My sexy dream about Dianna Agron

I had the best dream today. I dreamt with Dianna Agron. It was I guess what people call a “Sexy Dream” I like ran into her at a park and she was all like “Hey, Don’t I know you from somewhere?” and I replied “No, but I know about you” and she smiled and was all like “Ok I see, We should hang out sometime” and of course like an idiot I was like “I’m free now” and she just smiled sweetly and said “Ok good, me too” and we hung out for like a bit at this place that looked like a bar or a club, I can’t recall and I ordered us some beers and we just started talking about random thing. We were having a good time then she was like “You’re the first person I meet that doesn’t ask me about my career, Why is that? Aren’t you curious?” I replied with smoothness that only dream me has (lol) “Of course I’m curious but I’m here to know the real you, not the you people assume they know or the one I hear about on TV or the internet…” and I smiled at her “…Now why don’t I get us some more drinks and I can get to know the real Dianna, You know, the Human being.” and she gave me this look like I guess adoring look and was like “Yes, that would be lovely” so I got up and went to the bar and then music started playing and out of nowhere Dianna appears next to me and starts dancing and was like “join me” and we started dancing. then we started to like grind against each other. and she whispered in my ear in the sexiest voice “Let’s get out of here” so I nodded and we left and ended up inside this building or apartment complex and we were looking for a room, which I assume her room, and we ended up just going into a like storage room but it had a weird bed like made out like couch cushions. But there was also this big red comfy couch so I sat there and she told me she would be back soon that she had to use the restroom. so I waited for a bit and then I noticed Katy Perry sitting on the bed looking sad like she was going to cry. So I asked her what was wrong and if she was ok and she just nodded and didn’t even look at me. so then Dianna walked in like wearing like short shorts and some weird looking shirt. and she started giving me a lap dance. A FUCKING LAP DANCE! and Idk why but she made me undo my jeans so i did. I mean who am I to deny Dianna Agron what she wants. even if it was just a dream lol. but when I undid them I realized I was wearing a strap-on and i had no clue why but i went with it. So she continued to give me the lap dance and she would let me only touch her hips. and i remember saying “Fuck” a lot and she would just look at me all sexy and shit. Then I told her to take off her shirt, so she did, and she wasn’t wearing a bra. Sexy I know! and she started undressing me until i was just wearing the strap-on. so she continued the lap dance and she took off the rest of her clothing and then she sat on my lap with her legs on each of my side. and she started grinding and shit started getting real heavy after that cuz I flipped her over on the couch and I was about to have dream sex with Dianna Agron but then mom decided to come in to my room unannounced and proceeded to yell at me “GET UP ITS 3PM ALREADY!  Did you sleep all day?” and she fucking woke me up from an amazing sex dream I was going to have about Dianna Agron :’(. Needless to say I am not speaking to my mother for the next couple of days.