when you’re in a really tiny fandom/ship a really rare pairing and have already read the entire ao3 tag multiple times so you have to start looking for fics on other websites with lower standards of quality: 

Friend: “Do you ever just…love something so much that you hate it? Like, you love it but it causes you so much emotional distress that you almost feel like it’s bad for you? But, you also don’t want to stop it?”

Me: Allow me to count the ways…

The list goes on…

Friend: “SAME., I just realized this makes it sound like we’re talking about drugs, but I really just mean the exact same thing you did.”

Me: It’s okay, fandom is our drug.

reasons jaysteph is great:

  • “bad robins” kicking ass and proving everyone else wrong about them
  • they’re both stubborn and determined as fuck
  • super passionate about saving people
  • “isn’t bruce kind of a dick tho” “oH MY GOD I KNOW RIGHT”
  • similar backgrounds + understanding of each other’s experiences
  • you know jason would admire her tenacity and bravery
  • remember that time steph wanted to kill her dad…? yeah. she can understand jason’s perspective
  • steph is the kind of optimist who won’t put up with jason’s manpain cynicism bullshit
  • “you hit drake in the face with a brick?” “yup” “hell yeah up top blondie”
  • *jaysteph, after they're married*
  • Jason: So did you do it? Did you change your name?
  • Steph: Yep! I am no longer Stephanie Brown. You are now talking to...Princess Consuela Bananahammock.
  • Jason: ....You're kidding right?
  • Steph: Nope!
  • Jason: Wha...why? Why would you do that?
  • Steph: Cuz it's fun! Way more fun than just Stephanie TODD, c'mon.
  • Jason: ...Fine. Alright. Then I'm changing my name too!
  • Steph: See? Fun! What's your name gonna be?
  • Jason: ....Crap Bag.
  • Steph: Seriously? Jason CRAPBAG?
  • Jason: Nope, no Jason, just Crap Bag. First name Crap, last name Bag.
  • Steph: That's....
  • Jason: I think it's FUN.
  • Steph: Well...well, okay. Great. If you love it, I love it.
  • Jason: I do love it. And I love your name. I looove Princess Consuela.
  • Steph: And I love Cra--p. Ugh.

i like to image there being a scenario in which ALL of the batkids need to go to a wayne charity event – like the batkids being the ones Bruce has adopted. so tim jason cass and dick all have to go and maybe barbara has to too because her dads going and no one wants to go to those shit

and theyre all bitching in the batcave and steph just flounces past like ‘not an orphan dont have to go sorry sucks to suck’ and jasons just like hold on give me fifteen minutes before you bail 

so he leaves and tim just spends the whole time being like ‘you know if you maybe wanted to go you could come still i mean it wouldnt be a problem but if you like sometime wanted to see what one of them was like i could like 

show you and we could maybe i dont know theyre really stupid but…’ and while hes round-about asshatting his way towards asking her jason comes back, throws a dress at steph and just says ‘you’re coming, you’re my date’ and storms back upstairs to get ready

To all you fangirls and boys out there...

If I were to make shirts with my art on them for various ships and characters and sold them for about $25-$30 USD, would you be interested in purchasing them?

I can see Jason and Stephanie getting on reasonably well and occasionally going out and talking shop. Well once it gets the rest of the family good and nervous they have a few words with Jason before he and Steph hit a dive bar and keep their ears to the ground about an up and coming drug trafficker.

“Jason, you’re late and you look like 10 miles of bad road.”

“Yeah, there was traffic. Now whats the point blue bird?”

“I’ve let Tim and Damian decide which building we’re dropping you off of after Cass beats you unconscious when you inevitably screw up whatever this is with Steph.”

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State of Grace 1/?

On AO3

Word count: 3806 words

Pairings: JaySteph

Warnings: swearing, character injury

Summary:  It starts with an explosion. Okay, that’s a lie, but when she tells this story to any possible grandchildren in the future, Stephanie wants it to sound good. So, explosion it is.

Or, that JaySteph fic where loads of shit happens.

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Anonymous asked you: Steph and Dami bonding because they both kind of have the hots for Jason. So they’re loitering in the cave, watching him train, and trying to be stealthy. But they’re both onto each other, and Jason’s onto them.

It was cute at first, to have the younger two linger in the training area when he entered after their sessions were over. Steph and Damian would be exhausted after training with one another, and both would be in desperate need of a shower. They’d make themselves comfortable on the benches, eyes locked onto Jason as he used the equipment.

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