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When I was 17, from a kinda terrible home, newly out as Trans, and hugely angsty, Anthony Head took me into his life, and for the first time I was made to feel that I was worth something, he told me that he believed in me and that I should follow my dreams.

He then proceeded to spend the next few years proving those were not empty words. Now I just turned 20, I know that I’m loved, and I followed my dreams. I’m studying at university, a national award winning poet, and this is the dedications page of my second book:

Trust me when I say, life gets better. So much better. And dreams, they can certainly come true.

random child: I need a place to live because my family’s dead
batman: [being physically restrained by the batkids while oracle calls her dad]

Goddess - Jay Park

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Request from @belushtful : Can I request a jay park smut scenario where his mixed(black and white) girlfriend is missing him while she is at home and he is at Aomg making music so later that night they you know. Also the girlfriend is teasing him

Genre: cotton candy fluff smut

Pairing: Jay Park x Reader

Word Count: 1547

Contains: romantic smut, (slight) daddy! Jay, fluff

Song: Ride Me - Jay Park

Comments: this turned way cuter than I meant it to be, but I hope you like it because I’m crying at this. Also im sorry if it gets choppy, i was writing this and watching teen mom at the same time, so my attention was going back and forth lmao.


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Opposites Attract

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“How is the most beautiful girl in all the world?” Kiseok smirked knowing you would overreact for the simplest things.

You blushed hearing the compliment. It wasn’t the first time he had told you this but it never failed to get a reaction out of you. “Who are you talking to” you covered your cheeks with your hands trying to avoid him.

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I Don’t Disappoint [M]

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pls don’t hate me. i tried my best.

Jay was greeted by the scent of his girlfriend cooking as he entered his kitchen. He had promised you he would be home by 6 but Hyunjung’s had a few worries about her new album and so Sunghwa and Jay decided to stay back helping their newest member; more to calm her nerves than anything. Jay smiled once he saw you only clad in an oversize wife beater. He could see the side of your boobs from how low the curved of the sleeve fell. He bit his lower lips knowing you were not wearing a bra.

You glanced to look at him and returned back to cooking as if his return didn’t surprise you.

You had one hand on your hips and the other holding a spatula as you stirred the chicken in the pan. You were not the greatest cook but you could manage a few dishes without burning it and especially if its healthy food. You were never good with frying anything with oil and you have a scar just above your thumb to prove it. “Hello,” he called out from the doorway of his kitchen.

You only hummed out in reply and turned to flash him a quick smile.

“Is there a panty underneath that or have you discarded the idea of wearing anything underneath a shirt?” he continued on leaning against the doorway with a smirk beautifully carving his lips.

You tried to suppress a grin and managed to fake a small smile. “I’m not wearing a shirt.”

“You’re barely wearing anything.”

“Are you complaining?” you turned your head, perking an eyebrow at him.

Your eyes followed his tongue as it moisturizes his pink lips. You could see his eyes tracing the outline of your figure and you purposely stood up straighter pushing your lower body outwards as you leaned to take a whiff of the scent of your cooking. “Does it smell good?” he asked and you inhaled in the familiar scent of your black paper grilled chicken.

“Uh-huh.” You answered seeing he walked towards you.

“It smell better than it looks at least.” He snickered as you pointed your spatula at him threateningly and he quickly held his hands up in surrender.

“You better be careful Park. You’re late.” You waved the spatula in front of his face and his eyes followed its movement making you smile accordingly. He puts down his hands once you returned back to cooking, throwing in a few cherry tomatoes into the pan. He leaned against the counter with his palms holding him up at his sides.

“You haven’t answer my questions.” He added once the only sound in the room was the sizzling sound of the chicken you’re cooking.

“I’m wearing underwear.” You answered nonchalantly and cursed when you accidentally knocked the packed of tomatoes when you reached for the bottle of herbs. Jay let out a small laugh at how clumsy you were and you sent him a glare before kneeling down to pick up the tomatoes, but of course you had to put the accident to your advantage. You took your time kneeling down making sure that Jay’s eyes were focused on your ass. You could feel the material of your wife beater moving upwards and Jay laughed knowing your intentions. “Wait, hold up let me take a picture.”

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Request: Can I request a jay park smut where he’s the submissive for the night and the lead girl over stimulates him and he’s begging and a mess please?

Genre: SMUT!!!!

Word Count: 2732

Contains: smut, sub! jay, dom! MC

Comments: forgive me father for i have sinned // i kinda took this idea and ran with it // it’s kinda bad but i hope you like it omf

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Savitar’s Origin Theory

So a friend of mine came up with this theory on how Savitar might have possibly come to be (go follow her on instagram @drarry_is_my_life) AND THIS THEORY IS ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT (so of course it had to be posted to tumblr)

Okay to start off, remember what future Barry (not savitar, emo barry) said when Barry travelled to the future? 

What if Barry goes back into the speed force to bring Jay back and creates a time remnant of himself to take Jay’s place. Then, over the years the time remnant goes insane or takes on a fiery thirst for revenge, and he blames Barry for everything that happened and because of all this rage he becomes Savitar. He wants to kill Barry for all that he did to him, and he wants to kill Iris because that will hurt Barry as much as Barry had hurt him. 

One Strange Night // Jay Park & Im Jaebum College AU!(M)

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Pairing: Jay Park x Reader x Im Jaebum

Genre: Smut, threesome

Summary: You live with Jay and Jaebum in a student house near to your university, and things get very interesting one night that you all decide to watch a movie instead of going out partying.

A/N: Please note that this scenario is rated mature and contains content of a sexual nature including threesomes, oral, orgasm denail, begging, lots of dirty talk. (Also, sorry for using two GIFs but there are no GIFs with these two boys together to my knowledge!)

They say that your days at college are the most stressful and crazy days of your life – and this was true. Not only did you have mountains of work to hand in and make near impossible deadlines, you had seen some pretty crazy shit, both on and off campus.

You lived in a student share house; you and two other boys. The first was Jay Park, born and raised in Seattle who was majoring in music production – and if he could put full time party boy down on his resume, that would be applicable too. The second was Im Jaebum, a study abroad student from South Korea who moved in around the same time as you and Jay. When you first met him, his English was barely coherent thus him keeping to himself most of the time – but now, 2 years down the line, you and Jay had him talking like he was from down the road, causing the three of you becoming close; even though your personalities differed greatly.

Living with 2 handsome men wasn’t easy. Actually, most of the time, living with men wasn’t easy; period. More than often, they left things lying at their backside for you to clean up, and not one of them knew how to work a cooker or washing machine to save their lives. You wondered how they survived up until this point, and then it clicked with you that these boys had lived with their Mothers all their lives – and now living with you, you took it upon yourself to mother them when and if so necessary. Not only because you wanted to help them; you also had a huge crush on both of them too.

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Date With Them: JAY PARK

Place: Paris

  • This is Jay we’re talking about, right?;
  • So nothing will be planned;
  • And you’d go where he’d want to, without really asking you;
  • But somehow, he’d still make it super enjoyable???;
  • At about mid-noon, he’d take you to some high-end restaurant;
  • You’d eat quickly;
  • And then he’d take you to the Disneyland because it’s Jay we’re talking about;
  • And you really better prepare yourself to go with Jay to a Disneyland;
  • Cause he’ll take you to every fucking ride available;
  • Giving you a maximum break of 10 minutes;
  • Before resuming his sugar-high spree once again;
  • You’d taste food and sweets from around half or more food stalls;
  • And loads and loads of pictures!;
  • What about matching bracelets?;
  •      Check!;
  • All in all he’d be a child let loose;
  • With own money so you couldn’t even stop him;
  • As the evening dawned;
  • And you could barely stand on your legs;
  • He’d notice that and carry you princess style;
  • With everyone staring;
  • But he could care less;
  • Guess where he would take you?;
  • The legendary dating site;
  •      a.k.a the Ferris Wheel;
  •           Because even Jay can be a cliché romanticist;
  • And as you two would reach the top he’d say all of his thanks to you;
  • And all of his sorries ;
  • And then you two would kiss;
  • As you’d get home it might go in two directions;
  • He’d either find some comedy/ horror movie for you two to watch with plenty of pizza and ice-cream;
  •      Because the fancy food was not good at digesting;
  • Or you two would just go straight to the bedroom and celebrate your honest confessions.

so i know we’re talking about the playoff beards but are we talking about them enough? imagine tho:

-jack walking into the kitchen, rubbing at his stubble a bit. bitty can hear the faint scratching and wonders what it would feel like against his cheek, the back of neck…

-bitty not being able to look jack in the eye without a constant internal monologue of HOT DAD HOT DAD HOT DAD

-when the beards start getting longer, jack gets lil bits of food stuck in the beard (like bit’s flaky pie crust) and bits gets into the habit of brushing it out (and maybe his hand lingers a second too long) and jackie “hearteyes” zimms gives him the smollest lil smile as thanks

Your attention please:

Uncle Roy. Iris and Jai having Roy as an uncle. Roy taking care of them when Linda was sick and Wally needed to be by her side. 

Roy putting them to bed.

Roy taking them to the park with Lian. Roy basically being the kid’s chaperone.

Wally trusting Roy to watch his little cubs and Roy being 100% okay with baby sitting them.

Just. Roy with the kids in The Flash v2 #246-247