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From the office to the streets, we’ve been fan-girling over one of the hottest trends to hit our Instagram feed: The Power Suit. Simple, bold, and SO easy to rock on your own. Masculine tailored suits and minimal accessories are contrasted by the casually cool Sk8-Hi and Old Skool. Style mavens such as Kristen Stewart and Jayne Min have made this look a closet staple, and we can’t wait to get on it. Got a new trend we should try out in our closet? Tag your style shot on Instagram with #VansGirls, and let’s see what you got! 

SITS: Finding out you're a princess

Jayne kept her secret as a princess to the band quite well. Jayne wanted to have a normal life instead of the whole princess training thing. The King and Queen granted her wish to become a normal person. However their only condition was that if something were to happen to their kingdom she must come back immediately. Jayne couldn’t be happier with the news she received. She went to Japan and studied their culture. Six years has passed since she left the palace and not long ago she became Revance’s ghost writer. There were ups and downs with her role as their ghost writer but he was always there for her when she needed help. When their relationship got stronger Jayne thought to herself that it was time for him to know more about her.

Nagito Aoshima
People in the studio were in the preparation mood therefore everyone was running around. Jayne was afraid that she’ll bump into them and ruin the decorations. She walked along the wall hoping nothing goes wrong. Nagito and his brother-in-law were putting out another fashion show together. And since their first collaboration together went great, they decided to make another one. This time the theme is Royalty, meaning they’ve been busy making princess gowns and more dresses for the event.

Everything was going perfectly fine until one of their models was not feeling well. Losing a model to the fashion show can make a difference, especially when everything was going according to plan with the exact number of models. The place was even crazier than the preparation, but Nagito wasn’t worried at all.

“We can ask Jayne to model. Since Kate is about the same size and height as her.” Nagito is right, Kate and Jayne are the same size and height. Jayne knew that even though Nagito’s putting a calm face, deep down he’s freaking out and asked Jayne nonchalantly. Jayne couldn’t say no which made Nagito happy inside and told the makeup artist that she should apply light makeup on Jayne’s face.

She didn’t mind it at all but she was afraid that someone will notice her. It was now Jayne’s turn to walk down the runaway. She took a deep breathe and everyone was shocked to see her. The audience started whispering to each other. “Hey doesn’t she look familiar? Like some kind of famous person?”

“She almost looks like a real princess in that dress.”

“Don’t they all look like Princess’ after all that was the main point of this fashion show” Jayne tried to ignore the conversation happening.

Once the fashion show was done they headed to the car, Nagito embraced Jayne. “You were great out there Your Highness” He teased.

“How’d you know? Who told you? It was the make up artist isn’t it? Ugh man I told her not to tell about my status. I’m going to call her now.” In just a matter of seconds Jayne called the makeup artist who also happens to be the woman that works for the Jayne’s family. In order for Jayne to leave the kingdom, her parents told her that she must bring her personal maid with her Alexia.

Once she called Alexia, Jayne asked she told Nagito about her Royal status. “No, Your Highness! I would never!” Just then Jayne apologized for accusing Alexia and ended the call.

“So… I guess I’m the one who spilled the bean huh.”

“Yeah, why didn’t you tell me sooner? From now on I’ll treat you extra special. And I’ll tell the boys not to make fun of you no more.”

“Nagi, you don’t have to. You already treat me like a princess even before I blurted it out. As for the guys, I don’t think it’ll change anything if I told him I’m a princess. They’ll probably think I’m joking and just laugh it off.” Jayne laughed as she was thinking about it.

“Sucks to be them cause no matter what happens, you’re mine and mine only.” Nagito gave Jayne a passionate kiss.  

Ryo Chibana 
It was very kind of Ryo to help Jayne with lyrics when she’s stuck. The both of them secretly met to write lyrics for the band. As for Jayne, she’s not really the type of person to be pressured or else she’ll have a major panic attack. Luckily for her it hasn’t happened yet, even though the bands schedule is very busy. In a short amount of time she was able to adapt but writing lyrics was the only thing troubling her. Today Ryo and Jayne met up at his place to do a final touch up to the bands new song. They finished in less than fifteen minutes. “Thank you so much Ryo! I don’t know what’s going to happen to me without your help”

“Nonsense Jayne, it’s my fault that you’re in this mess.” Jayne could see that Ryo is still beating himself over the fact that he left and Jayne had to become Revance’s ghostwriter. Just as the two walked towards the elevator Jayne bumped into someone and made an “oomph” sound. Ryo caught Jayne in no time.

“I’m so sorry!” Jayne bowed her head.

“No Your Highness, I’m sorry.” When Jayne raised her head and to her surprise it was her cousin Alvin. He smiled and invited Jayne and Ryo to his suite. Just as the two were catching up with the loss time, Ryo was very confused.

“Did you know that my cousin here loved writing poems back when we were little? I always adored the poems she wrote and as she grew up, she began to learn to love writing and of course that evolved into screenwriting.” Alvin happily explained their childhood to Ryo. “She could’ve been a lyricist if she wanted too.” He added which made Jayne let out a nervous laughter.

“It was really nice seeing you Alvin, I hope your parents are doing well. Ryo and I has somewhere to go so we’re going to take our leave now.” Jayne and Ryo said their goodbyes. She then let out a sigh. “Sorry about my cousin Ryo, he’s really talkative.”

Ryo shook his head, “I think he’s pretty cool. But knowing the fact that you loved writing when you were little and evolving it to something great, you’re definitely trying to make me jealous huh.” Jayne averted her eyes. “Not only were you a great writer back than, but you’re also a princess. It seems like you can do anything. I’d love to read some of your poems someday.”

This shocked Jayne. No one has ever seen or read her poems other than the people close to her. She hesitated at first but agreed. “Okay.” Jayne smiled and kept walking with Ryo.

Iori Enjo
Since Iori has time off he decided  to take Jayne to go to his vacation house. It’s been a while since the two of them came to the vacation house. Iori doesn’t know how happy Jayne is to see his horse Snow White once again. Little did Jayne know Iori had a surprise for her. Jayne noticed that the car kept going and passed Iori’s vacation house. “Iori did you driver forget where your vacation house is?”

Iori just had smiled. “You’ll wait and see” Jayne kept her eyes out the window enjoying the change of scenery.

Once they finally arrived at their destination Jayne’s eyes lit up to see Snow White. “Our plan for today is to go horseback riding and maybe help you with the some tricks.” Iori smirked. He wanted to see how scared Jayne would be, and how he’ll enjoy watching her scared face. However Iori was surprised to see how great Jayne was doing it was almost like she’s been doing this for quite awhile now. Once her little performance was finished Jayne got off the horse and saw the surprised look on Iori’s face. Just then one of the workers clapped to Jayne’s performance.

“Great performance as always Your Highness. I’m surprised to see you on another horse other than Blossom. I remember back then how you refuse to go on another horse if it wasn’t Blossom.” Jayne was surprised to see the man who taught her all those tricks.

“Good to see you again. And plus I wouldn’t be able to do those if I didn’t have a great instructor and about that, I learned a lot here in Japan and it made me realize that I’m going to meet other animals along my way and interact with them at one point. Of course my old self would be stubborn to stick with Blossom but now I’m willing to try other horses.” Jayne replied.

On the other hand Iori was just confused. Why did the man just call Jayne “Your Highness?” He had a lot of questions running through his mind. Jayne and the man kept talking and it came to the point where she asked what he was doing here. The man replied and said that he was on a vacation and will be back at the palace in a week. “Tell my parents I’m doing fine” And with that they said their farewells.

“Your Highness? Palace? Blossom? Okay Jayne what’s going on?” He crossed his arms waiting for her reply. “Well… I’m actually the crowned princess back in my country. And I was planning to tell you but I didn’t know how to bring it up so… Surprise?” Jayne explained and gave out a nervous laugh. “Huh looks like I have two Princess’ in my life. And I promise to take good care of both.” He embraced Jayne tightly. Jayne first thought he was going to be mad but it looks like he was totally okay with it. Jayne knew how much it won’t change anything between the two of them after finding out she’s a princess. Now he has Jayne and Snow White to be his Princess to protect and love for a long time.

Kota Igarashi 
Another long day of filming awaits for Jayne and Kota. After his movie came out he was offered a lot of main roles in movies and even TV series. However Kota wanted to stick with just movies since filming TV series might take a lot of his time from the band and from Jayne.

Of course there are times where he’d tell Jayne not to come to the set because he didn’t want her to see him embrace, kiss, and romantically in love with his leading actress. He was always doing what’s best for them. No matter has many times Jayne would tell Kota that she’s fine with coming to the set for those scenes, because she knows that Kota only loves her and so does she. Kota told Jayne not to come to the set since he didn’t need her there, Jayne half-listened to his request. She didn’t go to the set with Kota but she came to the set around noon.

They were filming the kissing scene and Jayne hid where Kota couldn’t see her. Kota is a great actor and he’s going to nail this film. Just as Jayne is watching she can’t help but admire him.  Kota was just about to finish so Jayne decided walk towards Kota to surprise him. However being a klutz Jayne trip from the wires and just as she was about to regain her balance someone else caught her. Sadly it wasn’t Kota, it was someone else she knew since she was a little girl.

“Max!” Jayne said cheerfully as she hugged her childhood friend. The two of them chatted away as Kota eyed them jealously. He couldn’t take seeing those two get so close.

As he walked closer he heard him say “Well Princess Jayne I must say you haven’t changed a bit. You’re still the same only klutz I know.” Jayne automatically put her hand on his mouth. “Max! Keep it down! No one here knows that I’m a real princess!” Jayne looked around to see if anyone heard that but everyone one was too busy on set.

Kota on the other hand heard everything and was left speechless. “Oh hey Kota, how long have you been standing there?” Jayne laughed nervously. Kota snapped out from the news he heard, “Long enough to hear him call you Princess Jayne. What’s going on here.” He crossed his arms.

“Well…” Jayne trailed off. She thanked Max one last time for saving her from her fall and grabbed Kota’s arm.

The both of them headed home. “Okay it’s time for you to know. What you heard back there on the set is true. Max called me Princess Jayne cause he’s been working in the palace for a long time. Max is the royal butler in the palace. He’s only a year older than me but I saw back there how jealous you were and I’m going to say this now Max is like a big brother to me and you’re the only one I love so you shouldn’t worry about losing me to someone else.” Jayne cupped Kota’s cheeks so she can look him in the eye.

“That’s not fair.” Kota’s face reddened and embraced you. “You know they offered me another role as a prince. Maybe you can help me rehearse the lines? After all you’re a real princess and will always be my princess.”

Kyohei Rikudoh
It was a lazy Saturday for the band. After three whole months of packed schedules they’re finally able to rest and not just as individuals but as a group. The gang was all gathered around down stairs while Jayne was still sleeping. Everyone minded their own business when someone rang the doorbell. Kyohei, Iori, Kota, Nagito and Takashi all looked at each other and wondered who could that be. Once they opened the door an elegant and graceful woman came in. 

“Can we help you?” Nagito asked. 

“Indeed you can. I know Jayne is here and I command you to show my daughter this instance.” 

The guys are still confused on who the woman is but Kyohei spoke up, “Ma'am I don’t know who you are but what business do you have with our assistant manager?” 

Things got heated between Jayne’s mother and Kyohei. “What’s with all the noise? You guys have lots of ener-” Jayne didn’t finished her sentence. She was shocked to see her Mom after six long years. 

“Your Majesty” she curtsied. “What brings you here?” Jayne added. 

The Queen engulfed her daughter to a tight embrace. “Oh my princess how I missed you.” 

As the mother and daughter were having a moment the guys were left confused. “Wait… She’s your Mom?” Asked Nagito. Jayne simply nodded. 

“And she’s the Queen?!?!” Added Kyohei. Once again she nodded. 

“Which means your the princess” said Kota. When all of them realized they all bowed down to the Queen. They apologized for their behaviour earlier. 

After Jayne updated her mother with her life, it was time for her mother to depart. They said their goodbyes and Jayne promised to keep in touch with them this time so they won’t have to worry. “Huh so my girlfriend is a princess. Looks I need to know more about you.” He grinned.

Takashi Ninagawa
Jayne locked herself in her room in order for her to focus and write the upcoming song. Takashi already finished the melody but Jayne wanted the lyrics to be perfect after now that her parents has found out what she has been up to. Her parents knew about her writing lyrics as soon as her brother mentioned to the about the band “Revance”. 

It shocked her at first for them to deduce the possible outcomes but her brother told her to never underestimate him. Now Jayne’s getting lots of pressure because she didn’t want to disappoint her family about what she’s doing, she wanted them to understand why she’s writing lyrics instead of screenplays. 

No one bothered Jayne that day, which led to a very successful lyric writing day. She finished writing the lyrics and the band recorded it as soon as everyone was finished. Now they were at a TV studio where they will be performing their new single. 

Jayne watched and adored them. Back then Jayne would take three tries before she’s able to get her lyrics approved, but now she really improved and pass on her first try. 

When the band finished performing one of the staff member approached us. “I know you have a busy schedule but is there any chance we could talk to your assistant manager? One of the TV producers would like to speak to her and you guy are welcome to follow if you want.” There was a confusion written in everyone faces. 

Why would the TV producer want to speak with Jayne? “We might as well go” said Kyohei. 

“We can’t afford to lose her if something happens to her we’re done” Added Nagito. They all made their way to the room where the TV producer. As soon as they stepped out the people inside left the room except for the producer. 

He welcomed the band individually and as soon as Jayne heard his voice she cried out, “You’ve got to be kidding me. Alright guys we should leave now.” She pushed the band towards the door. 

“Don’t be rude Jayne, you do know who you’re speaking to right? He’s a prince.” 

“I know him more that you do. Now Your Highness we will be taking our leave now.” 

“Not so fast Princess Jayne.” The man smirked at Jayne. “Is that how you treat your big brother after six years?” Jayne mentally facepalmed herself. 

Everyone look at her with wide eyes. “I just wanted to congratulate you on your new single. I must say the lyrics really moved me. I knew you always had it in you lil’ sis!” He ruffled Jayne’s hair. Now the guys were glaring at her as if they were saying “How could you tell him our secret?” Jayne was about to answer but her brother spoke for her. 

“Now, now boys there’s no need to accuse my sister for anything. She didn’t tell us about your secret, we found out about it ourselves. As soon as I heard your song a few months back, I knew it was my sister writing your lyrics. I listened to your previous songs and the lyrics were had a different vibe. I just want to say that Mom, Dad and I are really proud of you Jayne.” He smiled. 

“Thank you brother.” She smiled and hugged him. Despite on your love and hate relationship as siblings she wouldn’t have it any other way. When the Prince left, the guys were still shocked to find out Jayne’s a princess. 

“Looks like you caught a good one leader" teased Kyohei which only lead Takashi and Jayne to blush. 

On the way home Nagito bothered Jayne if she had any relatives who are Princess’ and if they’re single. She told them that most of her cousins are already engaged. Nagito was bummed out about it and teased Takashi that he will steal her away if Takashi doesn’t treat Jayne right. 

Everyone headed to their room. “Can I sleep with you tonight? I’m still shocked about you being a princess and that you’re mine.” Jayne chuckled and let Takashi stay in her room for the time being. She didn’t want to argue because she just wanted to get some sleep. “I love you Jayne remember that.” Takashi whispered. 

“And I love you too. Now let’s get some sleep.” Jayne snuggled up close to Takashi and fell asleep in his arms.

Did you know? 

Elvis Presley was supposed to star beside Jayne Mansfield in the comedy ‘The Girl Can’t Help It’. In 1956, both Jayne and Elvis were becoming stars. Jayne insisted with 20th Century Fox to put Elvis in the film, saying that he was the best and his crescent popularity would help to make the film even more successful. Fox didn’t put Elvis in the film, but later the studio regretted, because Elvis became a huge star. (However, the film was a tremendous box office success and grossed over 6 million). Here’s a picture of Elvis reading a magazine with a record made by Jayne. Sadly, these two icons never met each other. Jayne and Elvis had a lot of similarities - both danced to the beat of their own drums, both lived big, had great personalities, good looks, talents and sense of humor.

Elvis Presley sounded like Jayne Mansfield looked” - Julie Burchill


“The search for the real Jayne – what made her and what lost her – finally exposes a kind of feminist victory. As the truths unfold it is clear that, for better or for worse, Jayne made Jayne. She won out by grasping some vital essentials about the American Fifties and American manhood, and Hollywood at the Sunset of Illusion time. Mindful of traps, she negotiated her own course, exploiting a fraction of herself so that, to her thinking, the whole could gain. Not all the time, but for some of the time, Vera Jayne, the busty outspoken kid from back east, was some kind of magic.” - excerpt from “Pink Goddess: The Jayne Mansfield Story" 

Most of the intelligence community doesn’t believe he exists…

the ones that do call him the Winter Soldier.

He’s credited over two dozen assassinations in the last fifty years.

(So, I made a Bucky to cope with the incredibly ugly Jayne hat I made my sister for Christmas. I followed knitpool’s awesome Nano Hulk pattern for the body and pants, the rest is just made up on the spot. I love him!)