With the aid of an anonymous button and a keyboard, people are becoming more and more vile every single day. And whats worse, is our society is a complete contradiction. All over the world, and all over tumblr, people are fighting for bullying to become illegal, for something to be put in place to help curb both bullying in person and bullying online. But, then you see keyboard warriors getting extremely confident behind the screen to say things that really fucking hit deep. Does that not count as bullying? Like, Jayde for instance. She’s extremely upset over not seeing her cat for a few days and, she gets things like ‘i hope he was run over by a car.’ Does the golden rule mean absolutely nothing anymore? Whatever happened to parents teaching their kids, “treat others as you would like others to treat you.” And “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.” Because I sure as hell don’t believe you would like to receive those kinds of things, being in her position. I’ve seen the tragic story of Jamey Rodemeyer, whose online bullying and taunting led him to suicide, being thrown back and forth through this site, but I can’t see any fucking change in our behavior. We just never learn. Ever.  It’s absolutely fucking awful. And maybe some people are strong enough to look passed it, to ignore it, to push it to one side. But what if you have just pushed someone over the edge? What if you have just insulted someone and from your very comment, they have decided to end their own life. You might not even know the person. You might. But do you want that on your conscience? Because it always will be. It’ll always be your fault. 
I literally believe everyone who has ever felt the need to use the anonymous button to insult someone, or even kick them when their down, needs to re-evaluate their life. Take a good hard luck in the mirror, because your an extremely ugly person, both inside and out.