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Hi there! I'm currently writing a paper about how things in hollywood are crafted? I've been struggling to find articles that reflect this. Do you know of any at the top of your head that talks about the construction of closets or boybands or at least a point of direction? Totally fine if you don't! Thank you and have a good day! :)

i have a bunch of links to articles i’ll start with and then i’ll also link you to some relevant tumblr posts that might help you direct your research.


celebrities call the paparazzi on themselves

watch this video from rolling stone where troye sivan talks about coming out and record companies closeting artists

Rowan Blanchard on closeted actors

vanity fair article on hiddleswift and other celebrity ‘conspiracy theories’ (hiddleswift, babygate is fake and larry mentions)

the forced womanizer images for union j’s Jaymi Hensley and Christopher Maloney (who later came out)

Vice: Why celebrities fake relationships to help their careers (with bonus glass closet mention)

union j member says artists are told: “you can’t come out”

tom daley interview with the guardian about coming out

not about closeting but absolutely vital reading - new york times interview with kesha about the dr.luke/court situation called ‘kesha, interrupted’

out magazine - pretty hurts: the joy and heartache of colton haynes (who talks about his coming out experience)

the another man article about the dark side of boy bands

(from the independent) revealed: the formula for a successful boyband

simon cowell’s own book ‘i don’t mean to be rude but’ talks about how important fake/pr relationships are

i want my, i want my, i want my TMZ: lessons for handling a pr crisis

the scandal attention cycle

Former Scientologist Cathy Schenkelberg Opens Up About Unknowingly Auditioning To Be Tom Cruise’s Girlfriend

interview with harvey levin about not outing closeted celebrities

Louis Walsh: I planted fake stories to cover up sexuality of Boyzone’s Stephen Gately

here’s an interview with the x-factor’s first winner steve brookstein (contains the infamous ‘that secret should have been ours to sell’ quote)

the art of the staged celebrity photo (text on tumblr but the post is originally from e!)

how to spot fake PR relationships courtesy of the daily mail (the irony isn’t lost on my either)

and of course @aaronbutterfield‘s breatheheavy article we need to talk about one direction

now onto the tumblr posts (most have a direct source link to the articles they discuss [a number are posted above already] but also provide additional commentary)

a bunch of links to articles about hold actors in old hollywood were closeted and/or mistreated by the studio system

more on the three week scandal cycle

colton haynes’ IG post about coming out

the curious case of closeting luke evans

jeremy renner had his own babygate

as did simon cowell

compilation post about tom cruise/katie holmes, leo dicaprio, and elton john

my leo dicaprio tag in general might be helpful but these posts in particular about his set up papped dates with blake lively a few years ago

here’s a crash course on scientology and how they closet the famous people involved in their ‘religion’

how entertainment closeting works

other closeted/formerly closeted celebrities (ranging from rock hudson to sam smith)

in oz, there are no curtains

robsten fake cheating scandal case study

fake and speculated to be fake celebrity baby scandals

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Am I the only one that feels like if Louis and Harry weren't together and were still members of the LGBTQ community things would be different?? I dont feel like they would still have beards and a baby scandal. I think they would've had a bit more freedom to be who they were.

i don’t know if this an unpopular opinion or not but i think if louis and harry weren’t together but were still not straight, they’d have eventually allowed louis to come out to fill their ‘we’re so accommodating and respectful of the lgbtqia community’ quota but they would have kept heavily pushing the het harry/womanizer image because he’s always been their golden goose and his het image is what made him famous.

i think a huge source of the conflict (and the emotional trauma bestowed on them) stems from the way their team has always treated their relationship rather than their individual identities if that makes sense.

like i think the reason there’s so much pushback against louis isn’t because of him as a person necessarily but because of the obstacle they view him as. if he hadn’t had to fight for his relationship all of those years i think there’d be significantly less resentment towards him from their team (obviously he’d still have been forced to stunt and play straight as that’s a consistent pattern with all of the former x factor people [hello jaymi hensley] but i think it would have been more systemic and less personal).

they’ve clearly never really valued louis as a performer as a person and probably would have seen his coming out as relatively low risk because they just weren’t as invested in him on his own (which is absolute bullshit but we know he’s always been undervalued and overlooked by his team).


Louis laughs, cupping the back of George’s head. “Vicious little thing, aren’t you?” he says. “Biting everyone all the time.”

“I like it,” George says petulantly. “Feels good.”

“I know you do. That’s why I haven’t muzzled you yet, puppy,” Louis replies, kissing George’s ear.

George pulls Louis’ forearm closer, biting down because biting biting biting good biting is so nice and fun and lovely.

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