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( TW: Murder / Poisoning / Alcohol ) 

After listening to this post a few times, I couldn’t stop thinking about Dualscar poisoning Eridan in order to rid his bloodline of its ‘imperfections’. If you haven’t already noticed, I edited the lyrics a little bit.

If you wish to make a video out of this using my art, please notify me first and give me proper credit.

Modern AU where Marco Bodt is 26, the proud owner of a flower shop in New York City, perfectly content by himself having discussions with his flowers, when the man who broke his heart six years earlier walks through the front door. Jean Kirschtein is a police officer, successful at his job and engaged to an amazing woman, living the dream his parents gave him. We got a straight male over here, that’s right. But still, he walks past Bodt’s Flowers every day just to see Marco’s name and remember the boy he met in college, the boy he left. When it’s Marco himself behind the counter, Jean’s entire cookie-cutter perfect world changes.Wisteria is about a police officer that finds an excuse to buy flowers every day just to see the shop owner blush. It’s also the story of love, and whether it can survive the tests of timing, fear, and duty to others.

I wanted to make a cover for one of my favorite JeanMarco fics. ‘Wisteria’ is a worth while read that will make you laugh till your stomach hurts and cry until headaches happen. Its well made and I highly recommend this read, and its second part 'Forget me not’ as well.

WISTERIA (part 1): XXX