Little Angels || Perri & Jayme

-drives over to his house after stopping at Perseus’ and parks her car in his driveway behind his, climbing out and grabbing their drinks and a goodie bag- Dang it. -looks back and forth between the houses- I didn’t ask which house it was… -chews her lip gently before hearing loud giggling and what could only be Jayme’s stern voice coming from a house so she heads to it and awkwardly knocks on the door with her elbow-


Jayme: You’re so annoying excited. 

Roosje: Well it is a baby after all. 

Jayme: Hummm….

Roosje: Is there a baby?


Roosje: Let me be clearer…. if there is a baby is it August’s? You said you were pregnant from him about four months ago yet your stomach is completely flat. What’s even funnier is that you don’t want him to go to the hospital with you. You don’t seem to even be excited for the new baby. I had to drag you here myself. It’s all weird, don’t you think? 


Roosje: Granted in my line of work I could find out about your recent relationship with a certain married neighbour of yours but we won’t talk about that. We’ll just talk about your child with Auggy… Is there a baby, Jayme? 

so my friend’s dad is super invasive and he checks her trash cans to try and find shit out about her so one time she had to throw away birth control packaging and he didnt want her on it so in order to deter him we bought cherry gatorade and soaked a bunch of tampons and strategically laid them in the trash so he wouldnt touch it