Julian is a worker at a psychiatric hospital, and Jayden enters as a patient. Julian finds himself getting attached, but he knows that he can’t.

Length: 3, 231 words
Part: ½
Jayden’s P.O.V 


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anything jayliannnn but with lots of fluff and maybe some smut bc u kno we're all horny for that

“Don’t you think you’re a bit too young for this?”

Julian’s voice echoed through the kitchen and into the lounge room where Jayden had been sitting down on the couch, watching something on a children’s channel - he wasn’t really watching it, the t.v was really only there for background noise.

But Jayden still gasped for effect, “Hey, I’m still allowed to watch…” He turned towards the moving screen with furrowed eyebrows, “Whatever it is I’m watching.”

Julian let out a light laugh, “You didn’t have to wait for me, I would’ve joined you in bed anyway.”

He walked over and sat down in the spot next to the smaller boy, his arms automatically fitting into the broadness of Jayden’s shoulders. Jayden snuggled into the crook of Julian’s neck, smiling softly as he pecked it.

“I know,” He spoke softly, “But I just love it after you’ve showered.”

Julian laughed lightly again, letting his chest shake softly with Jayden lying on top, “You make it out like I don’t shower very often.”


This time Julian was the one to let out a gasp, and pushed Jayden off his chest. There was a flicker in his eyes as he pushed him down onto the couch. Jayden smirked up at him, knowing what that flicker meant from experience.

“Little bastard,” Julian grinned down on him, his legs intertwined with the boy below him. “Cheeky.”

He took a hold of Jayden’s nose with his thumb and finger, and pretended to pull it off. Jayden raised one eyebrow and flicked his hand away with a short giggle, but failed when he tried to shove the boy off him.

“You’re such a weirdo.” Jayden laughed, his eyes crinkling up - just how Julian liked it.

“Yeah, well-” Julian lent down and kissed the top of Jayden’s lips, “You’re the freak that fell in love with me.”

Jayden gave this a thought and eventually shrugged, “That is true…” He admitted, and let Julian kiss him once again, this time it was deeper, “But it’s your fault for falling in love with me, first.”

Julian shook his head and laughed into Jayden’s mouth, kissing for a few seconds, still smiling, “Shut up and kiss me back, idiot.”

The boy underneath him shifted his arms around Julian’s back and didn’t bother to argue, instead he pulled him into his body tighter and kissed him back.