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Jaymi Hensley: 'People In The Music Industry Are Warned Not To Come Out As Gay'

Last week Union J’s George Shelley came out in a heartwarming YouTube video, explaining that he was attracted to both men and women but didn’t want to put a “label” on his sexuality.

The star was greeted with a whole load of support, lead by his bandmate Jaymi Hensley, who came out as gay back in 2012 after finding fame on The X Factor.

However, Jaymi has now opened up about gay artists in the music industry and admitted that there are many struggling stars who are warned not to reveal their sexual identity because it will have a negative impact on their sales.

Speaking at National Student Pride, the boybander explained: “I was very lucky, the show and [record label] Syco were very supportive. They wanted me to do it from the offset. I’ve been very lucky and very supported.

"I’ve seen it happen to other people in the industry, they’re told ‘you can’t come out, it’s not going to do well for your sales’.”

However, the 25-year-old believes that his success in Union J is proof that sexual orientation does not dictate your success in the business, adding: “I like to think I’m testament that it means bugger all – I’ve got as much of a female fanbase as the other three band members, I just like boys.”

We definitely couldn’t agree more.

Ferne McCann Leads Support For George Shelley After Coming Out Video

Earlier today our hearts nearly burst with pride when George Shelley revealed in an emotional video that he has dated both men and women in the past.

Reluctant to put a label on his sexuality, George admitted that he came out because he doesn’t want to be “scared” any more, and that it isn’t a big deal.

The Union J star explained: “I just want you to know that whether I decide to be with a girl next or be with a guy next it is because I love them, and it shouldn’t be a big deal.

"I don’t want to make a big thing out of it when it happens and I don’t want to be scared anymore.

"I don’t want to feel that I can’t be myself because I’m worried about what somebody might be saying about me.”

Fans immediately took to their social media accounts to praise George for the video, and many celebs have also congratulated him on taking such a brave step -  including Ferne McCann, who he enjoyed a short-lived romance with after competing on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here last November.

Sharing a photo of herself and the popstar, Ferne gushed: “Feeling very proud of my lil jungle fwend today ‘happiness is letting go of what you think life is supposed to look like & celebrating it for everything that it is’ I love you bubs @georgeshelley”.

Vicky Pattison, who was also very close to the star in the jungle, soon followed suit as she wrote: “Love is love…. Let’s celebrate it, whatever form it comes in it is beautiful.  @georgeshelley I applaud your strength, courage and honesty”.

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

George’s Union J bandmate, Jaymi Hensley, also had a lot to say about his friend’s revelation - which is understandable as he came out as gay soon after the band left The X Factor back in 2012.

Taking to Twitter, Jaymi urged fans to show George the same love that he received, writing: “Obviously you support for George is very close to my heart! I couldn’t be prouder of how he has shown such strength over this recently….

"And you have never judged me because of who I choose to love so please show him the same love you showed me !…… Very proud.”

He later quipped: “What can I say must be something they put it our waters !!!”

We’re proud of you, George!

Interviewer: You’re the dude that say looks like Harry, right? Are you gonna have a beard like Taylor Swift as well? [Laughs]
George Shelley [Union J]: Does she have a beard?
Jaymi Hensley [Union J]: He doesn’t get it, he’s too young
George Shelley: Does Taylor Swift have a beard?
[Jaymi say something in his ear]
George Shelley: Oh!