reasons jaysteph is great:

  • “bad robins” kicking ass and proving everyone else wrong about them
  • they’re both stubborn and determined as fuck
  • super passionate about saving people
  • “isn’t bruce kind of a dick tho” “oH MY GOD I KNOW RIGHT”
  • similar backgrounds + understanding of each other’s experiences
  • you know jason would admire her tenacity and bravery
  • remember that time steph wanted to kill her dad…? yeah. she can understand jason’s perspective
  • steph is the kind of optimist who won’t put up with jason’s manpain cynicism bullshit
  • “you hit drake in the face with a brick?” “yup” “hell yeah up top blondie”

not only have i not really drawn in like a month, i definitely have not digitally drawn…. it took me like 6 hours to kick my ass into gear to work, and this still isn’t work but. oh well. lmao let’s call this a warmup.

eta: if you’re wondering if that’s a galaxy print bat snapback on tim’s head, you wouldn’t believe what i found at hot topic

i like to image there being a scenario in which ALL of the batkids need to go to a wayne charity event – like the batkids being the ones Bruce has adopted. so tim jason cass and dick all have to go and maybe barbara has to too because her dads going and no one wants to go to those shit

and theyre all bitching in the batcave and steph just flounces past like ‘not an orphan dont have to go sorry sucks to suck’ and jasons just like hold on give me fifteen minutes before you bail 

so he leaves and tim just spends the whole time being like ‘you know if you maybe wanted to go you could come still i mean it wouldnt be a problem but if you like sometime wanted to see what one of them was like i could like 

show you and we could maybe i dont know theyre really stupid but…’ and while hes round-about asshatting his way towards asking her jason comes back, throws a dress at steph and just says ‘you’re coming, you’re my date’ and storms back upstairs to get ready

and if you’re still breathing [1/2]

AU for War Games and Under the Hood: Jason comes back a little earlier, just after Steph’s been fired from being Robin; title from from Daughter’s “Youth.”

He finds her in one of the seedier Gotham neighborhoods, legs dangling over the edge of an apartment building, cape bunched up in a pool next to her. If he’d been a little less overwhelmed by rage, he might have noticed the defeated curve of her shoulder, how low her head hung, how she was distracted enough that she didn’t see the hooded figure sneaking up on her.

But Jason Todd didn’t notice any of this. All he sees is yet another person wearing a bastardized version of his suit.

“So, the bats replaced the replacement already?” he says as he approaches her, his voice too bright and cheerful to be sincere. The girl’s head snaps up and she jumps to her feet with a speed he knows is the product of Batman’s rigorous training.

“Who are you?” the fake Robin asks.

Jason takes another step toward her. “That would ruin the surprise,” he says, smiling even though he knows she can’t see it through his helmet. “And where’s the fun in that?”

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