It’s Telecaster Tuesday!

Actually…It has been all Tele all the time here lately…I am still smitten with my new old 1968 Telecaster.

It is so bright, thanks in part to 1 meg pots.  Wait, I thought Fender started using 1 meg pots on Teles in 1969?!?  The neck date says “Oct. 68”, so perhaps the neck had been made in late ‘68 and the rest of the guitar was built in '69…?  Whatevs.  It’s good either way.

Here is one of the coolest pieces of music featuring a Tele.  Booker T and the MGs “Green Onions”.  I first heard this tune many years ago when watching George Lucas’ “American Graffiti” - it plays in the background near the end as the John Milner character street-races with a VERY young Han Solo!  It’s still a cool song more than 50 years after it’s release…



You guys know that, based on my collection of Jaykco (http://www.jaykco.com/) guitar straps, that I like…no wait…LOVE a good strap!

Here is one I bought the other day…not a Jaykco…but a Levy’s (http://www.levysleathers.com/home), and it was roughly the same price - 70 dollars - as I would pay for a Jaykco down at Capsule Music (http://www.capsulemusic.com/) in Toronto.  The leathe ron this one is so rich and feels great over the shoulder!

OK, that’s all I have to say about the new guitar strap…  :D

Hello, my name is DeeBeeUs™, and I am an SG-coholic.  It has been 8 months since I last bought an SG.  

This one is a 2012 Standard P-90 (it’s exactly the same as a regular Standard, but has P-90s instead of humbuckers) and I LOVE it.  

PS: strap by Jaykco.  Just to show you how weird I am, I have bought 4 other Jaykco straps in this style, so all of my cherry Gibsons have the same strap.  :D 

One more Top-O’-The-#Amp shot for TeleTuesday this week. Here’s my 1968 #Telecaster with its lovely #Jaykco strap sitting on its lovely ‘65 #Fender #Vibrolux #Reverb.

Our mutual IG friend, and inspirational #LesPaul owner @rpcc2 has tried this #guitar out, and I’m sure he will agree that it’s not the easiest guitar in the world to play! Mostly because the #frets are so low as to be only a mere illusion! They are basically an ephemeral indication of where frets *might* be located some day…should you ever choose to install them. They may as well be painted in for all the good they do! :D

BUT…if you can get past the fret (or more accurately the “#fretless”) situation, this guitar sounds fantastic…very raw and VERY #twangy thanks in part to its 1966-dated 1meg #CTS #potentiometers!

#vintagetelecaster #vintageguitar #fenderguitar #vintagefender #tel #guitars #guitarphotography

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1963 Fender #DeluxeReverb stacked on a 1965 Fender #VibroluxReverb. Someone asked me to compare the two sound-wise: the #Deluxe is brighter, while the #Vibrolux is warmer and fuller. They both sound good by themselves, but when I run them in #stereo they compliment each other wonderfully and sound HUGE!

The guitar? Oh sure: 2008 #Fender #CustomShop ‘67 #Telecaster #Relic in #ShorelineGold. Custom fabric #Cowboy #strap by #Jaykco.

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Dear Jaykco,

Have I told you lately that I love you?  You make BEAUTIFUL guitar straps.  Sure, you are a bit pricey (ok..VERY pricey!), and the one time I actually had to electronically correspond with you, you were a touch on the “crusty” side (one might even go so far as to say “crotchety”!) in your written communication, but your straps often border on works of fine art, and so I am happy(ish) to put up with your prices and quirkiness!



Toronto, Canada

PS: Here, my Gibson ES-335 is sporting the very first Jaykco strap I ever bought.  I’d love to be able to tell you what model it is (so you could order your own if you like it), but I didn’t buy it direct from Jaykco - I bought it at Capsule Music Toronto - and I have never seen one of the same material on the Jaykco website.  It may have been a limited run…

Check them out though…they have DOZENS of other pretty straps to choose from!

PPS: per usual, I am not affiliated in any way with Jaykco (or anything/anyone else I talk about here).  I receive no compensation whatsoever for promoting these guitar straps.  I am a genuine fan…and own about 15 (or more…) of their straps, which I have picked out specially to “go” with specific guitars in my collection!  

HOWEVER: if Jaykco wanted to, I would not be averse if they chose to recompense me for all this free publicity, I would be willing to accept either cash…or FREE Jaykco straps!  Pls. notice that’s plural…“strapS” :D

Also: same goes for the fine people at Gibson Custom… send me free stuff guys and I’ll promote you all day long!  What say we start with one of these?  ;)

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If you were alive (and conscious) in the 80s like me, there’s a strong possibility that by about 1989 you were wishing that pastel colours would just go away for ever.  Thankfully three guys from Seattle single-handedly changed the dress code to plaid flannel an ripped jeans a couple of years later…

Feeling the way I do about pastels, I find it interesting that the colours of all of my recent guitar acquisitions look like they came right out of an episode of Miami Vice!