Give me a ship and I’ll tell you:

Who cooks:

They alternate. Elena can’t cook worth a damn, so she usually orders take out and passes it off as her own. Jacks pretends to be oblivious.

Who does the laundry and other chores:

Jackson. He looks for little things to help her out despite Elena’s protests.

How many children do they have:

None. For a long time. It’s still up in the air considering neither believe that they could give children the life they deserve - but in theory, they’d like two. One boy, one girl.

Who’s more dominate:

They’re both pretty dominant - Jackson by nature, Elena simply because its Jackson. It depends on the night, because both have kinks that need to be worked out.

Favorite nonsexual activity:

Wrecking havoc on Mystic Falls and cuddling.

Their favorite place to be together:

In each other’s arms.

Any traditions:

Every time it rains they make it a habit to go outside for a hand-in-hand walk that usually turns into a choreographed musical of their own styling.

Their “song”:

In My Veins - Andrew Belle

Look After You - The Fray

Stand By Me - Ben E. King

What they do for each other on holidays:

On the anniversary of the day they met, every year they buy each other pillow pets and then invent their own, original drinking game. And holidays..well, little gifts are common and you know there’s always going to be a few physical favors.

Where did they go for their honeymoon:

Jackson flew her to the Bahamas. Rented out a beach house that extended out over the water and stayed there for multiple weeks. Their activities are classified.

Where did they first meet:

Mystic Falls Graveyard~

Any pets:

They buy new goldfish every few weeks. Unfortunately, everything they touch dies.

What do they fight over:

Elena teases Jackson a lot, and he usually gets rather worked up about it. Also - Elena’s insecurities and doubts sometimes get in the way along with Jackson’s stubbornness.

Do they go on vacations, if so where:

They vacation a lot - mostly because Jackson finds Mystic Falls “disgustingly boring” and Elena has been dying to get out of the place for quite some time now. They visit Beacon Hills often - and they have goals to visit every country on the planet. They do have eternity after all.

Natalie Parkinson|Selena Gomez|16|TAKEN

Natalie is Kenzie’s best friend, some say they could be attached at the hip. Whenever Natalie knows something you can be sure Kenzie does too. As the plane went down the two of them were found clutching on to each other, eyes closed tight waiting for it to be over. Unlike Kenzie though Natalie speaks her mind whenever and to whoever, which is good since Kenzie is so quiet. Natalie will not be afraid to tell you what she thinks, it’s best not to go messing with her, or any of her friends. If you do remain on her good side however, you can always expect a smile your way and a friendly hello.

~ Jackson Whittemore ~

What does your character think of mine?

Elena likes to have a firm view of people and their personalities. She likes to know who to associate herself with, who to stay away from, who is a raging jackass - well, you get the picture.

Jackson is a completely mystery to Elena. At first she thought she had him pegged - definitely the raging jackass - but there was something more there, behind the tough exterior. It was almost like he wanted her to figure him out. Like he yearned for her to dig deeper than most, and figure out just what made him tick - what made him who he really was.

They go together well. Falling together as if they had known each other all their lives. Both broken spirits, both holding back as covering up - similar, as they were, it’s certainly hard for Elena to keep her distance.

He challenges her, pushes her, makes that girl that all thought had died come back and resurface. She adores him - and his matted down hair.

He’s the broken puzzle she longs to put back together — And she’s the shattered picture frame he was meant to restore.