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The Bitter End |Episode 1| Synchronized

Summary: Moving was something none of them wanted, but sometimes people need to get away…
For The Seventeen year old Lenesse Twins, Julian and Jayden, it wasn`t something THEY wanted. After spending almost two weeks apart from the Jayden, while traveling down to their old forgotten summer home they used to live in during their childhood summers, to try get things set up, make it home like, Julian finds himself tore about how to act towards his always needy and delicate younger sister, Jayden. Haven gotten a head start in school, finding and making friends, like any normal teenager his age, how can he go back to being the giving caring, always on call bigger brother?
“It isn’t something siblings our age do…”

Main cast:
Julian: ToriKamal
Jayden: Oritasho
Tori: RenoRebirth
Amy: Morganalefey23
Curtis: Robert S. Benjamin
Linda: VoiceyChic

Special thanks to Extra’s for this episode
Jake: CharleyGamer
Female student: Luana6972

Director`s comments:
-First off, I just want to say, I am so sorry that this is SOOO late from when I promised it, ran into some majoring rendering problems, THEN after 9 hours of rendering the one copy had some HUGE mistakes, so I had to re-render it a second time, which took 4 more hour, (so that’s why the quality may not be as clear) And now it took over 10 hours to upload to youtube!

Secondly (though this should be first) I want to thank my amazing cast, who did such a wonderful job at portraying the characters emotions and their personality, T.K  your amazing and I`m so glad to have you playing Julian you truly give him a life of his own. I hope my own poor acting did not make your guys seem less than perfect, hopefully I can learn from you and get better.

Third, I want to thank David and KayKay for my wonderful opening, it honestly means so much to me, it turned out so great, I wanted to cry when I got the whole thing because of how wonderful it was.

The Filming: Personally I love the story, characters, sets, voice actors, but to be honest I am truly disappointed in myself, in the editor, this looked so wonderful to me, but after rendering it, I feel like it falls flat (not in quality) but just in how I filmed it. I believe I did far too many close ups, and not enough diverse shots. I’m sorry if I let anyone down, I did work hard on this, and I did want to portray the emotions of the characters, as well as give it a more real life feel. I promise as the season goes on, the filming will be better.

Fan art always welcomed. Thank you so much to those who have already given me such wonderful art of the twins.

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