Extremely updated version!!! Lots more demons then before, got rid of some too

anyways, characters in order

Humans: Abel, kodi, Jayden, pepper, Joannah, Malachi, Steven, Porter (Who will probably be renamed), Issac, and Peter

Demons: Conrad, Vivian, Christine, Erika, Orin, Clovus, Lilith, Sorrow, and Chike

Angels: Lucifer, Virtue, and Angus Day

Sins: Lust, Sloth, Gluttony, Greed, Wraith, and envy (Pride is malachi sorta)


Whee I’m replaying Dragon Age 2 with a Jay that actually VAGUELY looks like Jay sans the freckles and the cheek scars and beard tail (only so much you can do with the CC in DA2 hah can’t even edit the cheeks and jaw what kind of bullshit is that??? Also maybe I should learn to mod I mean how terrible can adding freckles and stuff be I bet it’s actually terrible though oh dear but actually it’d be a very good thing for me to learn) and also this means I finally get a full play-through with Sebastian, which I did not have before. So basically a full canon playthrough for Jay. Score one for me! I’ve missed Kirkwall and the gang so much. <3

(I took a couple of trips to the Black Emporium to fix some things in his face/coloration so variation between screens here is not a trick of the lighting haha. I should still do things to his nose a bit and probably reconsider the stubble but eeeh I’m getting there. 8))

Also once again I proved to myself and to the world that I have no restraint nor breaks when it comes to the screenshot button. It’s so much easier now that the game doesn’t hitch and lag like it did on the old computer and screenshots don’t cause a one-second lag every time - it was very nearly unplayable back then but somehow I managed.

“But Ida you already HAVE too many screenshots of Anders.”
“LIES AND SLANDER. LIES. AND SLANDER. HOW DARE. Anyway it’s for REFERENCE PURPOSES. Never enough references right? RIGHT?”

Well, here’s my (updated) Pokeshipping fanchild, Katie, with her boyfriend Jayden, my rocketshipping fanchild I started working on this before I went to America when my friend kris-amethyst pointed out that Amber Katie looked a lot like Misty so I decided to mess around with her design and with the help of my internet friend, I added in some Ash and Delia to try and make her a mix of everyone! We also have the headcanon that, when Katie was younger, she loved styling James’ hair and usually put it in a side plait so as a result, James did it to her in return and ever since it stuck with her :P 

kawaii-murderer asked:

Flora climbed through Jayden's window and fell on the floor. It was midnight and she couldn't sleep. She was covered in a blanket. She walked over to his bed and layed down next to him. "Tiiiireeeed... Must.. Sleeeeep.."

He opens his eyes and turns to her and blushes

I just read the most disgusting comment ever on Facebook, it was on a news about 70 migrants found dead in an abondoned truck, the bodies were so decomposed g the investigators couldn’t tell at first how many people were inside. This brit guy said “70 less to claim benefits here” lives are lost and they don’t know how but he’s more worried about his benefits. Xenophobia is real in the uk if you don’t speak like them no matter your ethnicity you’ll experience it at some point, this guy is probably one of those people who don’t want to work but still blame immigrants for his problems, there are 2 to 3 generation of families who’ve never worked but still talk sh*t about immigrants who are doing low skill jobs they don’t want. I also experience their xenophobia when I first moved to Manchester, my neighbour called me “frog eating b*tch, f*cking immigrant”. All that because he was jealous of jayden’s car, how stupid is that get an education and a job if you want to drive a new car!