Why ‘Men’ Dog 'Women’

“If you’re stuck up, full of drama, and have nothing to offer but looks on some Kim Kardashian Amber Rose type sh-t… we already knew from the beginning that you weren't wifey material. So as soon as another female gives us even the smallest amount of attention (especially if she got her sh-t together) ONE LOVE”

This week i've learned a lot

Even thought i had no class for about 3 weeks now ( College on Strike), I’ve learned a lot about myself. That’s the best education right there. Also i have a lot of plans for this summer which is pretty much exciting.Been working also, finally going to a party this Saturday, Found a new YouTube love : JayStarXXVII ♥ & that’s pretty much it. God Bless you all & Dream Big Dream Fierce!


marry me jaystar…but on a serious note. His videos always seem to spit some real shit