in the horizon.

It’s time to move on. It’s time for a new name.

She’s always liked Spoiler.

Years later when she’s ruthlessly hacking into Jason’s phone and Tim’s games and Dick’s laptop and Lex Luthor’s company, she gets a grim feel of delight as countless of people are stumped by the Spoiler.

4. Meet the Family
“Are you nervous?” Tim asks her gently, as he guided her up the stairs.

“I’m about to meet my boyfriend’s family, who just happen to be one of the richest families in the world, and could buy my family without blinking an eye. No. I am not nervous. In fact, I am the epitome of not nervous,” Steph rambled, apprehensive. She knew she shouldn’t have gone for the shy boy sitting in the corner, reading.

Tim just laughs and guides her gently in and she pretends that she’s not clinging onto Tim’s hand like a lifeline.

Years later, when she screaming after Damian and chasing after Jason to get her phone back, she wonders how she could have ever been scared of them.

(And when Tim finally kneels on one knee and pulls out a ring, the only answer bursting from her lips is yes yes always.)

5. Hope Shines Bright
Stephanie Brown is a dignified ambassador of the Blue Lantern Corp. She does not get angry with a little upstart named Damian makes fun of her chest, she does not throw a car at Sinestro Corp Bruce when he angers her, and her heart does not skip a beat when Green Lantern Tim Drake smiles at her.

(But damn his eyes are so blue and his muscles are just-)

She does not blush when Tim presents her with a flower, she does not get distracted by his mouth when he’s talking, and she does not feel warm inside when he wraps her up in his arms after pulling her out of the way from a life threatening hit.

She does not feel ecstatic when she and Tim are partnered up, her heart does not speed up whenever he tenderly dresses her wounds, she does not feel warm fuzzies remembering that she makes him stronger.

Stephanie is in denial and very much in love.

Friend: “Do you ever just…love something so much that you hate it? Like, you love it but it causes you so much emotional distress that you almost feel like it’s bad for you? But, you also don’t want to stop it?”

Me: Allow me to count the ways…

The list goes on…

Friend: “SAME., I just realized this makes it sound like we’re talking about drugs, but I really just mean the exact same thing you did.”

Me: It’s okay, fandom is our drug.

reasons jaysteph is great:

  • “bad robins” kicking ass and proving everyone else wrong about them
  • they’re both stubborn and determined as fuck
  • super passionate about saving people
  • “isn’t bruce kind of a dick tho” “oH MY GOD I KNOW RIGHT”
  • similar backgrounds + understanding of each other’s experiences
  • you know jason would admire her tenacity and bravery
  • remember that time steph wanted to kill her dad…? yeah. she can understand jason’s perspective
  • steph is the kind of optimist who won’t put up with jason’s manpain cynicism bullshit
  • “you hit drake in the face with a brick?” “yup” “hell yeah up top blondie”
Untitled JaySteph Fic:

I wanted to get this out, mostly for @shauds02 so, see this as an “exclusive” first half of Chapter 1 bc it is fighting me. When it’s done, it’ll be on A03, like all ‘dem others. Either way, I hope you like it!

There is a lot Stephanie Here-To-Kick-Your-Ass Brown can handle.

An infinite anything from mortal wounds to a divine abundance of waffles no mortal could finish. Her point is that if there is an immortal feat no regular mortal can overcome, she had it down, done and deal, signed on that dotted line and took it home with her to do a victory dance and hug it to her chest. It is done, she has it handled and she never quit.

It is one of her faults and she embraced it.

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