I didn’t really have an idea down for what I should draw jaw and jess doing, so I figured I could just doodle a bunch of random stuff of them, then I started doodling gale and was like “why the hell not” and doodled all the couples. And Sara and Sam’s pets. (i’m bad at animals) AND a bad attempt to doodle Mal while on the bus. Anyway I do not own these characters, they rightfully belong to Ty  and Bee.

More of their precious babies can be found here or here.

p.s. Thanks for helping me with my problems Ty!

AH! Mama mia!! this one was difficult D: ! I’m glad I was able to finish it though :D! Pretty proud of the results^^ though looking at Jay’s skin, I’m thinking of Shrek XD

Anyways, Jay’s clothing was one hell of a thing to come up with !! I mean, goblins are almost all the time in rags or just a piece of fabric to hide the private parts, and thinking about the fashion taste of Tyshea, she wouldn’t just put Jay in those I guess. So looking at her fantasy races designs, I thought that some gladiator thingy mixed with something else would be great for Jay, though I didn’t noticed how buff I made her XD

Jess was easier since there was some reference from Tyshea, so something similar would be good in my opinion (°v°)

Jay by Tyshea
Jess by Ai-Bee