With very little rest, Ara continued to focus on the spell. There were few days left before the next full moon. There was nothing Jayden could do to help her, it was something only she could do.

Have you decided who to bring back first?


Which one was she?

The youngest. The one with the ability to control minds and manipulate memories.

Right, that one. Why her?

She was the least experienced of the Bishops.

She was experienced enough to wipe entire memories at a time and insert false ones.

From what Prue said, it was all at the hand of Candice. Fiona would do whatever Candice asked of her.

One by one, it is how you will bring each of them back?

If Mazen were here, it would be more advantageous to bring them all back at once, rather than staggering the consequences for casting such a spell. But the two of us, alone, do not stand a chance against the four of them. Candice alone can do more harm than Fiona, Gale and Charlotte combined. Then there is his blood and its power to heal. Also part of the reason he would have been useful here…I am feeling tired, maybe I should get some rest for today.

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