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What EDS is (and What it’s Not)

EDS is a connective tissue disorder.

Not a disease.

It is something that effects the entire body.

Not something that effects only the joints.

It is an invisible illness.

Not an excuse we use to get out of activities.

It is a life changer.

Not just a ‘minor inconvenience’.

It is a disability.

Not us being lazy.

It is valid.

Don’t let anyone tell you differently.


“Paris is good. Nice call, Monsieur.”

“De nada, muchacha.”

Thank you for 100 follows! Needless to say, I miss these two real bad and I have for around six years. DC writers are pretty sadistic ya know that? Then again, I guess I might be too.

Because who has time or money to read almost 30 years of relationship development…

Under the cut: Look Over Your Shoulder, a monologue recap Fanfic: Fluff/Humor/Angst. DC Rebirth. Wally’s POV. Warning: Mention of the grief typically associated with Alzheimer’s. Also I cried while writing this. Story set to this song.

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Cause I Never Wanted (Chicago P.D.)

Title: Cause I Never Wanted

Fandom: Chicago P.D.

Rating: T/PG-13

Author’s Note: This is set in the immediate aftermath of 4x17. 

A neatly folded quilt is pressed into his arms, and he tries to offer the blonde woman standing before a grateful smile. Tries to convey his appreciation for her letting him crash here, for her putting out freshly fluffed pillows and neatly ironed sheets on the couch despite the assumptions she’s making about why he’s here. Assumptions that cause her reminder about the bathroom being just down the hall to sound clipped and short thanks to the anger and solidarity she’s failing to suppress.

And, yet, he still tries to convey his appreciation. Tries to repress the thoughts in his head – the dark ones, the kind that sneak up on him when he least expects it – long enough to make the corner of his lips pull upward and mumble words of thanks because he knows his brother probably sprung this on her. Knows he doesn’t deserve Nine Shore making sure he has ironed sheets and enough blankets or offering him a sad smile as she reassures him that she’s sure he and Erin will work it out.

“An apology does wonders,” she offers with her characteristically bright smile. Any other night and he’d have to bite his tongue to keep from telling her to run. To stop pinning her hopes and dreams on a guy like his brother because women who smile as she does, who see the world as glass half full deserve more.

Tonight, though, his tongue sits loosely in his mouth and his hands remain empty of any proverbial stones he might cast. And yet his head still nods slightly even as he casts his gaze downward because he hopes she’s right, hopes that the woman in his life believes in that, too.  

“Thanks, Nina,” his brother pipes up. The words, the interruption forces his gaze from the flowery pattern on the blanket in his hand to the other side of the room where his brother leans lazily against the door jam. Forces him to watch as Nina crosses the room, gratefully takes one of the three open beer bottles in Will’s hands, and leaves the two of them alone in the living room.

“So,” Will draws out as he moves over towards the made-up couch, “Erin figured out who Abby was and kicked you out, huh?”

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pierce-jay  asked:

Dad!Hoseok+Y/Nwhat was your reaction when y/n told you she was pregnant how prepared do you think you were to be a parent? Do you want anymore kids

dad!hoseok: “of course i flipped out??? not because i didn’t want a baby but because i wanted it so bad???”

y/n: “that was my reaction to his reaction,”

dad!hoseok: “i don’t think i was so prepared to be a parent but when i found out, me and y/n started preparing ourselves. YES I WANT MORE KIDS but it’s still in the works if you know what i mean,” *wink wink*

y/n: “…stop.”

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Proper Introduction

Hello, I am the mod behind nemovonsilver. I go by Von. I am a self-taught artist. I mostly prefer to doodle ponies and silly cartoons. I am 5′4 foot but full of love. I currently weigh 110 but normally weigh between 105 and 110. Never any less or any more. 

I love both guys and girls, but prefer to identify myself as pansexual. Because in the end, the gender never really matters to me. As long as I love that person, then that’s what’s more important. I actually really love cuddling. But I am not too friendly with strangers IRL unless they give me a good vibe. I really do love to make friends and welcome all. Unless I get bad vibes from you. Then I will grow distant.

I am in a few fandoms that I am happy with; MLP, WWE, K-Pop, Vocaloid, and Steven Universe. I have a very active and bubbly personality. I am usually very happy. Unbelievably, I have very high tolerance. I use to get so annoyed so fast.

I really love to watch scary movies. I  also have a massive interest in the paranormal investigation shows. Not sure why. But it had always interested me since I was young. 

I am a very loving individual and always care so much for others. Even though it’s bad for me. I tend to get taken advantage of. But I just can’t help but want to make people happy. I just want for everyone to feel loved and important. Just ask my friends. I keep spoiling them, lol. I am also very stubborn, petty, perverted, and a real smart ass. I love to joke too. A lot.

I promote a lot of MLP OC art blogs because I think their art is great and want to share their blog with everyone else. I want them to get as much exposure as possible. To help boost their self-esteem. So that they’d want to keep drawing. I know what’s it’s like to start off as a new blog and what it feels like to think your art isn’t good enough.

I really love my best friend @staticthepegasus

My good friends @nessie-wolfmod, @phoeberias-den, @jay-muse,​ @ask-elora, @askthe-twistedking, and @thebonecollectorpony

And my loyal husband and wife @ask-frizzmane and @greaserparty

I hope that after taking the time out to read this, you all now have a better understanding of me.

so i’ve been sorting through my playlist and actually found that a lot of the songs can be amazing plots so under the cut is a masterlist of 40 plots and 5 character musings based on songs separated into their respective categories!! this is actually a really long list filled with some pretty underrated songs with lots of detail so please like/reblog if you found this useful or are an rph blog. some of these are pretty generic, but i included them nonetheless because the songs are good and the plots/inspo can definitely be expanded on. most of these don’t have specified genders aside from a few, so feel free to fill them with any of your muses and also to tweak them however you want. this list consists of only english songs, but i may make ones for chinese and korean songs if people like this. if you do end up using any of these, let me know!! trigger warnings of sex, drugs, abuse, and a few more apply (including me swearing aha oops) so read at your own caution!!

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I wanted to thank some amazing people I my life!! 

@mawee is good people I can like 100% vouch 

@akamarulover is amazing, she won’t say she loves me but she’s good friend

  @explodo-kills busy bee but I’m glad she’s my homie and she calls me her homie!

@themonsterinmen is amazing and I love them and their weird ness

@nemovonsilver is an amazing and considerate friend. Sometimes a handful but her existence makes me happy.

@rememberingmermaids is kinda and wonderful, he makes my time a good one

@fawndon is amazing and bashful she’s really great

@little-red-rabbit he’s great and amazing and listens to me when I’m sad XD

 @cyalidecider Kron is amazing friend and artist she’s bless!! She puts up with my weird persistent friendship.

@jay-muse you are strong okay and I appreciate you for sticking by me even when I was like really mean to you and all we did was argue.

@ask-boomix you’re a nerd but I love ya

@ask-bluebell-forest you’re an amazing friend and I’m so happy I got to be friends with someone with a cite art style and a strong personality

@ask-the-saxopone you’re a nerd and bless your heart for dealing with my emotions!

@ask-the-french-olive you’re amazingly sweet and your art is so unique and I love how you do homestuck art and your amazing person I’m bless to be friends with.

@a-rather-rottenpony you’re amazing and in legit happy I got to know you. Even if you’re like 13.

@pony-ivan I got my eye on you. You’re funny and weird but that’s all apart of your charm. You have an amazing signing voice and I’m bless to hear it!

@beardie-arts we don’t always get along but I’m glad I got to be your friend and we tried something new together. (sea urchin) you still owe me those frozen fucking burgers.
@niucniuc we don’t talk often but you’re amazing and weird and I’m glad to find out we get along greatly when we do talk!
@artisticspoopalist you’re amazing night and in so glad I got to reconnect with you all over again your amazing and deserved all the hugs for just existing.

@space-cakees you’re so amazing and u I unique and I’m glad you even talk to me! Like your art is great but your even better to me!!

@deathmetalsheep we aren’t completely friends yet but you’re amazing and funny and even if you say nyall I appreciate you even if I gotta fight you.

@serizawa-katsuyas you’re my husband and I love you to death. I don’t know you well yet but I want to hug you a lot.

@thatdewmodstuff you’re so cute and gentle and I’m surprised you put up with me. I’m glad you like my voice and me in general!!

@dis-url-is-temporary you’re a blessing and a true angel and everything about you is just great! I still know why we named your server APP and it’s still as true as ever in my opinion. I’m glad you decided to randonly come To all My Shitty streams!

  @anna-artsys-place we don’t talk a lot but you’re very cute and the best changeling in my book!

@quirky-artzy-muffin you’re so fun to talk to when you aren’t busy and I enjoy being around you! I love your voice and how you look and it’s nice to see it everyday! 

@agileo-101 I’m not sure I can say your my friend because we have only talked a few times but I enjoyed each conversations with you! I hope you’re doing well! 

@gaylollie you’re so amazing it hurts me. XD I’m glad you’re my friend because well you’re really nice! Like bless my heart!

@theshieldswordandcrown MY IRL AND ONLINE BFF #1 

@gowak thank you for putting up with me |D I’m. Mess and I stab you with love knife.

@askthenightlights you’re a fuckinn nerd and I love you okay i tell you everyday your amazing and you better believe it. 

@ask-sonatadusk Yur good friend?? Like frfr <3 I was worried to be your friend at first but your like literal meme so it’s good stuff.

@yourjerseyfits you’re amazing beautiful, and talented and like amazing and bless thank you for being my friend!

@tyrannosaurus-red We actually barely talk but when we did you were just amazing and good luk with commissions~

@jadecoffee (fuk use tumblr more nerd) she’s great nerd her boyfriend is good nerd. He gives us hope ewe

@ask-heathersweetfeathers You’re so great and funny and i wish we could talk more actually but i’m so forgetful TAT

I’d type more by my fingers are numb and there so many of you!! But if I ever make another post again like this (never again) I’ll tag you all!!

A King

ff.net link | ao3 link

Fandom: Yuri On Ice

Pairings:  Yuuri/Victor (victuuri)

Triggers:  N/A

Important Stuff:   Sequel to A Real Life Cinnamon Roll. Check RL Cinnamon Roll AU tag for more this universe. 

Summary: Yuuri Katsuki’s students knew three things about their teacher’s husband: 1) he looked like a king, 2) he clearly loved Katsuki-sensei, 3) he was damn lucky to have their teacher for a husband. “I feel like I’m in a Disney movie.” 

They never did get the story of how their teacher and his husband met. For one reason or another, Yuri hadn’t come back yet and for two Katsuki-sensei kept changing the subject. Eventually his kicked puppy eyes made everyone feel guilty and they stopped asking. It didn’t stop them from wondering though.

They were approaching the ninth week of the semester when Mariana arrived to the class one day to find all of her classmates huddled outside.

“Is the other class still inside?” she asked. They shared this particular classroom with an upper French level that sometimes ran over their timeslot.

“Nah,” John said, pointing into the room. “We got a king in there.”

“A king?” Mariana asked, skeptical. She peered into the window of the door.

There leaning against Katsuki-sensei’s desk was a tall man with silver hair. With smooth features and piercing blue eyes, he looked like a male model. It was easy to see why John called him a king; there was a feeling that she was standing in the presence of royalty. Regal, cold even, in an untouchable way.

“Like he was carved from marble,” John said with a soft sigh.

“Maybe he’s lost?” Mariana said. “We should go inside, class is going to start soon and we don’t want to disappoint Katsuki-sensei, right?”

The hallway was filled with horrified gasps. No one wanted to disappoint Katsuki-sensei. That was unthinkable. Who would even dare?!

Mariana confidently walked into the classroom, her classmates trailing in after her. She always was a tiny bit fearless. “Excuse me,” she said, addressing the man. “Are you lost?”

The man smiled at her. “Ah! Are you one of Yuuri’s students?”

‘Wow, he was drop dead gorgeous,’ Mariana thought, heart constricting as she tried to school her expression into a stern looking one.

“Yes,” Mariana said. She licked her lips. “Who are you?”

“I’m Victor.”

Mariana’s brain stalled into a halt. She only knew one Victor who had any reason to be in this class right now. Behind her, the entire class screeched, “WHAT?!”

“Katsuki-sensei’s husband?” Mariana asked faintly. This… this was Victor? Katsuki-sensei married him? He married Katsuki-sensei? Her brain couldn’t compute.

Victor’s expression turned tender. It was the same lovesick expression that Katsuki-sensei wore all the time. “That’s me,” he said warmly.

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zoom hunter zolomon and barry

🎼🎧🎼 Better - OneRepublic 🎼🎧🎼 

“Don’t worry about me, in the morning I’ll be better.” The speedster told Hunter. God, he had aches all over his body, and a bruise on his arm that was clearly visible to the other, but it wasn’t like he could say he was the Flash. It was something that had to be kept a secret. “I probably just walked into a wall or something.” He added with a laugh.”