Endless Firefly Gifsets [9/??]

The crew + sign type

Bold Camo

Tim Ashton shot “Just follow your Eyes” exclusively for Milk Made. 

Photographer: Tim Ashton @ Work Agency

Stylist: Lucinda Rose Constable

Hair: Carl Reeves @ Union Management

Makeup: Jasmin Lo @ Union Management

Model: Jayne @ IMG

See more photos from the shoot on Milk Made.

Did you know? 

Elvis Presley was supposed to star beside Jayne Mansfield in the comedy ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’. In 1956, both Jayne and Elvis were becoming stars. Jayne insisted with 20th Century Fox to put Elvis in the film, saying that he was the best and his crescent popularity would help to make the film even more successful. Fox didn’t put Elvis in the film, but later the studio regretted, because Elvis became a huge star. (However, the film was a tremendous box office success and grossed over 6 million). Here’s a picture of Elvis reading a magazine with a record made by Jayne. Sadly, these two icons never met each other. Jayne and Elvis had a lot of similarities - both danced to the beat of their own drums, both lived big, had great personalities, good looks, talents and sense of humor.

Elvis Presley sounded like Jayne Mansfield looked” - Julie Burchill


Happy birthday Vera Jayne Palmer

April 19, 1933 - June 29, 1967

“I liked her because she was flat-assed out honest. We remained good friends. She was an honest dame and I say that in the affectionate sense. I found her simpatico. She was so vulnerable and insecure.” - Gregson Bautzer

“A very up human being. She was fun and she was copy. She never refused the press. In a period when it was the thing to hide, you could call her up at four A.M and she would give you a story.” - Jim Byron

“She never stole a cent the way other children sometimes do. And she always believed other people were honest the same way.” - Vera Peers

“When she walked out there she was the professional, she never let anyone know she was hurting, ever. She forgave everybody everything and she never understood why people wouldn’t forgive her. She was like a little girl who never grew up.” - Raymond Strait

“Jayne did not have a bad bone in her body.” - Mamie Van Doren

“I think she was a woman who was way before her time. Because I don’t know how somebody can have five children and yet still be a sex symbol. She was just amazing.” - Mariska Hargitay

“I was a friend of hers. I adored her. I think she was a fantastic person…she also wasn’t stupid at all.” - Anita Ekberg

“It was an act; the whole thing was an act. She was a concert violinist and pianist and she spoke five languages.” - Jayne Marie Mansfield

“She was genuinely funny and much brighter than most people think.” - Tony Randall

“When I met Jayne it was love at first sight. She was adaptable, marvelous, and eager.” - Frank Tashlin

“She had a great sense of humor, particularly about herself.” - Rick Jason

“She was beautiful, beautiful, beautiful.” - Mickey Hargitay


“The search for the real Jayne – what made her and what lost her – finally exposes a kind of feminist victory. As the truths unfold it is clear that, for better or for worse, Jayne made Jayne. She won out by grasping some vital essentials about the American Fifties and American manhood, and Hollywood at the Sunset of Illusion time. Mindful of traps, she negotiated her own course, exploiting a fraction of herself so that, to her thinking, the whole could gain. Not all the time, but for some of the time, Vera Jayne, the busty outspoken kid from back east, was some kind of magic.” - excerpt from “Pink Goddess: The Jayne Mansfield Story"