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hello, so I'm not new to kpop however I am new to finally waking up and realizing that girl groups are amazing, and I most deeply apologize for not realizing this earlier, and I see that you like twice and gfriend and i highkey want to stan them so could you like give me a quick intro? (if you want that is, pls don't feel obligated too, I just feel like fans are better at knowing and explain their groups if that makes sense) okay, thanks! have a nice day ^^

No it’s fine, I love talking about them! Glad that you had an awakening ( name of gfriend’s new mini album). Glad to give you a little or longish intro cause I could talk about them forever.

Gfriend- 6 member group from Source Music which debuted in 2015 with Glass bead.

Sowon- longest legs, leader, model,finally getting to rap( thats what she trained for), she’s really under appreciated so love her. She’s so caring and teases her members.

Yerin- loves touching but hates being touched, the snake of the group, always makes friends with other girl groups, loves gfriend more than anything.

Eunha- so cute, unique singing voice, tiny of group, savage of group, was a childhood actress, winking master.

Yuju- main vocalist of new gen, good English, well-rounded, scaredy cat of group, got dumped by JYP.

Sinb- little shit of group, potterhead, that main dancer, a walking meme, no one will let go her role on a kids show.

Umji- literal angel, so precious deserves all the love in the world, been a visual since day 1, just wants to sing Disney songs, good English, always thinks of international fans.

For gfriend I’d recommend watching their 2x fast dances on weekly idol, as well as their showtime with mamamoo, and reality show in Europe.You can also watch their v lives to get to know them more.

Twice- 9 member group from JYP established in 2015, after the sixteen reality show.

Nayeon- cutest lil teeth, cute in general, loves compliments, lil devil but not sneaky, easily embarrassed.

Jeongyeon- has the humor of a dad but never call her anything related to guys cause she hates that, beautiful, has bad photos of everyone, underrated vocals.

Momo- loves food especially jokbal, abs, dancer extraordinaire, part of j-line, pets dogs even tho she’s allergic.

Jihyo- leader, more curvy than most, great vocals, a goddess, wonderful, under appreciated.

Sana- adorable, hard to resist, snake of group, invented shy shy shy, part of j-line.

Mina- penguin, ballerina, slowly getting out of her self, plays video games, part of j-line.

Dahyun- makes the weirdest faces, plays piano, rapper, a cutie pie, religious, a dork.

Chaeyoung- tiniest in the group, cut her hair like Kristen Stewart, educating herself, always has song recommendations, also rapper.

Tzuyu- tallest in group, from Taiwan, loves dogs so much, so young, so talented, improves all the time, is always so done with Twice members.

For Twice I’d recommend checking out their v live stuff cause some of their reality shows on are there too. There’s always tons of crack videos on YouTube to get the humor of Onces.

I’m sorry if this is a bit long just wanted to introduce you to each member and tell you what you should watch. As you said I love them a lot so that’s also why. I hope this helped you or anyone else wanting to stan gfriend or twice. If you need be for anything then don’t be shy to ask! Thank you so much for coming to me!

Killing Scott McCall (Reader X Scott)



Prompt Request:

Y/N shows up on her first day of school and tries to kill Scott cause she’s a hunter but before she kills him he tells her that he’s a true alpha and she stops. Maybe a little romance idk.

Character Request:

Girl named Jaymie, 5'5, green eyes, straight black hair, bisexual, 17, wears black combat boots/leather jacket/skinny jeans, (very badass lol), rides a motorcycle, human but fights really well, Hunter.


Everyone was turning heads when I arrived at Beacon Hills High School. I couldn’t tell if it was because I was the new girl, or because I rode a motorcycle to school while wearing all black.
Senior year of high school was going to be a breeze. My grades were always at an A+ average, I always made friends easily at a new school, and I’d have a little extra money from killing yet another alpha.

Scott McCall.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with werewolves. Not the yellow-eyed betas anyway. I did have a problem with blue-eyed betas and red-eyed alphas. Also known as killers. Murderers. Scott McCall was the next alpha on my list, just another killer. Today was the day I’d get it over with, and soon enough I would move on to another school.

“Hey, nice bike,” a voice from behind me said. I smiled, turning around to face the person I predicted it was. Scott.

“Thanks, just got it last month. My old one was trash.” I told him, taking off my helmet and running my hand through my hair.


I looked at him with confusion. “What?”

“Sorry,” he laughed, shaking his head. “You just have really pretty eyes.”

Isn’t that cute. A killer pretending to be a nice guy.

“Anyway, what’s your name?” He asked. “I’m Scott.”

“Jaymie…” I said, about to walk away. Then the perfect idea hit me. “Hey, do you mind showing me around the school? I’m new.”

Scott nodded enthusiastically. “Sure, I’d love to.”

We walked down each hall, talking and laughing, both of us missing our first class. Things were going well so far. I’d have him dead in no time.

“You’re really funny,” he said, looking at me. He totally had a crush on me. Cute.

I giggled. “Hey, don’t fall in love with me just yet.” We both laughed, but I stopped when we were next to an empty classroom. “Can we go in there?” I asked. “I wanna look around.”

Scott shrugged. “Yeah, why not.”

We walked into the empty classroom, and I closed the door behind me. Then I leaned in for a kiss. Scott leaned in for the kiss, only to be stabbed in the back with a Chinese ring dagger that I had up my sleeve. He fell to his knees, blood coming from his mouth. His eyes turned red. The color of a killers eyes.

“Wh..why are you doing this?” Scott pleaded, trying to pull the dagger out of his back.

I narrowed my eyes. “Because you’re a killer. How else would you have became an alpha?”

His eyes widened. “I’ve n-never killed anyone… I’m a true.. Alpha.”

For a moment I thought my heart stopped. A true alpha. My first love.. The first person I had ever loved was a true alpha. She was killed by a blue-eyed beta that wanted her power.. It’s the reason I got into the business of hunting. Now here I was, about to kill a true alpha.

“Oh my god..” I whispered. “I’m so sorry dude, I didn’t know.”

“Could you possibly.. Pull your d-dagger..”

“Yeah.. Sorry.. I forgot.”

I grabbed the dagger by its handle and pulled it out of Scott’s back. He let out a sigh of relief and wiped some of the blood off his face with the back of his hand. I was overcome with guilt.

“Can we start over?” I asked. It had been awhile since I made a friend. This seemed like a weird time to start being a normal teenager again, but I needed to.

“I don’t know. You kind of just tried to kill me,” Scott said, staring at me.

“Then let me make it up to you,” I offered, helping him up. “I think we could be friends. Or more. You’re kinda cute.“