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When I was 17, from a kinda terrible home, newly out as Trans, and hugely angsty, Anthony Head took me into his life, and for the first time I was made to feel that I was worth something, he told me that he believed in me and that I should follow my dreams.

He then proceeded to spend the next few years proving those were not empty words. Now I just turned 20, I know that I’m loved, and I followed my dreams. I’m studying at university, a national award winning poet, and this is the dedications page of my second book:

Trust me when I say, life gets better. So much better. And dreams, they can certainly come true.

so i know we’re talking about the playoff beards but are we talking about them enough? imagine tho:

-jack walking into the kitchen, rubbing at his stubble a bit. bitty can hear the faint scratching and wonders what it would feel like against his cheek, the back of neck…

-bitty not being able to look jack in the eye without a constant internal monologue of HOT DAD HOT DAD HOT DAD

-when the beards start getting longer, jack gets lil bits of food stuck in the beard (like bit’s flaky pie crust) and bits gets into the habit of brushing it out (and maybe his hand lingers a second too long) and jackie “hearteyes” zimms gives him the smollest lil smile as thanks


“ What’s my best man doing eating all alone? ”

“ I’m here for the cake remember? ”


“ I figured. But you know.. I’m just glad you made it to our wedding.

It’s made it the best day of my life. ”

“ Yeah.. I’m happy for you guys. ”

ALL THIS THANKS TO @ninja-tiddy

//cries cause Cole is secretly dyin inside

The Fattening by BearbellyCO

It was another routine night. Matthew and Jay had been buddies since the beginning of their college journey together. As their circle of friends shrank due to dropouts and graduations, they got to know each other better and upgraded from acquaintances to friends once they learned how much they had in common. This evening Matt and Jay had settled into a low-key evening of drinking at Jay’s place, listening to music, and having good drunken conversations.

Matthew genuinely enjoyed Jay’s company, but he had an ulterior motive in their friendship. His whole life, Matt had been the ripped and slender athlete but he had always had an eye for fat men. Throughout high school, he considered himself an encourager but gradually came to realize that he himself wanted to be bigger. During the last year, he had managed to gain a respectable 15 pounds, covering his formerly shredded abs with a bit of a belly but no one would have called him fat or probably even noticed. Jay on the other hand had always had a nice potbelly. Standing at 6 feet and weighing probably well over 200 lbs, he sported a protruding beer belly around his middle and perky softened pecs, neither of which he made any attempt to hide while clothed. Matt only viewed Jay as a friend, but his chunky friend’s body was undeniably sexy to him.

As Matt gained weight, he made sure Jay was aware. They were at ease talking about each other’s weight. Matt gave Jay shit for being a little on the tubby side and Jay returned the favor by often pointing out that Matt was losing his ripped physique. Jay could even recall the first time he noticed Matt had put on a few pounds, something that excited Matt greatly and caused him to question on more than one occasion if Jay wasn’t a little into gaining himself.

Some time had passed since Matt settled into his slightly pudgier body and he was unfortunately finding it difficult to get past the first 15 pounds. Matt knew he wanted to be bigger. He longed for Jay’s reactions to his weight gain … more and more, he was pleasuring himself to the thought of packing on a beer belly even larger than Jay’s, outgrowing his clothes, and being teased by his buddies about his burgeoning dadbod. Matt didn’t just want that … he needed it. And tonight he was going to make it happen.

Matt looked at the innocuous little pill. 100 pounds in one night. His body tingled with excitement and nerves. He put his other hand up his shirt and squeezed the small freshman 15 belly he had acquired. This would completely transform his body. Right in front of Jay. Everyone, including people he didn’t want to notice his gains, would more than notice tomorrow. It was now or never though… he needed that shocked reaction to his weight gain. He was completely addicted, a slave to his fetish. He hesitated for a moment before dropping the tiny pill into the beer and watching as it dissolved quickly. He breathed deeply and then took a sip, discovering that it had given the beer a distinctly sweet tinge.

“Dude, c’mere you gotta watch this video!” Jay yelled to him, bringing him back to reality.

Matt quickly returned to the living room and sank into the comfy couch.

“What’s up, man?” Matt asked, trying to play it cool.

He had dressed for the occasion. He wore a button down shirt and a pair of jeans that were already a bit snug. He downed his beer as quickly as possible, not giving himself a change to back out of his decision. He was now committed to becoming a fat man.

“Geez buddy, looking to get wasted tonight or something?” laughed Jay, noticing how Matt had inhaled his beer.

“You know it!” He was feeling excited and nervous as adrenaline flooded his veins. He kept imagining he felt his belly expanding, but would look down to discover it looked exactly the same. He wondered if this pill would actually work. The more he thought about it, the more he allowed himself to realize the absurdity of it. He began to feel disappointed and foolish until about 20 minutes later…

As Jay flipped through the music stations, Matt felt a sudden, noticeable expansion in his gut, as though he had just consumed a huge meal. He looked down to see his shirt noticeably tighter. The indent of his deeper belly button was visible through his shirt. He could barely contain himself; the transformation had begun. This was actually real… the pill worked! He wondered in a frenzy if he should mention anything yet or wait for Jay to comment, if he even would. He must have put on about ten pounds of pure fat. He excused himself to the bathroom to get a closer look.

He quickly lifted his shirt and noticed a soft layer of extra pudge. It was certainly noticeable to Matt, his jeans feeling snugger and his shirt a bit tighter, but he didn’t think Jay would notice anything out of the ordinary. He reached down and pinched his fresh belly fat… it felt so thick and rubbery. Matt’s heart was beating in his throat thinking of what was to come. He did his best to hide his hard on as he left the bathroom.

On his way back to Jay, he grabbed his fourth beer. Immediately upon sitting, he felt that same sensation again. Matt felt like his clothes were shrinking, even though it was his body that was growing larger. He wasn’t expecting it to happen again so soon and was a little alarmed. Jay noticed the look on his friend’s face.

“Uh… you okay?” he asked.

“Ah, it’s nothing. I’m just getting seriously bloated from drinking too fast,” Matt said with a laugh, giving his stomach a pat.

Jay laughed and they changed the subject. Matt tried to focus on other things but all he wanted to do was rub his new fat. His jeans felt so tight. Maybe he should have done this alone. He knew that with the next gain, he’d have to unbutton them, and that was all he could really think about.

After about 20 minutes, Matt felt that warm sensation again. His body expanded and fattened all over, his jeans becoming seriously tight. The buttons on his shirt were beginning to strain as well. Matt estimated that he had to be close to 200 pounds, maybe more. It was time to test the waters.

“Fuck dude,” he muttered as he placed both hands on his rounded belly.

Jay glanced over at him. “Jesus, man!” He reached over and jokingly gave his buddy’s belly a rub. It felt amazingly good to Matt, his sensitive, newly pudged up stomach feeling almost electrified. He didn’t feel full or tight… just fat and blubbery.

“I can’t believe how much this beer is bloating me. I gotta unbutton my pants, man.”

“Do what you gotta do,” Jay replied, eyeing his enlarged gut.

Undoing the button on his pants was such a sweet relief. Matt felt his belly spill out and felt how truly fat he had become in just the last hour.

“Man,” he gave his belly a jiggle, “I am getting’ fuckin’ fat dude. I need to hit the gym. I didn’t notice how big this puppy was getting!”

“I didn’t either,” Jay said in disbelief. “I swear you didn’t look that fat when you came in.”

Matt was feeling some liquid courage from the beer.

“Well shit, as long as I’m not as fat as you, I don’t have to worry too much, right?” he said with a sly smile.

“Oh yeah, I’m so huge,” Jay said sarcastically. “And besides, I dunno if I’d be talking with a belly that size!” He reached over from his recliner and poked a finger into Matt’s soft flab.

He knew Jay was getting a buzz off of his beer so he decided to take advantage of the opportunity that presented itself.

“Let’s compare then!” He stood up and felt how much bulkier he had become. The sensation was overwhelming. He took the initiative so he couldn’t say no. He walked over to the big mirror by the front door, feeling his love handles jiggle slightly and avoided looking at his reflection just yet. Jay was hesitant but got up when Matt said “Come on fatty, let’s prove that I’m much slimmer so we can move on.”

The two men lifted their shirts and Matt looked into the reflective surface as if in slow motion. His jaw dropped when he was the results of their comparison.

“No fucking way!” The two men looked identical. Matt couldn’t believe it. He was the same size as his tubby friend now! Their overfed bellies stuck out towards each other like mirror images, almost touching. He had always lusted after that body and now he was just as fat! Jay let out a hysterical laugh and gave Matt’s belly a slap. Matt felt waves ripple through his thick fat and became even more aroused. His love handles seemed to jiggle for a full second after everything else had stopped.

“Looks like you’ll have to lay off the fat jokes, tubby,” Jay said with a laugh.

“How did I let myself go like this…” Matt feigned confusion and disbelief. He put his hands on his belly and squeezed his fat. “How did I not notice all this happening?”

And right then his transformation begun again. Right in his hands he felt his belly expand, this warm sensation of ecstasy spreading across his increasingly tubby torso. His buttons were barely hanging on and his jeans felt as though they’d burst open at any minute. Matt felt a distinct double chin on his face now and his cheeks felt puffy and fat.

Jay had already turned his attention back towards the TV but Matt glanced in the mirror and saw that he now looked even fatter than Jay. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing … he suddenly felt uneasy being fatter than the friend he had always teased for being a big-bellied guy. A panic washed over him as he thought about how much bigger he was still going to become. How much had he gained already? Had this been a mistake?

“Uh… word of advice, dude” Jay once again brought him out of his own head. “When you gain a few, you should probably buy bigger clothes…”

“Wha…?” Matt look down at his shirt.

The buttons were barely hanging on and large, oval shaped gaps were forming between them. His ass cheeks were packed into his tight jeans, the button threatening to fly off. He suddenly felt embarrassed. He expected to feel like this at 285 … not this early on in the night.

“Oh … yeah… “Matt said, half dazed. “Do you… can I borrow one of your jerseys or something?”

“Yeah, dude,” Jay said, once again eyeing his fat friend. He went to his room to retrieve it but not before smirking and adding, “Whoever thought you’d need to borrow my clothes?” Matt tried to muster an agreeable laugh but ended up just grimacing.

When Jay returned with the oversized jersey, Matt didn’t think twice about shedding his second skin of a shirt, temporarily forgetting about the added weight until he noticed Jay’s wide-eyed reaction.

“Fuck, bro. What have you been eating?” he inquired as he took a handful of Matt’s now substantial gut.

Matt barely repressed a moan, looking down at his fattened body and seeing his attractive friend grabbing his new weight. His friend who was much larger than him until just a few hours ago.

“Dude, no offense but have you stepped on a scale lately?” Jay asked with some concern in his voice.

“It’s been a few weeks … was 175 last time I checked,” Matt said, quickly pulling the jersey over his torso and trying not to pass out from being so over-stimulated.

“Ha,” Jay scoffed. “Not anymore it seems. Time to face the music, buddy.” Jay went to his bathroom and Matt heard him rummaging around. Matt felt panic once again wash over him as he realized Jay intended on weighing him right then and there.

Jay set the scale down in front of him and gave it a tap with his foot. The scale to calibrated and flashed 0.

“Step on, bro” Jay said, not giving Matt much of a choice. Matt swallowed hard and slowly stepped on, noticing how chubby his legs looked now. He steadied himself on the scale, feeling all the new blubber on his body jiggle as it shifted into place.

And at that moment, Matt felt the growing sensation begin again. The oversized jersey, which had fit him pretty well, now suddenly felt a bit tighter. Matt felt his chest take the brunt of this growth spurt as his nipples grew soft and puffy, pressing against the fabric of the jersey. His formerly flat pecs grew into small mounds as rolls simultaneously formed on his once muscular back and under his armpits.

Looking down, he saw that the scale had caught his growth spurt … the number had just flashed 215 before rapidly counting upwards until it stopped at 225 lbs.

Jay was now laughing hysterically. “YOU PUT ON 50 POUNDS?! How the hell did I not notice you were turning into such a fatass?!”

“I… I dunno…” Matt was so stunned and turned on. His instinct to make fun of Jay for his weight still took over though as he blurted out, “I still weigh less than you, though!”

“HA! Yeah right!” Jay stepped onto the scale. After a moment the number flashed 210.

“You’ve got a full 15 pounds on me, buddy! Plus you’re shorter!” Jay was completely smug about this. Matt had always given him shit about his beer belly before and now Jay was ecstatic that Matt was the fatter one. “Serves you right dude, looks like I get to make the fat jokes now!” he said, slapping the side of Matt’s large belly. Matt was acutely aware of how much this caused his new tits to shake.

Matt followed Jay back into the living room and sank back down onto the couch, wondering if his fat body was softer than its comfy cushions now. He surveyed the damage: his husky thighs spread wide and strained his jeans … he was amazed the button hadn’t popped yet as they were painfully tight. His belly had become a thick donut of fat that swelled out to the point of nearly sitting on his lap and he could see the indent of his large, deep belly button against the jersey. He couldn’t quite see them, but he could feel his love handles swelling out against the jersey and over his jeans. Further up, his chest had started to form into breasts and his nipples were visible in the shirt. He was even beginning to be able to see his cheeks in his field of view just from looking down.

Matt wanted this to stop. Horror dawned on him as he suddenly remembered the effect of the pill … 100 lbs … he was only halfway done.

He had to get out of there, away from Jay, before he fattened up any further. Not only that, he had to stop this transformation. This was too much. He had to purge that pill from his body before things got any more out of control.

Matt sat up, struggling to do so. “Uh, hey man … I think I’m gonna head. Feelin’ kinda beat… “

Jay eyed him up and down. “Alright man, maybe try to resist drunk ordering a pizza tonight. Not trying to be rude or anything, but I can ask my friend Steve about giving you some help if you want to get back in shape. He’s working towards getting his certificate in personal training. You could be his first big client!” Jay sunk his finger right into Matt’s deep belly button and he let out a little yelp, recoiling.

“Ha, yeah man, totally, I’d love to help him, er, I mean, for him to help me…“ Matt rambled as he made his way to the door. “See ya man, really gotta get going!” He slipped out the door as Jay yelled something about getting his jersey back.

Matt’s place was luckily only about a 10 minute walk from Jay’s, but walking was suddenly much more difficult than he had ever experienced it. His thickened thighs were rubbing together, his love handles jiggling with every step over his painfully tight jeans. Matt knew he had to get that damn pill out of his system.

He busted in through his front door, quickly making his way to the bathroom. He caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He was definitely a chubby guy now. In Jay’s jersey he looked bulky but maybe oversized clothes would hide his big gain for now. His face looked so full … there’d be no way to hide that unless he grew a beard. Moving over to the toilet, he took a deep breath and prepared to plunge his fingers down his throat.

Just as he was about to purge the spread of fat throughout his body, Matt suddenly felt a buildup of gas. Before he could suppress it, he let out the most enormous belch of his life. Taken aback, he stepped away from the toilet and caught his reflection once again in the mirror. He looked even fatter than before somehow. The jersey was now hugging his big belly, which gave a loud rumble.

Matt barely got out an “Oh fuck!” before another enormous belch escaped him. He watched as his reflection in the mirror fattened before his eyes. The jersey rode up on his burgeoning torso, exposing a large, fat underbelly. His tits swelled and he could see the outline of his puffy nipples grow even bigger. He was watching with horror as his cheeks further rounded out when a loud snap caused him to look down. The button on his pants had finally lost the battle with his expanding pudge and flown across the bathroom, the zipper riding down as well. His eyes widened as he witnessed his newly formed fat pad swell out of his open jeans. He twisted around as best he could against his fat rolls to see that his tight ass had ballooned into two fleshy basketballs.

“Shit, shit, shit!” Matt jumped onto his scale, his mind racing, and saw that he now weighed 245 lbs. He could feel the pressure of building gas once again in his belly.

“NO! STOP!! FUCKING STOOOOO – UUUUUUUURP!” Matt let out his biggest belch yet as his fat body expanded in all directions. He heard the stitching of his clothes rip and pop as his large body turned them into tatters of cloth. He managed to kick the jeans off, seeing his enormous thighs and feeling his ass cheeks jiggling with the effort. Even his calves had thickened and melded and lost their athletic taper. He felt an uncomfortable itch on his gut and looked up to see his enormous belly becoming dashed with angry red marks all around his deep navel. After a moment of confusion and fear, Matt realized that these blemishes were stretch marks – his skin elasticity had lost the battle from suddenly being inundated with so much blubber. His hands moved upwards as he felt his tits swell into double D’s, completely filling his hands as his nipples grew to the size of sand dollars. He noticed that even his arms were fat and flabby, no hint of the definition he once had as an athletic man. Just when he finally thought the growing had stopped, he let out one last belch and watched as his handsome face grew a double chin that nearly covered his necks and his cheeks swelled up like a chipmunk, giving his formerly sculpted face the shape of an egg.

Matt sat in stunned silence for a moment, looking back at the obese man in the mirror. He glanced over at the scale and waddled over to it, even though he knew exactly what it would say. He could barely suck in his belly enough to see the number between his chubby feet, but when he finally managed …

“285 pounds,” Matt said aloud to himself. Just as the little pill guaranteed, he went from a mostly lean, athletic 185 pounds to an obese, overinflated 285.

Matt felt an overwhelming arousal wash over him. He was a fat man. The fat man he always dreamed of. He reached for his formerly large cock, only to find it obstructed and minimized by his thick fat pad. Instinctively, he flipped his rock hard cock between his fat pad and his overhang and began jiggling his fat back and forth, feeling every part of his body jiggle, shake, and sway. He had never felt anything so incredible in his life. Many thoughts raced through his head.

I’m huge.


I’m fucking myself with my own fat.


I shouldn’t have done this.


Fuck this feels fucking good.


I want to be even fatter.


What the hell is everyone gonna say when they see me?


I hope everyone teases me.


Oh god, I need to lose this weight.


What the hell did I do to myself?

Matt cupped his man tits, teasing his huge, puffy nipples with his chubby fingers as he felt himself near climax. He felt his hot load blow in between all his lard, experiencing the hottest orgasm of his life that seemed to last forever. He leaned back on the wall for a few moments, basking in the afterglow.

Eventually, he faced himself in the mirror again. Guilt and anxiety washed over him again as reality sunk in … this was him now. His hands moved over his new fat suit of a body, his brain beginning to accept that this was all real. Matt stared into his fattened face and let out an animalistic cry, part anguish, part ecstasy, as he shook his enormous gut.


One month later, Matt sat in the doctor’s office waiting for the nurse to return. This was one of the rare instances that saw Matt leave his apartment since he had gained 100 pounds. That night he decided to take that pill, he came to the conclusion that his only option was to take as much time off as possible and try to lose the enormity of the weight he had gained. He couldn’t face anyone like this. He did some research and made up a bullshit excuse that he had suddenly been offered a three month mission trip to Africa through AmeriCorps. “Books for Africa” it was called. He couldn’t pass up such an opportunity. Of course, his friends questioned him on the details and demanded to see him off, but he ignored their texts until they stopped.

He wasn’t going to Africa of course but, encased with all that extra lard, he felt like he was living in the Sahara. He had become very sweaty and had come to accept that he needed prescription strength deodorant. He avoided making an appointment for weeks, even trying to schedule an appointment with a doctor outside of the student health center, but his student insurance wouldn’t cover it and he couldn’t afford it.

He didn’t want to be weighed. Dr. Adams, a gorgeous middle-aged man who looked like he probably paid his way through med school by modeling on the weekends, had brought up his 15-pound gain at his appointment last year. He couldn’t risk getting him as his doctor. But, as luck would have it, he called and found out that getting prescription deodorant didn’t require an appointment with one of the physicians … just getting the quick okay from a physician’s assistant. No weigh-in required. In and out. Matt’s big gut groaned and he suddenly had an overwhelming desire to cram cheeseburger after cheeseburger into his gluttonous maw.

He pushed the thought out of his mind. He had tried so hard to be stringent with his diet and had even gone to the gym a few times late at night. But it made no difference … Matt’s appetite had grown along with his enormous body and he couldn’t resist trips through the drive thru or ordering pizzas when he didn’t feel like showing his fat ass at the grocery store. Recently, he had even been finding empty wrappers in the morning and having no recollection eating the night before. He suspected he might actually be eating in his sleep. As a result, the scale had slowly ticked upwards and he now weighed a whopping 298 pounds.

The nurse finally returned with a prescription for his deodorant. Matt took the script, half listening to what the young guy was saying, and was about to leave when …

“Oh, and I noticed you have your annual appointment with Dr. Adams today. It wasn’t supposed to be until 3, but I just spoke with him and he can fit you in now. So he’ll be here in just a moment.”

The nurse smiled politely and left the room as Matt sat there stunned.

Shit! Matt had worked so hard to avoid him. Of course something like this would happen! He thought frantically about what to do for a moment, and then realized that he could just leave. Would someone try to stop him? How could they? He was free to leave whenever he wanted. He hoisted himself off the exam table and made his way for the door. He reached his chubby hand for the handle just as it twisted open and Dr. Adams walked in.

“Hey, how are you, Matt? Glad I could fit you in so you didn’t have to come by again later!” Dr. Adams said in his friendly tone, flashing his perfect teeth with a smile.

“Oh … yeah, I’m doing alright, thanks …” Matt felt a little relief. Dr. Adams didn’t even seem to recognize him in this state.

“Glad to hear it. So everything’s going okay? Classes going alright? Any problems?”

“No, just dropped in to get …” Matt sheepishly held up the deodorant, as though it were a product exclusively for sweaty obese men.

“Ah, yes … “Matt saw Dr. Adams eyes look over his huge body. “Well, let’s get a quick weight on you and we’ll take some vitals and then get you on your way.”

“Sure…”Matt said nervously. He waddled over to the scale and stepped onto it. He was used to seeing 298 in the morning the past few days, but with all his clothes on and a big breakfast in his belly, the scale showed 303. He had never seen a number over 300 on the scale.

Matt expected a lecture on his weight, but Dr. Adams just muttered to himself and went over to the computer and began entering the numbers. “Three … oh … three…”

There was a long pause and then suddenly a, “Hmm…”

Matt saw his old student ID picture pop up on the screen. His handsome, sculpted face before it was adorned with a double chin and big cheeks. Dr. Adams looked between the screen and Matt a few times.

“Matt? Matthew Eaton?”

Matt felt his big chubby cheeks turning red. They had his records from the last time he was there. Of course they would pop up. The system was probably designed to throw up a red flag in case of something troubling … like a massive weight gain.

“Matthew … we need to talk about your weight.”

“I … I’ve gained some, I know…”

Dr. Adams gave him a look of doctorly sternness and genuine concern. “Matt, since you saw me last year, you’ve gained 118 lbs. Since you’ve been at this university, you’ve gained 133 pounds total. I know last year you were struggling with the freshman 15. A gain this big is very troubling for anyone, but especially for a formerly fit young man and in such a short amount of time.”

“I know … I just … I don’t know what’s happening with me lately,” Matt lied, not knowing what else to say. He felt his hard cock pressing into his gigantic underbelly. He could barely think straight as Dr. Adams asked him question after question about symptoms of health related issues that might explain his massive weight gain. It was all he could do to keep himself from drooling when Dr. Adams asked him to lift up his shirt so he could take some vitals. He could see the doctor trying to keep his professional composure, but he couldn’t hide the shock on his face as the full extent of Matt’s intense gains were exposed. He moved the stethoscope across Matt’s moobs as his oversized nipples hardened, and then to his back, sinking into his soft back rolls each time he moved it to a different spot. Matt could feel sweat dripping down the big rolls on either side that connected his back rolls to his tits.

Finally, Dr. Adams stopped questioning and poking around, sighed and went back to a desk, digging through some papers. He returned with a pamphlet.

“Matt, we can draw some blood if you like. But you don’t have any concerning symptoms outside of your alarming 133 pound weight gain,” he said as he offered the pamphlet to Matt.

Matt read the title and immediately felt himself get even redder.

“I don’t know what’s going on with you, and that’s fine if you don’t want to talk to me about it, but I’d like you to consider going to an Overeater’s Anonymous meeting. I think you could really benefit from it,” Dr. Adams said gently. He clapped his hand on Matt’s exposed gut and felt his rock hard boner twitch as the shock waves moved throughout his obese body, causing everything to jiggle. “What happened to you? You have to get this thing under control. You’re going to weigh 500 pounds if you don’t do something, Matt”.

Matt looked down at the doctor’s masculine hand resting on his huge, stretch marked belly and back up to his gorgeous face. All he could think about was Dr. Adams shedding his own shirt and cramming an entire cake into him while he teased him about his massive weight gain. Matt managed to get out some noncommittal agreement about needing to take care of his new weight problem and left the office with his deodorant in chubby hand.

He squeezed himself into his car and looked at his bloated features in the rear view mirror. He could still make out some of the features of his old self, buried in blubber as they were. His boner demanded attention and his belly groaned with hunger. He knew exactly what he was going to do. He was going to go through some fast food drive thru and order more food than he ever had in his life and then he was going to go home, take off his tight clothes, jerk off to the humiliation he had just suffered through with Dr. Adams, and eat until he couldn’t move.

He knew he would be powerless to this cycle until he weighed 500 pounds, just like Dr. Adams said. That innocuous little pill had completely changed him. He couldn’t fight this… it was futile. He also knew he was going to have to get back to his real life and face everyone, try to explain that he had somehow gained an enormous amount of weight during his time in Africa.

With dawning horror and excitement, Matt started up his car and headed to the nearest In-N-Out Burger, formulating his embarrassingly large order in his head and absentmindedly rubbing the sliver of exposed belly growing out the bottom of his XXL sweatshirt.

What's Your Order?

Jay Park drabble;

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Jay was clad in a white shirt that stuck on his back as he stirred the teflon pot. Tied around his neck and waist were the straps of your black apron he was wearing over his shirt and gray shorts. 

He was whistling the tune of his new song. It sounded good, and you wondered if his cooking —whatever it was— would taste good as well. You knocked on the surface of the island separating you from him. 

He turned around with a smile. “What’s your order miss?” He asked. 

You sat your folded arms on the top of the island and leaned forward. “One hot boyfriend, please." 

Jay chuckled as he placed the laddle on a small plate. "Coming right up!” He exclaimed before running across you. He leaned towards you and captured your lips in a swift kiss. 

“What’s for dinner?” You asked. 

“Hm,” he glanced at the pot and then looked back at you with his wide smile showing his teeth, “Pasta." 

"Ooh, tempting." 

His laughter rang in your ears. It was your most favorite sound. "Kidding. It’s just noodles.”

Your attention please:

Uncle Roy. Iris and Jai having Roy as an uncle. Roy taking care of them when Linda was sick and Wally needed to be by her side. 

Roy putting them to bed.

Roy taking them to the park with Lian. Roy basically being the kid’s chaperone.

Wally trusting Roy to watch his little cubs and Roy being 100% okay with baby sitting them.

Just. Roy with the kids in The Flash v2 #246-247

reikatheryn  asked:

I know Lottie is watching their accounts to make sure no one is harassing them or being creepy especially after Lottie posted on one of the twins live stream to stop doing them causes she just trying to protect them still and even though I'm an aunt, I still act a Mom/sister to my niece

Yes! And like I said I’m sure they’re trying to slow them down on social media, like we saw Lottie comment, but they can’t watch their social media 24/7

I can’t help but imagine that when Jay and Carlos first started dating, they would try to hide their relationship from people. However, both of them would do small things around the campus, like bribing people to exchange cute messages between them, or stealing food off of each other’s plates during meals.

Eventually, people caught on, but showed no sign of knowing. While Jay and Carlos thought they were being inconspicuous, everyone was silently rooting them on. People would intentionally set up instances where Jay and Carlos had to work together, whether it be physical or mental.

For example, imagine Auradon having something similar to a field day. Of course, they would include the relay runs. One in particular requires two people. The first person places their hands on the ground and wraps their legs around their partner’s hip. Then, they have to move together in order to reach a finishing line. The person cooardinating the partners placed Jay and Carlos together. They thought it was just luck, and thought nothing of it. As time went on, the two of them finally came to the realization that they were being thrown together for everything, even if it wasn’t a significant event.

Jay would notice that people gave him an odd look if Carlos wasn’t with him, and made extra effort to get them alone. However, when Carlos asked Ben about the odd behavior toward them, the young king denied it all.

Evie and Mal had different ways of being involved as well.

For Mal, it was more of a game of manipulation. After weeks of suggesting people that Carlos would look good with, she threw out the idea of giving one of them a cookie and making sure that the first person they saw was Carlos. Jay’s mild reaction gave Mal all the info she needed, and it led to Jay finally admitting, at least to her, that they were dating.

Evie, on the other hand, was not so subtle. She used her love of fashion to figure out that the two were dating. Whenever Carlos mentioned that he was going somewhere with Jay, she would immediately drag him off, saying that he needed to look nice and impressive. Carlos didn’t realize what she was doing at first, but he finally caught on. It was when he told Evie that he was going to the park with Jay that he noticed her excitement. She quickly pulled him to her room and threw an outfit at him. It was Jay’s favorite outfit that Carlos owned. From the look on Carlos’s face, Evie knew he had figured out what she was doing.

Knowing that their two best friend knew about their relationship made Jay and Carlos feel more comfortable with letting others know. As they told more and more people, they started seeing people exchanging money, and hearing things like “it’s about time they admitted it.”

Unbeknownst to them, people were making secret bets and wagering money on them revealing their relationship. The two were stunned to realize that people had known about their relationship, but also relieved that they wouldn’t be seen as outcasts by their peers because of it.

After that, it became easy for the two friends turned lovers to be open about their relationship on campus, and even inspired others to do the same.