Amy (its-a-daley-thing) and I were wondering what day we would all want to get together and go on and talk! We wanted to plan a day to go on because we miss everyone and how awesome it was when I first created it and we were all on!

So reblog this and put down a day that is good for you and we’ll pick a day accordingly :) love you all xoxo


So here’s my Q&A video hope you enjoy my extreme awkwardness and face. Okay I love you guys bye! Also I don’t know how this fucking got to be so long. I went from having no questions from anyone to a lot….

Youtube channel

So I kind of forgot that I had made a couple youtube vids about a year ago when the Tom Daley fandom was making Q&A vids… I’m so awkward… also I need to get a camera for making videos… Maybe I should do that… anyways yay for awkwardness… humblecas dancing4mylifeagain tomlinsoaked dorascousin onceuponadive